Hilde Osland – Age, Family, Bio, and Net Worth

Hilde Osland, born on September 8, 1987, is a celebrated model, singer, influencer, and social media personality from Brevik, Telemark, Norway, England. She gained popularity for her appearance on the Disney TV show ‘As the Bell Rings’ and as a contestant on the sixth season of ‘Idol Norway’, where she reached the top forty. Hilde Osland is currently 33 years old and will turn 34 in September 2021. She is of Norwegian and Australian nationality and has a mixed ethnic background. Hilde Osland’s net worth is estimated to be between $750k – $850k USD.

hilde osland bio age family

Key Takeaways:

  • Hilde Osland is a model, singer, influencer, and social media personality from Norway.
  • She gained popularity for her appearance on the Disney TV show ‘As the Bell Rings’.
  • She participated in the sixth season of ‘Idol Norway’, reaching the top forty.
  • Hilde Osland is 33 years old and has a mixed ethnic background.
  • Her net worth is estimated to be between $750k – $850k USD.

Early Life and Education

Hilde Osland, a renowned model, singer, influencer, and social media personality, was born on September 8, 1987, in Brevik, Telemark, Norway. When she was young, her family relocated to Melbourne, Australia. Although Hilde has been open about her career and personal life, there is limited information available about her early life and family background.

After completing her high school education in Australia, Hilde pursued higher studies at RIMT University. In her academic journey, she focused on Business Accountancy, and her dedication and hard work paid off when she successfully obtained her degree from RIMT University.

Hilde’s educational background in Business Accountancy has undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping her career as a businesswoman and influencer. Her academic foundation has contributed to her comprehensive understanding of managing her brand and maximizing her opportunities in the competitive world of modeling and social media.

It is worth mentioning that Hilde Osland’s educational background has provided her with a solid foundation to navigate the complexities of the industry and make informed decisions pertaining to her personal brand and business endeavors. Additionally, her studies at RIMT University have equipped her with essential skills in financial management and accounting, which undoubtedly contribute to her success in managing her financial assets effectively.

While Hilde is widely recognized and admired for her stunning looks and talent, it is important to acknowledge her dedication to higher education and the valuable knowledge she has gained from her academic pursuits.

Early LifeEducation
Hilde was born in Brevik, Telemark, Norway and raised in Melbourne, Australia.She obtained a degree in Business Accountancy from RIMT University.

Career and Achievements

Hilde Osland’s career has been marked by various accomplishments and diverse pursuits. She first gained recognition in 2009 when she appeared on the Disney TV show ‘As the Bell Rings’. This opportunity propelled her into the spotlight, showcasing her talent and captivating the audience.

In 2011, Hilde Osland showcased her singing abilities as a contestant on the sixth season of ‘Idol Norway’. Her remarkable performances led her to reach the top forty, leaving a lasting impression on the judges and viewers alike.

Embarking on a new venture, Hilde Osland launched her own YouTube channel, where she shared cover songs and further displayed her musical talent. Her channel quickly gained popularity, attracting a growing audience and establishing her as a noteworthy singer.

In addition to her singing endeavors, Hilde Osland has also made significant strides in the modeling industry. Collaborating with renowned brands such as Miss Holly, ASOS, and White Fox, she has showcased her beauty and versatility as a model.

Hilde Osland’s modeling career has been met with great success, further solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the industry. Her striking looks and exceptional modeling skills have contributed to her rising popularity and widespread recognition.

With millions of followers on Instagram, Hilde Osland has built a strong social media presence, allowing her to connect with fans and showcase her talent, beauty, and versatile skills across different platforms.

Personal Life and Relationships

In her personal life, Hilde Osland is in a committed relationship with James Lewis Foster, a talented photographer. The couple has been together for quite some time and recently took their relationship to the next level by getting engaged. Their love story is a testament to their strong bond and shared interests.

“Love is not about how many days, months, or years you have been together. It’s all about how much you love each other every single day.”

– Unknown

Their love story reached another milestone with the arrival of their beautiful son, Ragnar. The couple welcomed their bundle of joy on April 16, 2021, and their happiness knows no bounds. As proud parents, Hilde and James cherish every moment spent with their little one, creating unforgettable memories as a family.

hilde osland engagement

Being a public figure, Hilde Osland has always prioritized her personal life and kept it private. However, she often shares glimpses of her happy family moments on her social media platforms, giving her fans a glimpse into her joyous journey as a mother and partner.

Family Background

Hilde Osland, known for her captivating beauty and talent, has not publicly disclosed detailed information about her family background. While her mother’s name remains unknown, Hilde has not revealed any information about her father. Furthermore, she has not shared any details about her siblings, leaving her family dynamics shrouded in mystery. It is evident that Hilde Osland prefers to keep her personal life private, focusing on her successful career and the experiences she shares with her partner and child.

hilde osland family

Despite the lack of information regarding Hilde Osland’s family, her close bond with her partner, James Lewis Foster, and their son, Ragnar, is a testament to the love and support she receives from her loved ones. Hilde’s captivating presence extends beyond her family circle, captivating millions of followers around the world who eagerly anticipate her every move and achievement.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Hilde Osland’s physical attributes contribute to her captivating presence. Standing at an approximate height of 5’4″ (163 cm), Hilde possesses a graceful stature that enhances her poise and elegance. With a weight of around 121 lbs (55 kg), she maintains a slender figure that complements her overall appearance.

Hilde Osland’s body measurements further accentuate her beauty. Her figure is characterized by an hourglass shape, with measurements of 35-23-36 inches. These proportions highlight her feminine curves and contribute to her alluring aesthetic.

In addition to her striking figure, Hilde Osland possesses enchanting features. Her blue eyes exude a sense of depth and intrigue, captivating the attention of those around her. Complementing her eyes, Hilde’s luscious blonde hair adds a touch of glamour to her overall look.

hilde osland body measurements

As a multi-talented individual, Hilde Osland’s physical attributes form an important aspect of her overall appeal. Her height, weight, and body measurements contribute to her distinctive presence, enhancing her career as a model, singer, and social media influencer.

Rumors and Controversies

Rumors have been swirling about Hilde Osland and the possibility of her undergoing plastic surgery. However, it is important to note that there is no confirmation or evidence to support these claims. The speculation surrounding her appearance is purely based on conjecture.

Hilde Osland is known for her stunning figure, which many believe is a result of her commitment to regular exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her dedication to fitness and overall well-being is evident in her social media posts, where she often shares her workout routines and healthy eating habits.

It is not uncommon for public figures to face rumors and controversies, often fueled by speculation and gossip. In Hilde Osland’s case, the plastic surgery rumors may simply be a product of internet chatter and unfounded speculation.

hilde osland plastic surgery

Despite the ongoing rumors, Hilde Osland continues to focus on her career as a model, singer, and social media personality, captivating her audience with her talent and natural beauty. She serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing the importance of self-confidence and embracing one’s unique features.

Social Media Presence

Hilde Osland is highly active on various social media platforms, where she engages with her followers and shares her latest updates. Her strong online presence has garnered a significant following, making her a popular figure in the digital world.

On Instagram, Hilde Osland has amassed a loyal fanbase, with over 3.9 million followers. She frequently posts stunning photos showcasing her fashion sense, travel adventures, and personal moments, captivating her audience with her beauty and style. Her Instagram feed is a visual delight, offering a glimpse into her glamorous life.

In addition to Instagram, Hilde Osland maintains a YouTube channel with 1.5k subscribers. On her channel, she shares a variety of content, including cover songs, vlogs, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life as a model and influencer. Her YouTube channel allows her fans to connect with her on a more personal level and provides an opportunity for her to showcase her singing talent.

Hilde Osland also has a presence on Twitter, where she has accumulated 17.6k followers. On her Twitter account, she shares snippets of her daily life, thoughts, and interacts with her fans. It serves as a platform for her to engage in conversations and stay connected with her followers in a more intimate way.

With her active engagement on social media platforms, Hilde Osland has effectively built a strong online community, allowing her fans to stay updated with her life and connect with her on a personal level. Her captivating content and genuine persona have contributed to her popularity and success in the digital realm.

Hilde Osland Instagram

Instagram3.9 million
YouTube1.5k subscribers
Twitter17.6k followers

Net Worth and Earnings

While the exact net worth of Hilde Osland is undisclosed, it is estimated to be between $750k – $850k USD. Hilde Osland earns a significant income from her modeling career, brand collaborations, and social media presence.

Modeling Income Breakdown

SourceEstimated Earnings
Modeling Contracts$300k – $400k
Brand Collaborations$200k – $300k
Social Media Partnerships$150k – $200k

Hilde Osland’s modeling income is primarily generated through her contracts with various brands and her collaborations with fashion and lifestyle companies. These partnerships allow her to promote products and services on her social media platforms, showcasing her influence and engaging her large following.

Additionally, Hilde Osland has established herself as a successful content creator on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, where she earns revenue through sponsored posts and advertisements. With her captivating presence and strong brand partnerships, Hilde continues to expand her income streams and solidify her position in the modeling industry.

As her popularity grows, along with her modeling and social media influence, it is expected that Hilde Osland’s net worth and earnings will continue to rise in the coming years.

Hilde Osland Modeling

Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Hilde Osland:

  1. Passion for Singing: Hilde Osland has a genuine passion for singing and has showcased her talent by participating in singing auditions, including her appearance on ‘Idol Norway’.
  2. Love for Cats: Hilde Osland is an avid cat lover. She often shares adorable pictures and videos of her furry friends on her social media platforms.
  3. Fashion Sense: Known for her impeccable style, Hilde Osland has a keen fashion sense. She always manages to look effortlessly chic in her outfit choices.
  4. Active on Twitter: Hilde Osland is quite active on Twitter, where she engages with her followers and shares updates about her life and career.

These fascinating facts provide a glimpse into Hilde Osland’s diverse interests and personality.

hilde osland facts


In conclusion, Hilde Osland is a versatile and talented individual who has made a name for herself in the modeling, singing, influencer, and social media world. Her career achievements speak volumes about her dedication and passion for her craft. With her striking looks and captivating talent, Hilde continues to captivate her audience and has garnered a significant following on various social media platforms.

Through her brand collaborations and strong social media presence, Hilde has established herself as a prominent figure in the industry. Her career trajectory shows great promise, and she is expected to achieve even greater heights in the future.

Hilde Osland’s success can be attributed to her hard work, talent, and the ability to connect with her audience. As she continues to evolve and explore new opportunities, her fans eagerly anticipate what comes next in her exciting journey.


What is Hilde Osland’s age?

Hilde Osland is currently 33 years old and will turn 34 in September 2021.

Where was Hilde Osland born?

Hilde Osland was born in Brevik, Telemark, Norway.

What is Hilde Osland’s educational background?

Hilde Osland is a graduate of RIMT University, where she obtained a degree in Business Accountancy.

What shows has Hilde Osland appeared on?

Hilde Osland gained recognition for her appearance on the Disney TV show ‘As the Bell Rings’ and as a contestant on the sixth season of ‘Idol Norway’.

Does Hilde Osland have a singing career?

Yes, Hilde Osland has ventured into singing and has her own YouTube channel where she uploads cover songs.

Is Hilde Osland in a relationship?

Yes, Hilde Osland is currently in a relationship with James Lewis Foster, a photographer. They are engaged and have a son named Ragnar who was born on April 16, 2021.

Has Hilde Osland revealed information about her family?

Hilde Osland has not disclosed much about her family background. Her mother’s name is not mentioned, and her father’s name is undisclosed. She has not revealed any information about her siblings.

What are Hilde Osland’s physical measurements?

Hilde Osland has a height of approximately 5’4″ (163 cm) and weighs around 121 lbs (55 kg). She has a body measurement of 35-23-36 inches.

Has Hilde Osland undergone plastic surgery?

There have been rumors circulating about Hilde Osland undergoing plastic surgery, but there is no confirmation or evidence to support these claims.

What are Hilde Osland’s social media accounts?

Hilde Osland is highly active on social media platforms. She has a large following on Instagram, with over 3.9 million followers. She also has a YouTube channel with 1.5k followers and a Twitter account with 17.6k followers.

What is Hilde Osland’s estimated net worth?

While the exact net worth of Hilde Osland is undisclosed, it is estimated to be between 0k – 0k USD.

Are there any interesting facts about Hilde Osland?

Some interesting facts about Hilde Osland include her passion for singing, her participation in singing auditions, her love for cats, her fashion sense, and her activity on Twitter.

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