I will assume you have an idea already. That is why you are looking for six tips for creating a perfect domain name for your idea. Most a times, business owners choose their domain names based on the availability of the domain. It could also depend on their budget as everyone will need something less expensive. It is safe to say that the simplest name you can think of for your business has already been bought.

So you are left with no other choice than to become creative. Creative enough to come out with a name easily relatable to your business and cool. Your name could be anything from how your business is referred to online or in reality.

Even though all these rules are good to create a name for your brand, they are debatable. Actually, it all boils down to whatever name you are comfortable with. Something short, easy to pronounce, spell, and relatable. You try as much as you can to apply these rules so as to get the best outcomes.

Steps To Follow When Picking A Domain Name

Make use of your keywords:

Begin this process by writing down keywords that explain your business. That is, what you do, the products and services you offer, and your actual company name.

This is because, websites who’s URLs explain what they do (such as https://renthouses.com or https://biologybooks.com ), will rank first when these keywords are searched for.

For instance, say you sell biology books, then buybiologybooks.com or biologybooks.com will be a good name. Another example will be real estate business, then buyhouses.com or homesforent.com will be a suitable name. 

Also, use the google keyword search tool to know the specific words people type in for your kind of business. Using these words in your domain name will increase your ranking for those words. Results on search engines about your pages will make the most sense to customers.

Make it simple and short

Make the name simple and short. If your domain name is long, it is easier to misspell, hence, loss of valuable customers. Also if it is complex and hard to pronounce, one can not spread the word f your site. Do not forget, word of mouth is still one of the most powerful tools for advertising.

So simple and short is the right choice. this will ensure that people cans easily recall your domain name. Also, stay away from complex abbreviations because you want to reduce your URL. If the abbreviation is difficult to recall, the benefits of a short URL will not apply. This can lead to traffic loss.

For instance, which is easier to spell and remember… hirelawyersnow.org or hlyn.org? Of course, the shorter one is.

Ensure it is easy to recall:

For customers to easily find you online, they need to remember your domain name. If your domain name is to difficult to grasp, you risk losing them. No one has time to go doing try and error on google. Everyone wants things immediately.

A short and simple domain name will ensure its remembrance hence boosting traffic. Also, avoid using text-slangs like 4 for ‘for’ or U for you. This confuses many customers most times.

Avoid hyphens and numbers:

Hyphens and numbers often get misunderstood. When your web address is mentioned, nobody knows if it’s the actual number or the spelled out version being used. That is if it is 5shots.com or fiveshots.com. Point is, avoid the use of numbers. Same examples can also apply with hyphens. No one knows if it is go-to.com or tohyphento.com.

Again, hyphens are just generally difficult for people to grasp. This is a fact that has been proven many times. Take the statistics for two websites of the same category and compare. One should have a hyphen in the URL and the other should not. You will see the difference in traffic over their lifespan. The one without the hyphen will have more traffic and sales over the one with a hyphen.

Nevertheless, this effect has been reduced due to the increase in new domains that use hyphens.

Be memorable

There are many domain names presently out there and thousands add by the day. To be able to stay at the top of the business chain, one should be able to memorize your domain name. This can be accomplished if the name is short, easy to spell, void of numbers and hyphens, and easy to pronounce. Without these, you could fail.

So there you have it six tips for creating a perfect domain name. Hope this helps you get your dream name. Also, endeavor to make additional research so as to get more details on what you want. Again if you find out that your name is already taken, contact the present owner and see if he willing to sell. You never can tell when it’s your lucky day.

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