Daisy Kelliher – Age, Family, Bio, and Net Worth

Daisy Kelliher, born on May 28, 1987, is a renowned TV personality from Ireland. She gained fame by appearing on the American TV series Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Daisy actively engages with her fans on social media and has a significant following. In this article, we will delve into her age, family background, biography, and net worth.

daisy kelliher bio age family

Key Takeaways:

  • Daisy Kelliher is a popular TV personality from Ireland.
  • She gained fame through her appearance on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.
  • Daisy actively interacts with fans on social media.
  • Her age is 36 years old (as of 2023).
  • She comes from a family with a strong sailing background.

Daisy Kelliher Wiki/Biography

Daisy Kelliher, whose real name is Daisy, was born on May 28, 1987, in Ireland. She grew up in an Irish family and has not disclosed much information about her higher education. Daisy’s zodiac sign is Gemini, and she is known for her role on Below Deck Sailing Yacht as a TV personality. She is also recognized for her nickname, Daisy.

Daisy Kelliher is an Irish TV personality known for her role on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Born on May 28, 1987, in Ireland, Daisy has captured the attention of audiences with her engaging personality and captivating presence on the show. While not much is known about her educational background, Daisy’s impressive performance on the series has solidified her place in the entertainment industry.

Daisy Kelliher Family

Daisy Kelliher comes from a family with a strong sailing background. Her grandfather was a notable Olympic sailor for Ireland in 1964. While there is limited information available about her parents, Daisy has a sister named Bonnie Kelliher. She was raised in a family of yachties, which likely influenced her career in the yachting industry.

Family MemberRelationship
Daisy KelliherTV personality and yacht stewardess
Bonnie KelliherDaisy’s sister

“I am grateful to have grown up in a family that shares the same passion for sailing and yachting. It has given me a solid foundation in the industry and molded me into the person I am today.” – Daisy Kelliher

Daisy Kelliher Family

Daisy Kelliher Age and Personal Life

Daisy Kelliher, born in 1987, is currently 36 years old. Although she is a public figure, Daisy prefers to keep her personal life private. She has not shared any information about her current relationship status. In the past, Daisy was in a relationship with Colin McRae, who also appeared on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. However, their relationship ended after a few months, and since then, Daisy’s personal life and dating history have remained mostly undisclosed.

Daisy Kelliher Age

Daisy Kelliher Height, Weight, and Appearance

Daisy Kelliher, known for her captivating appearances on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, possesses an alluring appearance that leaves a lasting impression. Standing at a height of 5 feet 4 inches, Daisy possesses an elegant presence both on and off the yacht. With her light blonde hair flowing gracefully and her captivating brown eyes, she effortlessly captures the attention of viewers. Daisy maintains her stunning figure with an approximate weight of 59 kg.

Her measurements, which add to her allure, are 34-25-35. Daisy’s fit physique and well-proportioned body contribute to her magnetic presence on the screen. She embraces her charming appearance, exuding confidence throughout her journey on this popular reality TV show.

“Daisy’s captivating beauty and stylish demeanor perfectly complements her role as a yacht chief stewardess. Her appearance has captivated fans worldwide, making her a standout among her peers.”

Embracing her unique features, Daisy’s appearance on Below Deck Sailing Yacht has allowed her to gain confidence and showcase her undeniable charm. Whether she’s taking charge on the yacht or engaging with viewers, Daisy’s appearance enhances her undeniable presence on the show.

Key Stats:

Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight59 kg
Hair ColorLight Blonde
Eye ColorBrown
Body Measurements34-25-35
Shoe Size (US)6.5

daisy kelliher height, weight, and appearance image

Daisy Kelliher Career

Daisy Kelliher’s career in yachting began at a young age, influenced by her family’s sailing background. Coming from a long line of sailors, Daisy developed a passion for the sea and became a notable yachtswoman herself. For many years, she worked in the yachting industry, gaining valuable experience and honing her skills onboard luxury vessels.

However, like many others, Daisy faced challenges during the global pandemic. She lost her job and had to temporarily move back in with her family. It was during this uncertain time that she decided to audition for the reality TV show Below Deck Sailing Yacht, taking a chance to pursue her dreams in a different way.

“I believed that being part of Below Deck Sailing Yacht could be a unique opportunity to showcase my talents while entertaining audiences,” Daisy shared.

Her audacity paid off, and Daisy was selected as a yacht chief stewardess for the show. This role allowed her to demonstrate her impeccable customer service skills, organizational abilities, and leadership qualities. With her strong work ethic and charm, Daisy quickly became a beloved cast member, garnering attention and admiration from viewers around the world.

Through her journey on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Daisy Kelliher has not only found success in her career but has also inspired aspiring yachtswomen to dream big and pursue their passions. Her dedication, determination, and love for the yachting industry have made her an influential figure in the field.

daisy kelliher career

Stay tuned for the next section where we explore Daisy Kelliher’s impressive net worth and financial success.

Daisy Kelliher Net Worth

Daisy Kelliher, the talented TV personality from Ireland, has achieved significant success and financial prosperity throughout her career. As of now, Daisy has an estimated net worth of $225,000. Her income primarily stems from her appearances on the hit TV series Below Deck Sailing Yacht and various lucrative sponsorship deals.

Being a cast member on Below Deck Sailing Yacht has been a major contributor to Daisy’s wealth. As one of the mainstays of the show, she earns a substantial monthly salary, reflecting her pivotal role as a yacht chief stewardess.

In addition to her television earnings, Daisy also serves as a brand ambassador for CoTZ Skincare and collaborates with different brands through her social media platforms. These partnerships provide her with additional income streams and contribute to her growing net worth.

With her innate talent, charismatic personality, and strong work ethic, Daisy Kelliher continues to solidify her position in the entertainment industry, both as a renowned TV personality and a successful entrepreneur.

daisy kelliher net worth

Source of IncomeAmount
Below Deck Sailing Yacht$180,000 annually
Sponsorship Deals$20,000 per collaboration
Brand Ambassadorship$25,000 per year

Through her relentless dedication and undeniable talent, Daisy Kelliher has accumulated an impressive net worth. As her career progresses, it is expected that her financial success will continue to grow, opening doors for even more exciting opportunities in the future.

Daisy Kelliher Social Media Presence

Daisy Kelliher, the popular TV personality from Below Deck Sailing Yacht, has a significant presence on social media, especially on Instagram. With over 365k followers, Daisy uses her Instagram account to share updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and interact with her fans. She keeps her audience engaged with captivating posts and stories related to her life and career.

Aside from Instagram, Daisy also maintains a presence on other platforms like TikTok and Twitter. On TikTok, she has garnered a decent following with her entertaining videos, while on Twitter, she engages with her fans and shares her thoughts on various topics.

Daisy Kelliher Social Media

Daisy’s social media platforms serve as a window into her personal and professional life. She connects with her audience, answering their questions, and promoting various brands and collaborations. Her engaging content and genuine interactions have contributed to her popularity and bolstered her career in the entertainment industry.

Daisy Kelliher Interesting Facts

Get to know some fascinating facts about Daisy Kelliher:

  1. She currently resides in London, England.
  2. On TikTok, she has amassed over 36k followers.
  3. She joined Twitter in August 2021 and has gained a following of over 11.1k.
  4. Need to collaborate? Reach out to Daisy at daisykelliher1987@gmail.com.
  5. Daisy has a deep love for traveling and often shares her experiences on social media.
  6. To unwind, she enjoys indulging in a casual drink.

daisy kelliher facts

Daisy Kelliher’s Impact on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Daisy Kelliher’s appearances on Below Deck Sailing Yacht have captivated audiences and solidified her status as a prominent figure in the show. With her confident demeanor and charismatic personality, Daisy has garnered a dedicated fan base and continues to gain popularity as the series progresses.

As the chief stewardess, Daisy’s leadership skills and ability to navigate the challenges of yacht life have made her a standout cast member. Her expertise in the industry and her dedication to providing exceptional service to charter guests have been praised by viewers.

Throughout the show, Daisy has showcased her talents in managing the interior of the yacht while maintaining professional relationships with her fellow crew members. Her strong work ethic and attention to detail have been instrumental in ensuring a seamless and luxurious experience for guests on board.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Daisy’s personal journey and genuine interactions with her crewmates have resonated with viewers. Her relatable nature and ability to handle conflicts with grace and poise have made her a fan favorite.

Furthermore, Daisy’s impact extends beyond the show itself. Her social media presence has allowed fans to stay connected with her and engage in conversations about Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Daisy’s interactions with her audience have further cemented her place as a beloved cast member and influencer.

Overall, Daisy Kelliher’s contribution to Below Deck Sailing Yacht has been significant. Her captivating personality, impressive skills, and ability to handle challenges have made her an integral part of the show’s success. With each episode, Daisy continues to make a lasting impact on both the viewers and the dynamic of the yacht crew.

daisy kelliher below deck sailing yacht

Daisy Kelliher’s Event – A Day With Daisy

Join Daisy Kelliher, the talented TV personality from Below Deck Sailing Yacht, for an unforgettable experience at her exclusive event, “A Day With Daisy.” This one-of-a-kind event offers an immersive full-day introductory stewarding course, providing attendees with unique insights into the world of yachting.

During “A Day With Daisy,” participants will have the opportunity to learn from Daisy herself as she shares her knowledge, experiences, and insider tips on yacht stewarding. Whether you’re a yacht enthusiast or simply curious about life on board, this event is perfect for anyone interested in exploring the glamorous world of yachting.

The event is scheduled to take place on October 14, 2023, at the prestigious White City House in London. With its elegant ambiance and stunning views, this venue is the ideal backdrop for a day filled with learning and inspiration.

Tickets for “A Day With Daisy” are in high demand and selling fast. General admission tickets are priced at £280, offering participants an incredible value for the wealth of knowledge and experiences they’ll gain from Daisy and her team of experts.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to spend a day with Daisy Kelliher and explore the fascinating world of yachting like never before. Book your tickets now and embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery!

daisy kelliher event

Daisy Kelliher’s Future Plans

After gaining immense popularity on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Daisy Kelliher is setting her sights on exciting new ventures. She has expressed her interest in participating in more reality shows, with “The Traitors” being one of her top choices. Daisy’s dynamic personality and experience in the entertainment industry make her a perfect fit for future television projects.

While yachting has been a significant part of Daisy’s career, she aims to expand her horizons beyond the maritime world. With her growing popularity and success, she plans to explore opportunities within the broader entertainment industry. Daisy’s charisma and ability to connect with audiences make her a sought-after talent in various entertainment ventures.

Daisy Kelliher’s future plans also involve collaborations with prominent brands and personalities. Her influence and engagement on social media have garnered attention from several companies seeking to partner with her. As a result, Daisy has exciting collaborations and endorsements lined up, further solidifying her position as a rising star in the entertainment industry.


What is Daisy Kelliher’s age?

Daisy Kelliher was born on May 28, 1987, making her 36 years old (as of 2023).

What is Daisy Kelliher’s family background?

Daisy Kelliher comes from a family with a strong sailing background. Her grandfather was a notable Olympic sailor for Ireland in 1964. She has not revealed much information about her parents, but she has a sister named Bonnie Kelliher.

What is Daisy Kelliher’s net worth?

Daisy Kelliher has an estimated net worth of 5,000. Her primary sources of income are her appearances on Below Deck Sailing Yacht and sponsorship deals.

What is Daisy Kelliher’s height and weight?

Daisy Kelliher stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches and weighs around 59 kg.

What is Daisy Kelliher’s career?

Daisy Kelliher has been involved in yachting from a young age and worked in the yachting industry for several years. She gained fame by appearing on the TV series Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

What is Daisy Kelliher’s social media presence?

Daisy Kelliher has a significant presence on social media, particularly Instagram. She currently has over 365k followers on Instagram and also has a presence on TikTok and Twitter.

What are some interesting facts about Daisy Kelliher?

Some interesting facts about Daisy Kelliher include her residence in London, England, her collaboration email which is daisykelliher1987@gmail.com, and her love for traveling.

What impact has Daisy Kelliher had on Below Deck Sailing Yacht?

Daisy Kelliher’s appearances on Below Deck Sailing Yacht have made her a popular figure across social media platforms. Her confident and charismatic personality has garnered attention from fans of the show.

What is Daisy Kelliher’s event, A Day With Daisy?

A Day With Daisy is an event hosted by Daisy Kelliher. It offers a full-day introductory stewarding course and provides attendees with insights into the world of yachting.

What are Daisy Kelliher’s future plans?

Daisy Kelliher has expressed interest in participating in more reality shows, including “The Traitors.” She plans to expand her career beyond yachting and pursue opportunities in the entertainment industry.

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