Blogging is a relatively new profession that gained a lot of popularity among people form all countries, ethnicities, genders and talents when the Internet started to become available worldwide. Blogger is the name that receives someone who posts frequently on a blog. And, finally, a blog is sort of an online journal where people talk honestly about whatever they choose to in order to create a fan base. Fans of blogs are usually very loyal, since they only follow the blog when they really care about the content and really like the author’s stories, way of speaking, history or personality. 

While blogging initially started just as a hobby where anyone could talk about what they wanted to, it has evolved to become a true profession, with bloggers earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year just by sharing their experiences, knowledge or skills.

In this article you will find seven very inspirational success stories of bloggers who managed to take their blog to a whole different level and now are comfortably living out of it.

1. Lisa Weber –

Lisa Weber founded in 2006 to talk about celebrity parenting. Thanks to very original topic of the blog, she had her webpage featured in several mainstream media and that exponentially increased her monthly visitors to a whooping 3.2 million after just three years of having opened the blog.

Her blog, that started as just a hobby that combined their love for babies and for celebrities, now earns her more than 300,000 dollars a year thanks to ads. This is certainly a very inspiring success story that shows that, regardless of what you like to talk about, you could make a living of it if you just have the right touch.

2. Michele Gardener –

Starting by the name, which is a very clever word play, Michele Gardener certainly hit the jackpot when she opened this money and savings blog back in 2008. The approach that helped make her blog really popular is that she simplifies complex concepts so that everyone can understand them and benefit from them.

Thanks to her talent for summarizing concepts and her ability to properly target her contents to a particular demographic –millennials-, she is earning somewhere around 70,000 dollars a month. Opening a money and savings blog starts to look a pretty solid financial move, doesn’t it?

3. Lindsay Ostrom –

Lindsay Ostrom opened, a food-related blog, back in 2011. After many years of struggling to grow her audience, in 2016 was viewed more than 4 million times in just a month.

Thanks to the very smart move of starting to focus on high quality pictures to accompany the recipes and tips, Lindsay is now earning somewhere around 60,000 dollars a month. This story certainly gives us an inspiring lesson on perseverance and how changes that seem a little tiny and obvious might have a tremendous impact on any blog.

4. Becky Mansfield – was opened as a parenting blog in 2013 by Becky Mansfield, and it is currently one of the largest motherhood blogs in the world. This was certainly achieved thanks to the hard work that Becky has put into her blog, since there are currently more than a thousand individual entries.

She also made the very smart decision to really focus on her readers’ needs, so instead of making a quick buck by promoting products, she only focused on the content for several months, and it certainly paid off, since the estimated monthly revenues of the blog are around 20,000 dollars. 

5. John Lee Dumas – is an entrepreneurship and business blog that John Lee Dumas started in 2012. One of the main features of the blog is that it does not only offer regular text entries, but also podcasts that are incredibly useful for people who want to learn something while they drive, or who simply don’t like reading very much.

Thanks to this approach and the perseverance of John Lee Dumas, the blog is now generating more than 200,000 dollars a month, when combining the regular ads with the products and services sold by the blog.

6. Abby –

Abby founded back in 2013 as a planning, organization and money blog.  While it was originally opened just as an outlet for her creator’s writing, the blog has achieved great success by having more than 200,000 regular users only three years after it was created.

Thanks to a combination of the book that started to sell and traditional ads, in April 2016 the blog earned an incredible $48,900. 

7. Pat Flynn –

As you might be starting to realize, money-related blogs can grow very much, so you might want to consider this before opening your blog. Pat Flynn Founded in 2008, and with more than 5100 domains linking to the website, it has become increasingly popular over many years.

It should be enough to mention that just between April 2015 and April 2016, Pat earned more than 1.6 million dollars with his blog. Besides, he has also started to give lectures on passive income all around the country and now has an app and several podcasts.

If you were wondering if you could actually live off your blog, take this very inspiring story and believe that you could actually become a millionaire if you manage your blog well and you are perseverant and original. 

How to Become Successful in the World of Blogging

If you want to find success in the world of blogging, you need to be very niche specific and provide more value than other sites and bloggers who are already out there.

This means you will need to focus on the name and quality of your brand, while building a following through social media.

Spend some time to plan out your blogging journey, goals and path before getting started. Also take some time to consider following each of the blogging success stories mentioned above.