Instagram marketing can be a bit tricky to pull off. There are lots of twists and turns that you need to consider. And you will find lots of challenges to deal with, which in the end might make the entire process of promoting your business a bit cumbersome. But if you get past that, the results can be downright impressive.

Something that many of the top brands in the world spend most of their time and focus on is getting more social followers. As important as this is, it’s actually more effective sometime to focus on creating the best content possible, so you end up with lots of likes. The more social likes you have in place, the more viral your content might go.

To learn more about this process and maybe even see some examples, be sure to follow each of the brands below on Instagram or your preferred social platform!


What they do is they offer a lot of content related to seasonal products. They make great use of hashtags and they focus on using images that relate to people. They don’t focus on shamelessly plugging and promoting all their stuff. Instead, they show people and their day to day life, while removing any issues. They also encourage people to create content, which is a crucial aspect when you use Instagram!


Nike also does a very good job at performing Instagram marketing properly. They come up with inspirational and motivational pictures. They also have inspirational hashtags and they encourage people to push the boundaries and evolve. They don’t promote their products all the time, in fact most images are all about inspiring you. They also feature some famous athletes and they tag them in posts.


What Gucci does great is they always create hashtags and encourage people to check them out. Branded hashtags can be hard to create, but they do a very good job with this. They also use videos in order to boost engagement rates and views. The content is also only about fashion, which makes it very good if you are passionate about the topic as a whole.

Red Bull

Red Bull is known for having a very good presence in the online world. And that’s easy to see why. They push the boundaries all the time and they feature sports and a variety of other things. They don’t promote their products all the time, instead they put a huge focus on an adventurous style, fun and excitement.


Yes, even LEGO does a very good job with Instagram marketing. They offer tons of cool pictures created solely using legos. Some of these are very impressive, a testament to how simple yet how complex LEGO creations can actually be. It’s a very interesting and exciting opportunity, and one of the things that you will enjoy again and again.

How to Win at the Game of Online Marketing

As you can see, lots of major brands are making the most out of Instagram marketing. Even if it feels a bit tricky to master at first, Instagram marketing does have its fair share of benefits. But you have to be open to it, you need to give it a shot and see how you can adjust or adapt it the best way that you can.

Sure, it will take a bit to optimize it for your own audience, but using these tips from large companies can pay off. Everything is a source of inspiration, you just have to know how to use it!

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