3 Reasons Why WordPress Is The Best Blogging Platform

Blogging is a serious business these days. You can make a pretty good living just blogging full-time, which is why many are doing it as a side hustle until they’ve grown their blog enough to quit their 9 to 5. While there are several different blogging platforms available these days, the best blogging platform has […]

7 Mobile and Technology Trends to Keep an Eye

2018 was an interesting year for technology. This year, data protection and privacy got more attention than ever before. It was this year (2018) that EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) reshaped the way companies collect and handle data. We also saw a great improvement in Artificial intelligence and increased adoption of technology in making […]

Popular Instagram Hashtags Brands Should Be Using

Depending on the industry, you always have to find some new Instagram Hashtags to use. The better the hashtag, the better the results you get. That being said, there are lots of extraordinary hashtags out there, so you really have to know what you are getting into.  As easy as Instagram makes it for getting […]

3 Quick Tips for Increasing Your Instagram Follower Size

If you have an Instagram account, then your primary focus might be to acquire more people that like your content. Getting more followers has always been a mystery for a lot of people. But the reality is that at its core the entire process comes down to a few simple rules. In this article we […]

The Female Fan Base: Where Marketers Need to Be

The Female fan base has been increasing at a very high rate in the recent past. This has been facilitated by reduction of the gap between the earnings between men and women. It is estimated that the difference as reduced by more than twenty percent since 1971. It as been facilitated by the increase in […]