Did you know that over 70 million PCs were sold in the final quarter of 2019 alone? Every office and freelancer worldwide is dependent on a reliable computer and network connection. 

If you are in the marketing industry, you know that you need the full range of computing power. From simple web browsing capability to the power to manipulate HD images and videos and more. 

What computer brands should you consider for your operations? Which brands deal best with each aspect of the marketing industry? Why not read on to find out more.

1. Lenovo

The marketing industry of today is more complex than ever before. If you are in the marketing industry you are already multitasking as a statistician, graphic designer, and social media expert. However, in the COVID-19 hit world of 2020/21, you have the added complexity of working from home, an adjusted office, or a hybrid of both. 

You need a desktop or laptop that can keep up with your ultra-changing lifestyle. The best all-around computer provider today is Lenovo

Lenovo offers an incredible selection of hi-spec parts that they will employ to build a machine that meets your needs perfectly. The hardy hardware that they use to create their cases and covers will provide longevity. Best of all they are able to provide this quality at competitive prices. 

One example of this is the Thinkpad X1 Carbon 8th Gen. This award-winning laptop is light and ultra-portable. Yet it packs up to 16MB of RAM and 1TB of hard disk space. With the option of a 4K screen and i7 processor, this is a machine that can handle anything that a marketer will throw at it with ease. 

Lenovo is probably the best option for any remote or office-based marketing worker at this time.

2. Microsoft

Microsoft (MS) has had arguably the broadest impact on computing in the last 40 years. However, This does not mean that it is the best computer provider at this time.

While Microsoft computers do offer a solid reputation and are backed up by years of Windows experience, MS does not offer the greatest selection of machines. Further their devices are generally highly-priced, albeit this is reflective of the quality of the machines they build. 

Microsoft’s flagship device is the MS Surface. This is a hybrid-laptop tablet that offers the best elements of both without many drawbacks. The standard design comes with a 12-inch screen. The keyboard connects with a simple magnetic connection but is purchased separately and is far from cheap. 

Microsofts major desktop PC offering is the Surface Studio 2. It offers stunning graphics, an HD screen, huge dimensions, and is the perfect machine for architects and high-end artists. However, both its spec and price will likely be more than necessary for even marketing experts.

3. Acer

Acer wins the prize for the largest selection of laptop and desktop computers. It offers scores of machines of different sizes and power levels. There is literally something here for every budget if budget is your highest priority. 

Just consider some of the options available, including:

  • The Aspire is a budget laptop that comes with a range of processing power and storage options 
  • The Switch is a detachable option for those that need to work with both laptop capabilities and tablet functionality
  • The Swift is, according to many experts, the thinnest laptop in the world

These options are in addition to their range of gaming machines which come with cutting edge speed and graphics options. 

Acer is the brand for those who want hi-spec machines for a specific type of work and are not concerned that the build quality will be lower than say Lenovo.

4. Dell

In recent years Dell has become more deeply integrated into network infrastructure than machines, yet they still offer a range of computers that pack a punch. You may need to pay a little more than you would for an Asus machine. Yet, if you do, you may be able to benefit from a well-built machine that comes with guarantees regarding longevity. 

Amongst the best machines in the Dell desktop range is the Inspiron range. If you order the machine directly from Dell themselves you can create your own custom machine that will fit your own individual needs. 

If you are willing to depart from the Windows operating system, you may want to investigate Dell’s range of chrome books. Chromebooks are generally slimmer and lighter and have less processing power. However, they excel in everyday basic computing needs.

5. HP

Close behind Lenovo in the competition for the largest global PC market shareholder, HP offers a solid choice of machines for many different types of industries.

Their classic workstation machine is the Zbook range which HP has souped-up in recent years with impressive effect. Offering a maximum 64GB of RAM this is a machine that is as comfortable manipulating 4K video as it is your Excel spreadsheets.

Depending on your preference of specification your many also want to check out the options that the Omen range of HP machines offer. This gaming machine can provide graphics options to suit your needs and a range of processor chips to meet your budget. 

HP also offers its fair share of laptop alternatives to meet your current business lifestyle. These include detachable options and the Spectre which offers a 360-degree hinge. 

There are good reasons why HP is close behind Lenovo at the top of the market. If you are serious about investing in your business IT needs for the next years to come, don’t overlook HP.  

6. Apple

No review of marketing industry computers would be complete without a detailed review of Apple machines. Apple has re-invented marketing and has created more than just a range of devices but in many cases a lifestyle for its users. 

Inspired by the beauty of Steve Jobs’ calligraphy background, Apple has revolutionized the computing industry with its range of machines that have the power to accomplish anything you need them to whilst looking like a piece of art. 

When it comes to devices, we are trying to look beyond the iPhone, iPad, and iPod range to focus on Mac Desktops and laptops. The iMac range was designed for artists and designers who work with large-sized images. therefore if you are working with video or stills of any size, Apple will not disappoint you. 

If you freehand draw or markup documents, you can also switch to your iPad and use the Apple Pencil for ultimate flexibility. 

Apple does not work perfectly with software originally designed for other operating systems. MS Office is one example of this. However, you may want to overlook this to take advantage of the power that an Apple computer can provide, not to mention the compatibility that exists between Appl4 devices.

7. Asus

Asus offers a fine range of machines for those who are considering budget as one of their highest priorities. They have a large selection of PC, laptop, and laptop alternatives that offer a good level of quality and value. Their Chromebook Flip is a good example of a device that functions basically very well at a low price, but should not be pushed too hard.

Asus does provide some innovative touches to its computers. For example, the Zenbook Pro 15 includes the ScreenPad instead of a touchpad. This space while essentially for mouse control can also act as a second albeit smaller display. This screen is then larger in Acer’s higher-end machines such as the ZenBook Pro Duo’s 4K.

Acer also provides a gaming range of machines in case you would like to work with a machine that has increased specs. The “Republic of Gamers” range is a popular choice for gamers, despite the steep rise in price.

8. Razer

Razor marks our first departure outside of the large brands that dominate the market. Razor was previously exclusively aimed at the gaming niche. However, in recent years have re-directed their efforts towards other sectors.

The Razor Blade i5 is a classic example of this. It hosts a 15-inch screen with a high-powered RTX Super Card. Harnessing the power of the Intel Core i7 processor you can enjoy images on your 1080p display.

If you want a larger device for image editing, you may want to consider the Razer Blade Pro 17. This 17-inch screen comes with a 4k screen and a high range of hard drive and processing power options.
Razor allows you to harness power usually reserved for gaming machines to make light of your marketing-related tasks.

The Most Effective Computer Brands for Your Business

If you are in the marketing world, you will know that the business of today is as tough as ever. You need fast machines with the sharpest screens that can process multiples programs without any slowdown. 

By applying our suggestions regarding computer brands, you can ensure that your business has the computer power it needs today and during the upcoming years. 

If you are interested in learning more about business tech developments, then we are here to help. We gather and publish articles each week for our readership. Why not check out our other blog articles today?