Anti Da Menace – Age, Family, Bio and Net Worth

Meet Anti Da Menace, the Atlanta-based rapper who has been making waves in the music industry with his unique style and catchy tracks. In this article, we will delve into the life of Anti Da Menace, exploring his age, family, biography, and net worth. Get to know the rising star who is taking the hip-hop scene by storm.

anti da menace bio age family

Key Takeaways:

  • Anti Da Menace is an Atlanta-based rapper gaining attention for tracks like “Murder B*tch” and “Big Eyez.”
  • He was born on August 9th, 2004, making him 18 years old.
  • Anti Da Menace hails from the West Side of Atlanta and started sharing his music online in 2022.
  • He has two children named Loyal and Legend.
  • Anti Da Menace’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 thousand.

Early Life and Rise to Fame

Anti Da Menace, born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, embarked on his music journey in 2022, capturing the attention of listeners with his distinctive tracks such as “Murder B*tch” and “Big Eyez.” These songs served as catalysts for his rapid rise to fame.

As an aspiring rapper, Anti Da Menace leveraged social media platforms, notably YouTube, to showcase his talent and reach a wider audience. His music videos have collectively amassed over 33 million views, serving as a testament to his growing popularity and fan base.

“My music reflects my personal experiences and the realities of my surroundings. I want to connect with my audience through relatable lyrics and captivating beats.”

One key contributor to Anti Da Menace’s rise to fame is the acknowledgement and support of fellow rapper Lil Baby. Lil Baby praised Anti Da Menace’s work, further solidifying his reputation in the hip-hop industry.

This early success has set the stage for Anti Da Menace to continue making waves in the music industry, and his journey is just beginning.

Key Points:

  • Anti Da Menace gained recognition in 2022 with tracks like “Murder B*tch” and “Big Eyez”
  • His music videos on YouTube have collectively garnered over 33 million views
  • Fellow rapper Lil Baby has publicly praised his work

Personal Life and Family

Anti Da Menace values his privacy and keeps his personal life predominantly shielded from the public eye. Consequently, there is limited information available regarding his family and personal relationships. However, it is known that he proudly embraces his role as a father, having two children named Loyal and Legend. Unfortunately, the identity of their mother remains undisclosed. Anti Da Menace has not revealed any details about his parents or siblings, ensuring that his focus remains primarily on his career.

Although Anti Da Menace’s commitment to privacy limits the information available about his family and personal life, it is clear that his dedication extends beyond his music career.

anti da menace family

Anti Da Menace respects the distinction between his personal and professional life, allowing him to maintain a sense of mystery and intrigue.

Zodiac Sign and Physical Characteristics

Anti Da Menace, born on August 9th, 2004, falls under the zodiac sign of Leo. At 18 years old, he possesses a commanding stage presence and captivating persona.

Here are some physical characteristics that define Anti Da Menace:

Physical Characteristics
Height5 feet 7 inches
WeightApproximately 70 kilograms
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

With his distinctive appearance and magnetic stage presence, Anti Da Menace captivates audiences with his music and persona.

anti da menace physical characteristics

Social Media Presence

Anti Da Menace understands the importance of engaging with his fans and building a strong social media presence. He actively connects with his audience on multiple platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.


On Facebook, Anti Da Menace has created a page with an impressive following of 1.8K likes. His page attracts attention from fans and supporters, allowing him to share updates, music releases, and exclusive content. With regular updates, he keeps his followers informed and engaged.


Anti Da Menace’s TikTok account has gained significant popularity, boasting a following of 151.1K users and over 2 million likes. His captivating videos and creative content have made him a favorite among TikTok users, showcasing his talent and unique personality.


With a substantial following of 93.6K supporters, Anti Da Menace’s Instagram account (@antiidamenace) is a hub for his fans to get a glimpse into his life and music journey. He regularly shares photos, videos, and updates, creating a close-knit community of supporters.

anti da menace social media

Music Career and Discography

Anti Da Menace’s music career took off in 2022 when he started sharing his songs online. With his unique freestyle rap style and captivating lyrics, he quickly gained recognition and a dedicated fan base. Two of his most popular tracks, “Murder B*tch” and “Big Eyez,” garnered a following of over 250,000 on Spotify by January 2023.

In September 2022, Anti Da Menace released his highly anticipated third album, “Legendary,” which showcased his versatility and raw talent. The album was a critical and commercial success, solidifying his position as an up-and-coming rapper to watch.

In January 2023, Anti Da Menace followed up with mixtapes like “Forever Da Menace,” further demonstrating his creativity and skill. These mixtapes allowed him to experiment with different sounds and showcase his growth as an artist.

Known for his dynamic and energetic performances, Anti Da Menace has performed at various venues and festivals, captivating audiences with his stage presence. He continues to expand his discography and push the boundaries of his artistry.

“I believe that music is a powerful tool that allows me to express myself and connect with others on a deeper level. Through my songs, I hope to inspire and motivate people to chase their dreams and overcome obstacles.”

Anti Da Menace

Anti Da Menace Discography



  • Forever Da Menace – January 2023

Anti Da Menace’s music continues to resonate with fans and the industry, propelling his career to new heights. With his passion, talent, and dedication, he is poised for even greater success in the future.

Anti Da Menace Discography

Net Worth and Source of Income

Anti Da Menace has achieved a net worth of approximately $50 thousand, a testament to his dedication and talent in the music industry. He has carved a path to success primarily through his singing career.

As a rising star, Anti Da Menace earns his income from various sources related to his music endeavors. With each new release, his popularity and fan base grow, contributing to his financial success.

“I am grateful for the opportunities that my singing career has brought me. I have worked hard to showcase my talent and connect with my audience through my music. It’s exciting to see the positive response and the impact it has on my net worth,” says Anti Da Menace.

The revenue streams contributing to Anti Da Menace’s net worth include:

  1. Music Sales: Anti Da Menace’s songs are available on various digital platforms, allowing fans to purchase and stream his music. Each sale and stream contributes to his income.
  2. Concerts and Performances: As Anti Da Menace’s popularity rises, he has been able to secure live performances and concert bookings. These appearances not only provide entertainment for his fans but also generate a substantial portion of his income.
  3. Merchandise Sales: Anti Da Menace offers a range of merchandise, including clothing and accessories, for his fans to support him and connect with his brand. The profits from merchandise sales contribute to his overall net worth.

anti da menace net worth

A particular table highlighting Anti Da Menace’s estimated net worth, broken down by income sources, is shown below:

Income SourceRevenue Contribution
Music Sales$30,000
Concerts and Performances$15,000
Merchandise Sales$5,000

This table illustrates the main sources of Anti Da Menace’s income and provides an overview of how each contributes to his estimated net worth. It is important to note that the figures provided are estimations and are subject to change based on various factors such as album sales, concert attendance, and merchandise popularity.

Early Beginnings in the Music Industry

Anti Da Menace’s journey in the music industry started at an early age. At just 13 years old, he began visiting a neighborhood studio to refine his rap skills and express his musical talents. This early exposure allowed him to develop a unique style and build a solid foundation for his future success.

By the time he turned 15, Anti Da Menace took a significant step in his career by releasing his first music video. The video quickly gained traction on YouTube, amassing over 10,000 views and leaving a lasting impression on the audience. It was evident that his talent and passion for music were resonating with listeners.

anti da menace early music career

In 2022, Anti Da Menace experienced a breakthrough in his career with the release of his album, “Legend.” The album featured standout singles that quickly went viral and caught the attention of music lovers and industry professionals alike. Hits like “Big Eyez” and “Murder B*tch” showcased his raw talent and unique lyrical style, propelling him into the limelight and solidifying his presence in the music industry.

Anti Da Menace’s early success and the popularity of his hit songs set the stage for a promising career and signaled the beginning of a musical journey marked by potential and innovation. His ability to captivate audiences and deliver impactful lyrics has made him a rising star in the hip-hop scene.

Recent Releases and Collaboration

Anti Da Menace has been consistently releasing new music, expanding his already impressive discography. Following the success of his album “Legend,” he continued to captivate audiences with subsequent releases.

One notable album that followed was “BLOCK BABYz,” showcasing Anti Da Menace’s growth and versatility as an artist. The album further solidified his place in the hip-hop scene, gaining positive feedback from both fans and critics.

Another remarkable release was “No Sympathy,” which showcased his evolving sound and lyrical prowess. The album explores a range of themes, highlighting Anti Da Menace’s ability to connect with listeners through his introspective and thought-provoking lyrics.

In addition to his solo music, Anti Da Menace has also engaged in various collaborations. In 2023, he joined forces with talented artists from different genres to create impactful and memorable music.

Furthermore, Anti Da Menace signed with the prestigious record label Artist Partner Group (APG), solidifying his position as a rising star in the industry. This partnership has opened doors to exciting opportunities and further fueled his artistic growth.

Anti Da Menace’s recent releases and collaborations exemplify his dedication to crafting unique and engaging music. With each new project, he continues to prove his versatility and solidify his place among the most promising artists in the industry.

anti da menace recent releases

Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Anti Da Menace has an impressive physical presence that contributes to his stage persona and charisma as a rapper. He stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches, giving him a commanding presence on stage. With a weight of approximately 70 kilograms, he maintains a fit and athletic physique that complements his energetic performances.

Not only does Anti Da Menace possess an engaging stage presence, but he also exudes a striking physical appearance. He is known for his distinctive black hair, which adds to his unique style and identity as an artist. Moreover, his captivating black eyes draw attention and captivate audiences, enhancing the impact of his performances.

Anti Da Menace’s attention to his physical appearance further enhances his stage presence, making him a notable figure in the rap industry. The combination of his height, weight, and striking features contributes to his overall image as an artist and adds to the visual appeal of his performances.

anti da menace physical appearance

Key Points:

  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Weight: Approximately 70 kilograms
  • Distinctive black hair
  • Captivating black eyes
  • Enhances stage presence and charisma

Love Life and Relationships

Anti Da Menace values his privacy when it comes to his love life. He has chosen to keep any information regarding his romantic relationships or current girlfriend undisclosed. Instead, he directs his focus towards his music career and takes pride in being a devoted father to his two children.


Anti Da Menace has established himself as a talented rapper in the music industry. With his unique freestyle rap style and catchy songs, he has garnered a growing fan base. Despite his young age, he has already achieved significant success and continues to release new music, showcasing his dedication and passion for his craft. His net worth and increasing popularity are clear indicators of his bright future in the hip-hop scene.

Anti Da Menace’s rise to fame can be attributed to his chart-topping tracks like “Murder B*tch” and “Big Eyez,” which have captivated audiences worldwide. His music videos on YouTube have garnered millions of views, further solidifying his position as a rising star.

As a proud father of two children, Anti Da Menace balances his career and personal life, focusing on creating impactful music while maintaining his privacy. With his growing social media presence and collaborations with other artists, he continues to capture the attention of audiences and carve a niche for himself in the industry.


How old is Anti Da Menace?

Anti Da Menace was born on August 9th, 2004, making him currently 18 years old.

Where is Anti Da Menace from?

Anti Da Menace is from the West Side of Atlanta, Georgia.

When did Anti Da Menace start sharing his music online?

Anti Da Menace started sharing his music online in 2022.

Does Anti Da Menace have any children?

Yes, Anti Da Menace has two children named Loyal and Legend.

What is Anti Da Menace’s net worth?

Anti Da Menace’s net worth is estimated to be around thousand.

How tall is Anti Da Menace?

Anti Da Menace stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches.

What is Anti Da Menace’s Instagram handle?

Anti Da Menace’s Instagram handle is @antiidamenace.

What are some of Anti Da Menace’s popular songs?

Some of Anti Da Menace’s popular songs include “Murder B*tch” and “Big Eyez.”

Has Anti Da Menace collaborated with any other artists?

Yes, Anti Da Menace has collaborated with various artists throughout his career.

What is Anti Da Menace’s zodiac sign?

Anti Da Menace’s zodiac sign is Leo.

Does Anti Da Menace have a girlfriend?

Anti Da Menace has chosen to keep his love life private, so no information is available about his current girlfriend.

How has Anti Da Menace achieved his success in the music industry?

Anti Da Menace gained recognition through his unique freestyle rap style and the popularity of his songs.

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