If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start your own business, you already know that there’s no time to be wasted on hunting down the tools you need to do essential tasks like designing the logo for your business.

Instead, let us do the work – we found six great tools that are essential resources to help you pull together a logo that captures your unique brand. You don’t need to spend thousands on hiring a professional graphic designer when there’s great resources online that can help you do exactly what a designer can – and in less time!

Here are the best logo design creation tools out there for the budding entrepreneur.


Canva is a great tool for entrepreneurs with any level of design experience – including none! This free, easy to use tool allows you to upload images and existing graphic elements that you already have, or choose from thousands of text options, layouts, templates, or graphics that they have, and design your logo right then and there. The site also has tons of existing templates for you to work from and customize to make your own – you can start with one template, utilize several existing elements, and then make it your unique style by changing fonts, colors, or shapes and ensuring that your logo is one that your customers won’t ever forget. 

And, they have an entire section of logo ideas for you to browse and gain inspiration from before you get started. It’s a great tool not only to make your logo, but to also prepare to make your logo, especially if you don’t have a solid idea in mind quite yet.

Browse Creative Market’s logo design ideas

Creative Market is an excellent tool for you to bookmark as you head into starting your new business – they offer tons of graphics, templates, fonts and themes that could be helpful as you design your logo and then later on, your website and print products like business cards and t-shirts.

This particular page on Creative Market offers 100 design ideas for people who are stuck or uninspired about creating their logo. First, they detail exactly what to consider when creating your design such as important questions like is your design relevant to your industry? Is it simple to understand and read? Is it too small? Does it make sense – will the customer be able to understand the connection between your design and your brand? Is it too boring? Does it use elements that every other logo in your industry uses – and is that a good thing, to be using something that your competitors are? These are great questions to ask yourself as you head into the design process.

Then the site offers examples of great logo ideas from real businesses for you to motivate yourself with and get your designer wheels turning.


Designmantic is an all inclusive tool that’s a one-stop-shop for everything that has to do with your logo. First, the tool allows you to research and study your industry competitors, business design trends, ideas, colors, and more. Then, you can tell it what’s unique about your business and upload your customer demographics, and then the Designmantic software will help you create your logo through its artificial intelligence product. You can choose which design you’d like, and then use the site to then order your business cards, shirts, and more. 

They also offer services from their team of graphic designers to help you come up with your logo design, if you don’t find a design you like on the site. However, these services might cost more than your logo design.


Give up on designing your logo yourself? ProDesigns is a great website that offers graphic design services and can help you get the logo that you want. The pricing starts at only $35 for a designer to put together your new logo in just three days, with three rounds of revision. It’s an excellent tool for an entrepreneur on a budget, who also doesn’t have time to waste online trying to put together a logo without any design experience. And, you can order tons of other necessities for your business straight from the site – signage, banners, stationery, book covers, and labels right after you discover your perfect logo design.


Logojoy is a great tool for logo creation that works based on details about your company – it asks you all about your industry, who your customers are, what your company name is, and then generates a logo for you based on what your answers are. If you don’t like the results, simply request more options until you find the one you want. And, you can customize your results to change parts of them that you want to look a little bit differently.

It’s a great way to get a customized logo just for you, without doing a lot of the leg work to get it. You don’t have to choose colors, fonts, graphics, and dump them all together with no clear direction – Logojoy uses artificial intelligence to do all of that hard work for you, and then you get to pick and choose from the results. And the best part of the site? It’s free for users.


Dribbble is a site to visit when you need some inspiration, or if you want to hire a graphic designer straight from the site or from inspirational graphic designs that you find there. Through the site, you can browse artwork, graphics, logo designs, participate in a community forum, and post a job for a graphic designer if you’re seeking someone to take over your logo design for you. 

It’s an excellent resource if you’re just starting out in your journey to start your business, and don’t have a clear idea yet of exactly what you’re looking for in your logo, or even your brand. It’s a jumping off point for entrepreneurs, and a great place to start, if only to just look around for a little while.