Alex Pereira Son – Age, Family, Bio and Net Worth

Alex Pereira is a renowned Brazilian MMA fighter and former kickboxer. He has had a successful career in both kickboxing and MMA, competing in the middleweight division of the UFC. While not much information is available about his son, Pereira is known to have two sons named Lohan Vidal Silva and Alessandro Vidal Silva. However, the age of his sons is still unknown.

Pereira’s family also includes his sister Aline Pereira, who is a professional kickboxer. Together, they have made significant contributions to the world of combat sports.

alex pereira son bio age family

Key Takeaways:

  • Alex Pereira is a Brazilian MMA fighter and kickboxer.
  • He has two sons named Lohan Vidal Silva and Alessandro Vidal Silva.
  • His sister, Aline Pereira, is a professional kickboxer.
  • The age of Pereira’s sons is currently unknown.
  • Pereira’s family has made significant contributions to the world of combat sports.

Alex Pereira – Early Life and Background

Alex Pereira was born on July 7, 1987, in Sao Bernardo do Campo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. He grew up alongside his sister Aline Pereira. Not much information is available about his parents. Pereira faced personal struggles during his teenage years and dropped out of middle school. He started working at a fire shop and eventually enrolled in kickboxing classes to overcome his addictive behavior. This marked the beginning of his combat sports journey.

Challenges and Determination

Despite his difficult upbringing, Alex Pereira showed remarkable determination to change the course of his life. Dropping out of school could have hindered his future prospects, but he embraced the opportunity to explore kickboxing as an outlet for personal growth and transformation.

With the support of his sister, Aline Pereira, and the guidance of experienced trainers, Alex Pereira channeled his energy into honing his skills and gaining discipline through the rigorous training regimen of kickboxing. This dedication and focus helped him not only overcome his addictive tendencies but also paved the way for a successful career in combat sports.

Early Success

While Alex Pereira’s early kickboxing career had its fair share of challenges, his talent and determination soon started to pay off. He quickly gained recognition in local competitions and worked his way up the ranks in the kickboxing world.

“I found my passion in kickboxing, and it became my driving force. I knew I had to give it my all if I wanted to succeed,” Pereira once said.

Rise to Prominence

Alex Pereira’s success in kickboxing led him to compete on a global stage. His skills, power, and strategic approach inside the ring caught the attention of fans and industry professionals alike.

Known for his dynamic striking and knockout power, Pereira made a name for himself as an elite kickboxer. He went on to secure numerous victories, claim titles, and cement his status as one of the top fighters in the sport.

The Influence of Family

Throughout his journey, Alex Pereira has credited his family, especially his sister Aline Pereira, for their unwavering support and belief in his abilities.

“My sister has been my biggest supporter and motivator. She has always been there for me, pushing me to reach new heights and never giving up on me,” Pereira expressed.

Family MembersRole
Aline PereiraSister

Alex Pereira – Kickboxing Career

Alex Pereira embarked on his kickboxing journey in 2009, setting the stage for an impressive career in the sport. However, it was in 2013 that he achieved a breakthrough moment that catapulted him into the spotlight. Pereira emerged victorious in the middleweight contender tournament, securing the prestigious Glory middleweight kickboxing title.

With this remarkable achievement, Pereira proved his dominance in the ring. He went on to successfully defend his title on four separate occasions, showcasing his skill, determination, and unwavering drive to be the best.

In addition to his middleweight success, Pereira also displayed his versatility by claiming the light heavyweight title at the Glory 77 event. This exceptional feat firmly established Pereira as a force to be reckoned with, garnering admiration and respect from fellow athletes and fans alike.

Furthermore, Pereira etched his name in the annals of kickboxing history by becoming the first fighter to hold two belts simultaneously. This extraordinary accomplishment testifies to his exceptional talent, dedication, and unparalleled abilities in the ring.

Alex Pereira Glory middleweight title

Unyielding Excellence and Championship Success

Pereira’s kickboxing journey has been marked by relentless determination and unwavering pursuit of excellence. His commitment to his craft has propelled him to the pinnacle of the sport, solidifying his status as one of the most formidable competitors in the industry.

“Pereira’s remarkable achievements in kickboxing and his unprecedented success in holding two belts simultaneously make him a true legend in the sport.”

With a kickboxing record that reflects his unparalleled talent, Alex Pereira continues to inspire aspiring athletes around the world. His legacy serves as a testament to the power of perseverance, dedication, and the pursuit of greatness.

Alex Pereira – Transition to MMA

In 2015, Alex Pereira made a bold decision to transition from the world of kickboxing to the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). This move allowed Pereira to explore new challenges and test his skills in a different combat sport.

After gaining extensive experience in kickboxing, Pereira saw great potential in MMA and sought to leave his mark in this demanding discipline. His striking abilities and natural talent made him an exciting addition to the MMA scene.

Looking to make his mark in the MMA world, Pereira signed a contract with Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) in 2020. LFA, a well-respected organization known for nurturing emerging talents, provided Pereira with the platform he needed to showcase his skills.

On his debut fight with LFA, Pereira faced off against Thomas Powell, demonstrating his impressive striking skills and tactical prowess. Pereira emerged victorious, securing a victory and making a statement in the MMA community.

Following his successful debut, Pereira’s MMA career gained significant momentum. In 2021, he signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the pinnacle of the MMA world. The UFC provided Pereira with the opportunity to compete against the very best in the sport.

Alex Pereira’s highly anticipated UFC debut took place against Andreas Michailidis. Displaying his superior striking and devastating power, Pereira won the fight in spectacular fashion, securing a technical knockout victory.

“I’m excited to take my fighting career to the next level in the UFC. I have trained hard to be ready for this moment, and I look forward to facing the top competitors in the middleweight division,” Pereira expressed following his victorious UFC debut.

With his successful transition to MMA and an impressive start to his UFC career, Alex Pereira is determined to become a force to be reckoned with in the world of mixed martial arts.

Alex Pereira MMA transition

Alex Pereira – UFC Success and Rankings

Alex Pereira, the renowned Brazilian MMA fighter and former kickboxer, has experienced significant success in the UFC. He has showcased his exceptional skills and talent in the octagon, securing impressive victories over notable fighters like Bruno Silva and Sean Strickland.

With each triumph, Pereira has solidified his position in the top rankings of the highly competitive middleweight division. As of now, he holds the prestigious title of being ranked 5th on the list of the best MMA middleweight fighters.

Alex Pereira UFC win

This remarkable achievement illustrates Pereira’s remarkable journey and unwavering commitment to excellence in combat sports. His skillset, combined with his determination and perseverance, has propelled him to the highest echelons of the UFC rankings.

Pereira’s success in the UFC serves as an inspiration for aspiring fighters and fans alike. His relentless pursuit of victory inside the octagon has garnered admiration and respect from the MMA community.

With each new match, fans eagerly anticipate Pereira’s exceptional performances and marvel at his extraordinary abilities. Beyond his incredible rank, he continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the middleweight division, leaving a lasting impact on the sport.

Alex Pereira – Net Worth

Alex Pereira has achieved significant financial success throughout his career in both MMA and kickboxing. As of 2022, his estimated net worth is $2 million. This substantial wealth is a result of his earnings from fights in the UFC and his remarkable achievements in kickboxing.

Pereira’s career earnings have been boosted by his successful title defenses and tournament victories in the realm of kickboxing. These accomplishments have not only solidified his reputation as a top-tier athlete but have also contributed to his financial prosperity. His exceptional performance in the UFC has further added to his net worth.

As Pereira continues to compete in more UFC events, his net worth is expected to grow exponentially. With each fight, he has the opportunity to secure lucrative contracts and sponsorship deals, further bolstering his financial portfolio.

Alex Pereira net worth

“I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in my career. My hard work and dedication have paid off, both in the ring and in terms of my financial success. I’m focused on continuing to achieve great things and build an even greater net worth.” – Alex Pereira

Alex Pereira – Personal Life and Relationship Status

Alex Pereira, the renowned Brazilian MMA fighter and former kickboxer, tends to keep his personal life private, focusing primarily on his training and career. Not much is known about his relationships or love life, and he has not disclosed any information about a wife or girlfriend. His social media presence primarily showcases his dedication to his craft, sharing insights into his rigorous training regimen and highlighting his achievements in the combat sports world.

Despite his private nature, Pereira’s personal life plays an essential role in shaping his journey as an athlete. His experiences, upbringing, and relationships undoubtedly influence his motivation, resilience, and determination in the ring.

Alex Pereira personal life

As fans admire Pereira for his incredible fighting skills and achievements, it’s important to respect his privacy and allow him to maintain the level of secrecy he desires regarding his personal life.

Quick Facts about Alex Pereira

Here are some quick facts about Alex Pereira:

  • Height: 6 feet 4 inches (194 cm)
  • UFC Division: Middleweight

While his marital status and relationships may be private, his focus on MMA and kickboxing is evident in his career achievements.

Alex Pereira height UFC division


Alex Pereira’s journey from a challenging childhood to becoming a successful MMA fighter and kickboxer is truly inspirational. With his relentless determination and hard work, Pereira has achieved remarkable success in both kickboxing and MMA. His impressive career accomplishments, including multiple title wins and a prominent position in the UFC rankings, firmly establish him as one of the top fighters in the world of combat sports.

Not only has Pereira showcased his exceptional skills and technique inside the octagon, but he has also become a role model for aspiring fighters. His story serves as a reminder that with perseverance and dedication, one can overcome adversity and achieve greatness. Pereira’s achievements are a testament to his unwavering commitment to his craft, and his success is well-deserved.

As Pereira’s career continues to thrive, his net worth has been steadily growing. With each fight, his earnings and popularity increase, making him a sought-after athlete in the world of combat sports. Fans eagerly anticipate his future matches, eager to witness his exceptional talent and skill in action.


Who are Alex Pereira’s children?

Alex Pereira has two sons named Lohan Vidal Silva and Alessandro Vidal Silva.

What is the age of Alex Pereira’s sons?

The age of Alex Pereira’s sons is currently unknown and not mentioned in available sources.

Does Alex Pereira have any siblings?

Yes, Alex Pereira has a sister named Aline Pereira who is a professional kickboxer.

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