Becoming a skilled public speaker and serving as a business mentor to a lot of people may have been your dream for a long time. However, the art of becoming a powerful motivational speaker is a difficult one to master. Most of us are able to have some amount of confidence when we need to speak with confidence to the people we already know.

However, when you are looking to make it big in the business world, there can be times when you need to muster the courage to give a presentation in a room full of people. You may also find yourself in the position of a business leader where you need to inspire others and serve as a mentor to them. 

The truth is that even if public speaking is a difficult skill to master, you can do it with practice and the right kind of guidance. It is important to note that becoming a greater speaker and a business mentor to others would mean that you need to have more efficiency with your speaking than the confidence you need for a wedding toast.

Entrepreneurs and business professionals go to great lengths to develop the skill and confidence that they need when they are looking to become an excellent speaker. Plenty of people shy away from becoming a public speaker and giving a speech since they are afraid that what they say is going to be scrutinized by investors, analysts and the media. You also cannot afford to speak flatly as that is not going to inspire anyone. 

Hence, it is important that you take the time to cultivate the skills that will help you to become an efficient speaker in the business world. It is important that you are patient and be forgiving with yourself when you make a mistake as chances are that you will be making many.

Here is a look at some of the things you must do when you want to become a great speaker and business mentor to others. 

Get some professional training 

The most basic and obvious approach to learning the skills of public speaking is of course getting some professional help to achieve such skills. You can consult a public speaking coach or get a mentor to help you cultivate the speaking skills you need. There are also online courses these days that can help you to develop the speaking skills that you must have.

Public speaking coaches and mentors can evaluate the natural speaking style you have and then give you pointers on how you can improve. They can also note the areas where you typically fall short and provide you with tips to enhance your confidence. It is important to note that speaking coaches normally charge a lot, so you should be able to afford that. 

Choose an area that you are passionate about 

It always helps to speak with a lot of passion when you are giving a speech to a room filled with people. Your audience expects you to inspire them and get them excited about a subject that you are talking about. By combining passionate body language with words, you can capture the attention of your audience and encourage them to listen to what you have to say.

Experts like Reza Satchu Toronto, suggest that 70% of becoming a successful speaker rests with body language and only 7% is associated with the content. The way you present your speech contributes to about 23% of becoming a powerful and efficient communicator. 

Consider the nature of your audience 

A lot of what you have to say is going to depend on whom you are saying it to. You should have a basic idea about your audience; their mental and educational background; their goals, needs and expectations; and how they can benefit from what you have to say.

In this way, you can tailor your speech to their needs and expectations so that they can resonate strongly with you. Even if it is not possible for you to learn everything about each and every individual member of the audience, having a basic outline of your audience can go a long way in making your speech a success. 

Plan your speech to have the perfect impact        

You should have a clear idea of how you want to start your speech, go into the core concepts of the subject matter and then finally finish with a conclusion. Having a clear cut plan for your speech will help you to make sure that you cover all the points without leaving anything. You can also feel much more confident about your speech when you have a proper speech plan at your side.

While some people believe in having a basic outline of the speech in front of them and then making the whole thing up from there, there are those who are into writing elaborate notes as they think that it can help them.    

Provide a unique input 

It may be so that you are speaking about a subject that many others have already spoken about before in the past. While that is perfectly alright, you should try to present your own input to it so that in a certain sense your speech becomes unique.

By reflecting on the subject matter, you can present a new angle or side to the story that others have not touched before. In this way, you can get the full attention of your audience as they immediately know that they are listening to something that they have not heard before but it can be useful to them.   

Make sure that you practice as much as possible

In order to develop the confidence you need when you are looking to speak in public, you must get as much practice as possible. Create situations imitating real-world conditions wherein you can give your speech to your friends and family members so that you can improve from that. Multiple rounds of mock speeches and practices will get you ready when you are looking to speak with confidence. 

Quick Tips to Become a Great Motivational Speaker

At the end of the day, if you want to become a great speaker, you need to continually practice. It’s really all about self confidence and knowing what you are speaking about before getting out there and giving your speech.

Think about what you are already passionate about, and how you could talk about it all day. This is the same type of confidence you want to have about anything else you might need to be speaking about.