Check Your Walmart Points: How-To Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to check your attendance at Walmart. Whether you’re a new employee or a seasoned associate, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with your attendance records to ensure compliance with Walmart’s attendance policy and make the most of your work experience.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of checking your Walmart points, using the Walmart attendance system, and accessing your attendance records online. We’ll also provide helpful tips on resetting your OneWalmart password, enhancing security with 2-Step Verification, and utilizing the OneWalmart mobile app for convenient attendance management.

how to check my attendance at walmart

Key Takeaways:

  • Use your Walmart username and password to log in to OneWalmart.
  • Contact Field Support at 479-273-4357 for assistance with login credentials.
  • Walmart’s attendance system allows employees to track their attendance points.
  • Reset your OneWalmart password by contacting Field Support.
  • Enroll in 2-Step Verification for enhanced security.

Logging into OneWalmart

To check your attendance at Walmart, you need to log in to OneWalmart. You can use your Walmart username and password to log in. If you are unable to remember your username and password, you can contact Field Support at 479-273-4357 for assistance.

Once logged in, you can access the Walmart attendance portal and check your attendance records online. The attendance portal provides detailed information about your attendance, including your attendance points, hours worked, and any absences or tardiness. This allows you to keep track of your attendance and ensure that you are meeting the requirements of Walmart’s attendance policy.

In addition to checking your attendance, OneWalmart offers various other features and tools to help you manage your work-related tasks. This includes accessing your schedule, submitting time-off requests, and viewing company announcements and updates. The platform is designed to streamline communication and make it easier for employees to stay connected and informed.

Walmart Attendance System

Walmart has implemented an efficient attendance system that allows employees to easily track and manage their attendance records. The attendance policy at Walmart sets out the guidelines and rules for attendance tracking, ensuring compliance with the company’s standards. This system plays a crucial role in maintaining accurate records of employee attendance and ensuring that the attendance policy is upheld.

The Walmart attendance system provides employees with access to their attendance records and allows them to track their attendance points. This transparency enables employees to stay informed about their attendance status and take necessary steps to meet the attendance requirements. By utilizing the attendance system, employees can proactively manage their attendance and stay on track with their work commitments.

The Walmart attendance system offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for employees to navigate and view their attendance records. This system not only helps employees monitor their attendance but also allows managers and supervisors to effectively track their team’s attendance. By having access to real-time attendance data, managers can address attendance issues promptly and take appropriate action.

Overall, Walmart’s attendance system plays a vital role in promoting accountability and maintaining accurate attendance records. It provides employees with the necessary tools to track their attendance, ensuring compliance with the attendance policy. With its user-friendly interface and real-time data, the attendance system enhances transparency and helps employees and managers stay on top of attendance management.

Resetting Your OneWalmart Password

Forgetting your OneWalmart password can happen to anyone. Don’t worry, though, because recovering it is a simple process. If you find yourself locked out of your account, the first step is to contact Field Support at 479-273-4357. They are available to assist you with password recovery and help you regain access to your Walmart account.

To ensure the security of your account, it’s important to regularly update your password. By doing so, you can minimize the risk of unauthorized access and keep your personal information safe. Remember to choose a strong password that includes a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Keeping your password confidential is equally crucial. Avoid sharing it with anyone and never store it in an insecure location. By following these best practices, you can protect your OneWalmart account and maintain the privacy of your personal information.

Using 2-Step Verification for OneWalmart

Ensuring the security of your OneWalmart account is of utmost importance. To add an extra layer of protection, Walmart has implemented 2-Step Verification for logging into OneWalmart from personal devices. This security feature enhances the login process by requiring a one-time verification code in addition to your username and password.

Enrolling in 2-Step Verification is a simple process. Just visit the 2-Step Verification page at wmlink/2step and follow the instructions to set it up. Once activated, you will receive a verification code on your registered mobile device or email address each time you log in to OneWalmart from a personal device.

Please note that 2-Step Verification is not mandatory when accessing OneWalmart from a company computer or device. This is to ensure a seamless and efficient workflow for employees within the Walmart network. However, we highly recommend enabling 2-Step Verification for personal devices to safeguard your account against unauthorized access.

The Benefits of 2-Step Verification

Utilizing 2-Step Verification for OneWalmart offers several key benefits. By implementing this security measure, you can have peace of mind knowing that your account is well-protected. The additional verification step reduces the risk of unauthorized access, protecting sensitive data and ensuring the confidentiality of your personal information.

Furthermore, 2-Step Verification adds an extra layer of security to prevent fraudulent activity, such as identity theft or unauthorized use of your account. With this feature enabled, even if someone manages to obtain your username and password, they would still need the verification code generated on your personal device to successfully log in.

Overall, using 2-Step Verification for OneWalmart is a proactive step towards maintaining the security of your account and safeguarding your personal information. We encourage all Walmart employees to take advantage of this valuable security feature for added peace of mind.

OneWalmart Mobile App

As part of their commitment to providing convenience and accessibility to their employees, Walmart offers the OneWalmart mobile app. This app allows Walmart associates to easily track their attendance, view their schedules, and access other work-related information, all from the convenience of their mobile devices. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the OneWalmart mobile app ensures that employees can stay connected and manage their attendance on the go.

The OneWalmart mobile app provides a user-friendly interface that allows employees to quickly and efficiently check their attendance records. With just a few taps on their mobile devices, employees can view their attendance history, track their attendance points, and stay updated on their attendance status. This empowers employees to take ownership of their attendance and ensure compliance with Walmart’s attendance policy.

In addition to attendance tracking, the OneWalmart mobile app offers other features that enhance employee productivity and communication. Employees can access their work schedules, receive important notifications and alerts, and communicate with their colleagues through the app. This streamlines communication and collaboration, enabling faster problem-solving and knowledge-sharing.

With the OneWalmart mobile app, Walmart employees have all the tools they need to effectively manage their attendance and stay connected with their work responsibilities. Whether it’s checking attendance records, viewing schedules, or communicating with colleagues, the OneWalmart mobile app provides a convenient and efficient solution.

Getting Support with OneWalmart

As a Walmart employee, you have access to various sources of support when it comes to using OneWalmart. Whether you have questions or encounter any issues, there are resources available to help you navigate through the system.

Field Support

If you need on or off-the-clock assistance, you can reach out to Field Support at 479-273-4357. They are available to provide guidance and support for any concerns related to OneWalmart. So, if you are facing difficulties with logging in, checking your attendance, or any other aspect of the system, don’t hesitate to contact them for help.

Support Chat

In addition to Field Support, Walmart provides Support Chat, a chatbot that can assist you with common questions and provide guidance on using OneWalmart effectively. Support Chat is an automated system that can help you find answers and solutions quickly. So, if you prefer a self-service option or need assistance outside of regular business hours, Support Chat can be a valuable resource.

In-Country Help Desk

If you are an international-based associate, you may have access to an in-country help desk. This provides a more personalized level of support, tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your country. The in-country help desk can provide further assistance and guidance in using OneWalmart, ensuring that you have the support you need in your region.

Support OptionsContact Information
Field Support479-273-4357
Support ChatAccessible through OneWalmart
In-Country Help DeskContact your local HR representative

walmart employee support

By utilizing these support options, you can resolve any issues or concerns you may have with OneWalmart. Whether it’s troubleshooting technical problems, understanding specific features, or seeking guidance on how to make the most of the system, these resources are here to assist you. Remember, support is just a call or chat away!

Benefits of Using OneWalmart

OneWalmart offers numerous benefits for Walmart employees, making it a valuable tool for managing attendance and enhancing employee communication. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Centralized platform: OneWalmart provides a centralized platform where employees can access their attendance records, schedules, and other work-related information. This eliminates the need to navigate multiple systems or rely on manual record-keeping.
  2. Efficient communication: With OneWalmart, employees can communicate and collaborate more effectively. The platform enables faster problem-solving and knowledge-sharing, leading to increased productivity and improved teamwork.
  3. Mobile accessibility: The OneWalmart mobile app allows employees to conveniently access their attendance records on the go. This means that employees can stay connected and manage their attendance even when they are not at their workstation.
  4. Language translation: OneWalmart offers language translation features, ensuring that all employees can access and understand important information. This promotes inclusivity and ensures that language barriers do not hinder effective communication.

“OneWalmart provides a centralized platform for accessing attendance records, schedules, and other work-related information.”

Overall, OneWalmart streamlines attendance management and facilitates better employee communication. Its features and benefits contribute to a more efficient and connected work environment for Walmart employees.

Other Tools Available on OneWalmart

Aside from attendance tracking, OneWalmart offers a range of additional tools and features that enhance work-related tasks and streamline processes. These tools aim to improve communication, collaboration, and productivity within the organization. Here are some of the key tools available on OneWalmart:

Communication Tools

OneWalmart provides various communication tools to facilitate effective collaboration and information sharing among employees. These tools include chat functionalities, discussion boards, and email features. Through these communication tools, employees can easily connect with colleagues from different areas of the company, exchange ideas, and seek assistance, which helps in promoting a cohesive and efficient work environment.

Event Streaming

OneWalmart also offers event streaming capabilities, enabling the live broadcasting of meetings, training sessions, and other important events. This feature allows employees to participate remotely and access valuable content in real-time. Event streaming eliminates the need for physical attendance, making it convenient for employees who are located in different regions or unable to attend in person. By utilizing event streaming, Walmart ensures that all employees have equal access to important information and can stay up-to-date with company events.

Productivity Tools

In addition to communication tools, OneWalmart provides a range of productivity-enhancing tools. These include features such as document storage, goal tracking, and task management. Employees can store meeting notes, track team goals, and collaborate on projects in a centralized and organized manner. These productivity tools help streamline work processes and ensure that tasks are completed efficiently, contributing to overall productivity and success.

walmart attendance tools

Training and Development

OneWalmart also offers training and development tools to support employee growth and skill enhancement. Through the platform, employees can access training modules, participate in online courses, and expand their knowledge in various areas. These tools contribute to employee development, ensuring that individuals have the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles and contribute effectively to the organization.

Walmart Leave of Absence Policy

Walmart understands that there are times when employees may need to take a leave of absence for various reasons. To ensure that employees are supported during these times, Walmart has a comprehensive leave of absence policy in place.

The policy includes provisions for both Planned Time Off (PTO) and Protected PTO for unplanned absences. Planned Time Off allows employees to request time off in advance, ensuring proper scheduling and coverage. Protected PTO provides support for unexpected situations that may arise, giving employees the flexibility they need.

For employees with chronic or long-term medical conditions, Walmart offers the option of an Intermittent Leave of Absence (ILOA). This allows employees to take leave as needed for medical treatments or appointments. The ILOA can be requested through mySedgwick or by calling Sedgwick at 1-800-492-5678.

Walmart’s leave of absence policy demonstrates the company’s commitment to supporting its employees during times when they are unable to work due to illness or personal circumstances. By providing flexible leave options and resources for employees, Walmart aims to create a supportive and inclusive work environment.


How can I check my attendance at Walmart?

You can check your attendance at Walmart by logging into OneWalmart using your Walmart username and password.

What do I use to log in to OneWalmart?

You can use your Walmart username and password to log in to OneWalmart.

What should I do if I can’t remember my username and password for OneWalmart?

If you cannot remember your username and password, contact Field Support at 479-273-4357 for assistance.

How can I register an account on OneWalmart?

You cannot register an account until your information has been entered into all HR systems.

How can I reset my OneWalmart password?

To reset your OneWalmart password, contact Field Support at 479-273-4357 for assistance with the password recovery process.

Is there an extra layer of security for logging into OneWalmart?

Yes, Walmart uses 2-Step Verification for logging into OneWalmart from personal devices.

How can I enroll in 2-Step Verification for OneWalmart?

You can enroll in 2-Step Verification by visiting wmlink/2step.

Can I access OneWalmart and check my attendance using a mobile app?

Yes, Walmart employees can access OneWalmart and check their attendance using the OneWalmart mobile app.

What should I do if I need support with OneWalmart?

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding OneWalmart, you can reach out to Field Support at 479-273-4357. Support Chat, a chatbot, is also available to help you find answers to common questions.

What are the benefits of using OneWalmart?

OneWalmart provides a centralized platform for accessing attendance records, schedules, and other work-related information. It also allows for efficient communication and collaboration between employees.

What other tools are available on OneWalmart?

In addition to attendance tracking, OneWalmart offers tools for storing meeting notes, tracking team goals, running training sessions and live events, and decreasing email overload with polls and comments.

What is Walmart’s leave of absence policy?

Walmart has a leave of absence policy that covers various circumstances, including regular PTO for planned time off and protected PTO for unplanned absences.

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