This is a common social media milestone that companies strive towards when it comes to building their brand. It is believed that achieving this tier indicates you possess the potential to become a serious online influencer in your industry.

However, the rise of influencer marketing has led to some Instagram users purchasing lists of potential followers in hopes of getting at least some of these individuals to pay attention to their accounts. As recommended by user growth sites like Famoid and Buzzoid, it’s always important to make sure any follower and growth services that you use are legit and have a proven track record.

It is particularly important to note that buying a list can have adverse effects in a business setting, such as acquiring poor-quality traffic to your website and unintended consequences such as a high bounce rate, a shorter time spent on pages, and unsuitable leads.

You can grow your Instagram following without purchasing followers by following the tips below!

1. Experiment to find your voice.

You might want to change the type of content and tone of captions you post on Instagram if you haven’t been getting the social traction you’re after. Incorporate a few new ideas from the brands you’d like to emulate on social media. 

Once you’ve identified your audience’s favorite content, create more posts like that. Experiments are only valuable if you take the time to analyze what works and what doesn’t. 

Instagram for Business features includes deeper analytics, audience insights, and advertising tools not available on personal accounts. 

2. Stay on brand. 

You can stunt the growth of your audience if you experiment too much. Consistency is important when establishing a solid brand as an illustrator. 

Once people follow you for a long time, they come to expect something specific from you-something they enjoy! And if you are looking to work with any brands or sponsors on Instagram, it’s important to make sure you are delivering real user engagement and ROI for your partners.

If you have found your niche, don’t stray too far from it without a well-thought-out strategy, even though it is important to mix in new types of content.

3. Be active. 

You can start by doing this, especially if your target audience closely follows those posts. The downside is, if you are too active, you might appear to Instagram’s algorithm as a spambot, which could ding your account. 

The Internet is full of annoying people who automate comment posting on influencer channels, even getting their comments posted on blogs with links to their websites. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a high level of frequent and socially acceptable interaction.

4. Don’t follow for a follow. 

You mustn’t give in to temptation. People with more followers but who follow people usually indicate that their content is not high-quality. They’re just attempting to pad their followings by clicking on every follow button they can find.

 It takes some time for an audience to engage with your content. Having a social media strategy for your brand means you’re not just following others to get their attention.

To learn more about this process and why it’s not one of the best growth methods out there, read through full article from Kimberly Hadyn.

5. Be honest and real.

You may feel as though things on Instagram are fake. Make sure your content is relatable and authentic. Let people know what makes your business unique. 

The use of user-generated content, third-party content, or employee quotes will also shed light on your brand’s values and priorities while still being curated to a certain extent. 

You can also use the Instagram Stories tool to showcase your company culture if you’re comfortable with video.

Growing Your Instagram Follower Count Daily

You can cultivate your social following organically by using this method. It is much safer and more rewarding than using paid methods. 

As a result of your content being shared by members of your target audience, you will have significantly higher levels of engagement with your brand, as well as more opportunities to convert or nurture qualified leads that are interested in the services you provide.

At the end of the day, Instagram is going to provide more exposure to individuals, businesses and brands than any other solution or platform out there. Make sure your profile looks great from day one, and start implementing each of the winning strategies listed above.