Chris Janson – Age, Family, Bio, and Net Worth

Chris Janson, born Christopher Pierre Janson on April 2, 1986, is an American country music singer and songwriter. Known for his energetic performances and unpredictable style, Janson has made a name for himself in the music industry. With two full albums, “Buy Me A Boat” and “Everybody,” under his belt, he has achieved chart success with hits like “Buy Me A Boat” and “Good Vibes.” While he may not be among the top earners in the industry, Janson’s net worth is estimated to be around $600,000 to $800,000.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chris Janson is a renowned American country music singer and songwriter.
  • He has released two albums, “Buy Me A Boat” and “Everybody,” and has achieved chart success with popular songs.
  • Despite not being one of the highest earners in the industry, Janson’s net worth is estimated to be around $600,000 to $800,000.

Early Life and Musical Career

Chris Janson, born on April 2, 1986, in Perryville, Missouri, had a remarkable journey from his early life to establishing himself in the country music industry. With a deep-rooted passion for music, Janson’s talent started to flourish at a young age.

Playing the harmonica for various artists, including Lee Brice, allowed Janson to showcase his musical abilities and gain valuable experience in the industry.

However, it was his songwriting skills that propelled him into the limelight. Janson co-wrote singles for notable artists such as Tim McGraw and LoCash, solidifying his position as a respected songwriter in Nashville.

In 2009, Janson signed with BNA Records, marking a significant milestone in his musical journey. Shortly after, he released his debut single, “‘Til a Woman Comes Along,” which received positive reception and set the stage for his thriving career.

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Throughout his musical career, Janson has continued to captivate audiences with his unique style and energetic performances. His distinct blend of traditional and contemporary country music has garnered widespread acclaim and a dedicated fanbase.

“Music has always been a part of my life. It’s what drives me and inspires me. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to share my passion with others and make a living doing what I love.”

With every song he writes and every stage he graces, Chris Janson continues to leave an indelible mark on the country music landscape. His unwavering dedication and talent pave the way for an exciting future filled with new musical endeavors and artistic growth.

Discography and Achievements

Chris Janson’s discography is a testament to his talent and versatility as a country music artist. He has released three full-length albums, each showcasing his unique blend of old and new country styles.

“Buy Me A Boat,” released in 2015, was Janson’s breakthrough album. It features the chart-topping title track, which reached number one on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. The album also includes hit singles like “Power of Positive Drinkin'” and “Holdin’ Her.”

“Everybody,” released in 2017, further solidified Janson’s place in the country music scene. The album features the popular singles “Fix a Drink” and “Drunk Girl,” both of which achieved chart success. Janson’s heartfelt songwriting and high-energy performances captivated audiences, earning him critical acclaim.

“Real Friends,” released in 2019, showcases Janson’s growth as an artist. The album features collaborations with country music heavyweights like Blake Shelton and Tim McGraw, displaying Janson’s ability to connect and collaborate with his peers. The standout track, “Good Vibes,” became a number one hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Chris Janson’s achievements go beyond his chart-topping hits. He has garnered numerous award nominations, including for the Academy of Country Music Awards and Country Music Association Awards. Janson has also collaborated with country music icons Tim McGraw and Lee Brice, highlighting his appeal and recognition within the industry.

“Chris Janson’s unique fusion of traditional and contemporary country music sets him apart from his contemporaries. His catchy hooks, heartfelt lyrics, and infectious energy have earned him the title of the ‘future of country music’.”

Chris Janson Discography

AlbumRelease YearNotable Singles
Buy Me A Boat2015“Buy Me A Boat,” “Power of Positive Drinkin’,” “Holdin’ Her”
Everybody2017“Fix a Drink,” “Drunk Girl,” “Bein’ a Dad”
Real Friends2019“Good Vibes” (number one on Billboard Hot Country Songs), “Done,” “Waitin’ on 5”

Chris Janson’s discography showcases his ability to connect with audiences through his distinctive style and relatable lyrics. His achievements speak to his talent and dedication to his craft, ensuring his continued success in the country music industry.

Family Life

In addition to his successful music career, Chris Janson is also dedicated to his family. He is married to Kelly Lynn, who is also a talented singer.

“Marriage is a beautiful union, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have Kelly as my wife,” Janson says. “We support each other’s dreams and passions, and our love for music connects us on a deep level.”

The couple exchanged vows on July 4, 2010, in a private ceremony surrounded by close friends and family. Together, they have four children, creating a loving and supportive home.

Janson’s commitment to his family extends beyond his own biological children. He embraces his role as a stepfather to Kelly’s two children from a previous marriage, treating them as his own.

“Becoming a father has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life,” Janson shares. “I cherish every moment with my children and strive to create a loving and nurturing environment for them to thrive in.”

He often takes to social media to express his gratitude for his family and shares heartwarming moments they spend together. Janson’s love for his spouse and children is evident in the joy and happiness he radiates both on and off the stage.

Chris Janson family

Chris JansonSelf
Kelly LynnSpouse
Child 1Biological Child
Child 2Biological Child
Stepchild 1Stepchild
Stepchild 2Stepchild

Personal Life and Endeavors

In his personal life, Chris Janson has been open about his struggles with addiction. With the support of his wife, Kelly, he was able to overcome his drinking problem. Janson is known to surprise his wife with thoughtful gestures, such as flowers, and he has her name tattooed on his chest as a symbol of his love.

Aside from his music career, Janson is an active presence on social media, with a significant following on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He often shares updates about his life and interacts with his fans, creating a sense of community. Janson’s engaging social media presence allows his fans to connect with him on a more personal level.

When he’s not performing or sharing moments on social media, Janson enjoys various hobbies. He is an avid outdoorsman and loves spending time hunting and fishing. These activities allow him to unwind and connect with nature, providing a much-needed balance to his bustling music career.

chris janson hobbies

Physical Appearance

Chris Janson, the talented American country music singer and songwriter, possesses not only immense talent but also a striking physical appearance that captivates his fans. Standing at an impressive height of 6 feet, Janson exudes confidence and charisma on stage. Weighing around 73 kg, he maintains a fit and healthy physique, reflecting his dedication to his craft.

Chris Janson Height and Weight

Chris Janson’s light brown hair perfectly complements his energetic stage presence, adding to his appeal as a performer. His piercing blue eyes seem to mirror the intensity of his music, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impression.

It is evident that Chris Janson’s physical appearance aligns with his vibrant and dynamic personality, enhancing his overall stage presence and connection with his fans.

Net Worth and Financial Status

Chris Janson’s net worth is estimated to be around $600,000 to $800,000. However, his financial success is not limited to his current net worth. As a rising star in the country music industry, Janson is continuously building his career and expanding his income streams.

With his chart-topping hits and energetic performances, Chris Janson has positioned himself as a formidable force in the music industry. His unique style and immense talent have garnered him a dedicated fan base and lucrative opportunities.

As he continues to release new music, embark on tours, and collaborate with other artists, Janson’s net worth is expected to grow even further. With his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to his craft, he is poised to achieve greater financial success in the future.

chris janson net worth

Social Media Presence

Chris Janson understands the power of social media in connecting with his fans and sharing his personal and professional journey. You can find him on popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where he has built a strong following. By engaging with his posts and updates, fans get a glimpse into his life and stay connected with his latest projects and performances.

Chris Janson social media

Chris Janson’s social media presence allows him to foster a strong sense of community. On Instagram, he shares photos and videos from his tours, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look into his life on the road. His Facebook page provides a platform for him to engage directly with his fans, sharing updates, and responding to their comments. Twitter, being a more immediate platform, allows Janson to interact in real-time with his followers, providing instant updates and insights.

Through his active presence on these social media platforms, Chris Janson demonstrates his dedication to connecting with his fans and keeping them informed about his music and life. By following him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, fans can be part of his journey and never miss a beat.

Future Endeavors

Chris Janson is a constantly evolving artist who is not afraid to push boundaries and explore new creative endeavors. With his unique blend of old and new country styles, he is positioned to make a lasting impact on the genre and leave his mark in the music industry. Janson’s passion for his craft is evident in his energetic performances and his ability to captivate audiences.

As he continues to grow and develop as an artist, fans can eagerly anticipate more exciting music and unforgettable live performances from Chris Janson. With each new project, he aims to push the boundaries of country music and bring a fresh perspective to the genre. Whether it’s through his heartfelt storytelling or his infectious hooks, Janson never fails to deliver songs that resonate with listeners.

Furthermore, Janson’s dedication to his craft extends beyond his music. He is constantly exploring new avenues for artistic expression and aims to connect with fans on a deeper level. Through his social media presence and personal interactions, Janson strives to create a sense of community and inclusivity among his audience. He understands the power of music to bring people together, and he is committed to using his platform to spread positivity and inspire others.


What is Chris Janson’s full name and when was he born?

Chris Janson’s full name is Christopher Pierre Janson and he was born on April 2, 1986.

What are Chris Janson’s most popular songs?

Chris Janson’s most popular songs include “Buy Me A Boat” and “Good Vibes.”

How many albums has Chris Janson released?

Chris Janson has released three full-length albums, including “Buy Me A Boat,” “Everybody,” and “Real Friends.”

Who is Chris Janson married to and how many children does he have?

Chris Janson is married to Kelly Lynn, also a singer, and they have four children, including two from Kelly’s previous marriage.

What struggles has Chris Janson overcome in his personal life?

Chris Janson has been open about his past struggles with addiction, but with the support of his wife, he was able to overcome his drinking problem.

Does Chris Janson have a strong social media presence?

Yes, Chris Janson is active on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where he has a significant following.

What is Chris Janson’s net worth?

While his net worth is estimated to be around 0,000 to 0,000, Chris Janson’s financial success is expected to grow as his career progresses.

What can fans expect from Chris Janson in the future?

Chris Janson is constantly evolving as an artist and fans can expect more exciting music and performances from him in the future.

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