Commonly, a website requires a page dedicated for reception of data from visitors using contact forms. Basically, a form contains a set of questions and fields to fill. The visitor can pass their opinion or other relevant data via this structure. This information is relayed to the admin as an automatic email to a specific account.

Although the official email address is not displayed to visitors, it is an effective way of reducing spam from bots harvesting naked email addresses randomly on the Internet. If you need to collect feedback, enquiries, opinion, and other pieces of information from your visitors; you need forms. WordPress however, does not come with a complete package to help you achieve a fully operational site. You will need outside help by installing plugins. 

If your website is powered by WordPress, there is no need to worry as you have many options in plugins. Here are the 7 of the best plugins to help you setup a contact form in your website. 

WordPress Contact Form Plugins

The most common free contact form plugins are available also in the Plugin Directory. They are essential in providing extra applications on your website. Most importantly, they are easy to learn and use before you build your own.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is ranked the second most popular Internet plugin with at least 18 million downloads. It is therefore, easily assumed as the most used contact form plugin for WordPress users.  Perhaps the reason it is very popular is its ability to manage multiple forms simultaneously to help accommodate a rising number of visitors. The plugin also lets you adjust the form to customize it with simple markup. The features of the Contact Form 7 generated design include; CAPTCHA, Ajax-powered submission, Akismet spam filtering among many more.

Contact Form to Email Plugin

The Contact form to email plugin is another vital tool. Apart from creation of contact forms to send data to your specified email address, this plugin also collects the contact form data. It creates a systematic database to help you access and retrieve visitor information. This is done by printable reports as you export the data you need to an Excel file.

Form Get Contact Form

The Form Get Contact Form plugin is one of the easiest to use. It is an online drag and drop builder tool. Anyone can use the plug in without much effort. All it requires is a click on the fields you have chosen, it just takes seconds to realize your contact form is ready for use.

Best Web Soft Contact Form

The Best web soft Contact form lets you create a feedback form to a web page. The good thing with this plugin, like the form get contact form plugin, is that it is easy to use. No much effort is needed to create the feedback option to a post or page. There are no additional settings needed but they are available to explore.

Gravity Forms

Gravity forms are popular for combining clean interfaces with user-friendly tools. This means they are the best for advanced customer support websites. The options for forms, entries and conditional logic selections are unlimited here. Gravity forms also support easy and fast file uploads as we as multi-page forms.

Other benefits include a full ticketing system, an FAQ page, and language translations. It also comes with other numerous resources such as documentation among others for you to explore. There is also a priority support, though at a higher cost to allow sending you to the top of the list.

Ninja Forms

Ninja forms have served WordPress users for a long time. The free version but I would recommend the premium version membership if you are serious about making long time investments in your website. the free option, nevertheless, provide an attractive user interface to help you build contact forms. Without limitations for forums and fields, you are well placed to attend to the widest possible clientele. 

They are mainly basic and easy to configure too. This is also vital in helping your users have an easy time operating on your forms. It is closely related to the Contact Form 7 plugin.

Happy Forms Plugin

Happy Forms plugin is among the latest arrivals for WordPress users. It is exceptional because it is designed within the WordPress customizer. This helps you avoid the necessity of learning any new User Interface. If you are familiar with WordPress, it is enough knowledge to use on the Happy forms plugin. It is maintained by the Theme Foundry who have worked a long time with WordPress space. They are the traditional theme designers for the company hence the familiarity.

Whatever your choice, keep learning about the latest versions of the plugins to improve your customer experience on your website.

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