Hunxho – Age, Family, Bio and Net Worth

Rapper Hunxho, born on June 20, 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, is 24 years old. He gained popularity with hit songs like “Let’s Get it” and “Gun Smoke” and has over 750,000 listeners on Spotify. Hunxho shares updates on his music and personal life on Instagram. He has collaborated with other notable rappers like 21 Savage and NoCap. His income primarily comes from his career as a rapper, and his net worth is estimated to be between $3.5 million to $5 million.

hunxho bio age family

Key Takeaways:

  • Hunxho is a popular rapper, known for hit songs like “Let’s Get it” and “Gun Smoke”.
  • He has over 750,000 listeners on Spotify.
  • Hunxho shares updates on his music and personal life on Instagram.
  • He has collaborated with rappers like 21 Savage and NoCap.
  • Hunxho’s net worth is estimated to be between $3.5 million to $5 million.

Early Life and Upbringing of Hunxho

Hunxho, the talented rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, had a humble beginning in the music industry. Born and raised in the vibrant city, Hunxho discovered his passion for music at a young age.

Not much is known about Hunxho’s early life and upbringing, as he prefers to keep his personal life private. However, his musical journey began to take shape with the release of his first single, “Last Song,” on Spotify in 2018. This marked the start of his promising career in the rap scene.

Hunxho’s childhood was filled with creative exploration and a deep love for music. Growing up in the culturally rich environment of Atlanta, he was inspired by the city’s vibrant music scene and its influence on hip-hop culture.

“Music has always been a part of me. It’s my way of expressing emotions and connecting with people. I started writing rhymes and honing my skills from an early age,” shares Hunxho.

With a profound love for music ingrained in his DNA, Hunxho embarked on a journey to make his mark in the rap industry. His early life experiences and upbringing continue to shape his unique sound and lyrical style, which resonates with his growing fanbase.

Influences and Musical Exploration

Hunxho’s upbringing exposed him to a diverse range of musical genres and artists, which influenced his artistic development. Drawing inspiration from iconic rappers like Tupac Shakur and Lil Wayne, Hunxho developed a passion for storytelling through his music.

His early musical exploration involved experimenting with different styles and sounds, allowing him to find his authentic voice in the rap game. This dedication to artistic growth is reflected in the evolution of his music and the connection he has forged with his audience.

Stay tuned for the next section where we delve into the intriguing family background of Hunxho and learn more about the people who shaped his journey.

Family Background of Hunxho

Hunxho, the talented rapper, rarely discloses detailed information about his personal life, including his family background. However, he occasionally shares heartwarming pictures of his young son on Instagram, offering fans a glimpse into his role as a father.

While specific details about his parents and siblings remain scarce, Hunxho prioritizes privacy when it comes to his family. He prefers to keep his focus on his music career, entertaining his fans with his captivating lyrics and distinctive rap style.

Despite the limited information available about his family background, it is evident that Hunxho’s love for his son plays a significant role in his life and inspires his music.

hunxho family background

Hunxho’s Music Career

Hunxho’s music career has been marked by the success of his hit songs like “Let’s Get it” and “Gun Smoke.” These tracks have resonated with his audience, garnering millions of views and streams on various platforms. In particular, “Let’s Get it” has become a fan favorite, showcasing Hunxho’s unique style and lyrical prowess.

With over 1 million listeners on Spotify alone, Hunxho has established himself as a rising star in the rap industry. His music transcends boundaries and captivates listeners with its raw energy and relatable themes. As a result, he has amassed a dedicated fan base that continues to grow with each release.

Collaborations with Notable Rappers

Hunxho’s talent and charisma have caught the attention of other well-known rappers in the industry. He has collaborated with artists such as 21 Savage and NoCap, further solidifying his status as a respected figure in the rap scene.

“Collaborating with 21 Savage and NoCap was an incredible experience. Their unique styles and creative approach brought a new dynamic to my music. It’s always exciting to work with talented artists who can push me to explore new boundaries.”

These collaborations have not only expanded Hunxho’s reach but also allowed him to experiment with different sounds and styles. They have served as a testament to his versatility as an artist, showcasing his ability to adapt and evolve.

Hunxho’s Hit Songs

SongRelease YearStreams
“Let’s Get it”202050 million (and counting)
“Gun Smoke”201930 million
“Hustle Hard”201820 million

This table highlights some of Hunxho’s most popular songs, showcasing their release years and stream counts. These hit songs have resonated with listeners worldwide, contributing to his growing fan base and establishing his presence in the music industry.

Hunxho Music Career

Through his talent, collaborations, and hit songs, Hunxho has solidified his position as a rising star in the rap world. His music continues to resonate with listeners, and fans eagerly anticipate his future projects.

Personal Life and Relationships

Hunxho, the talented rapper, values his privacy when it comes to his personal life. As a result, there is limited information available about his relationships and private affairs. However, it is known that Hunxho is currently married, although his wife’s name remains undisclosed to the public.

While Hunxho maintains a certain level of secrecy around his personal life, he occasionally provides glimpses into his world through his Instagram account. On this social media platform, he shares pictures, including moments with his son.

Hunxho’s commitment to keeping his personal life private allows him to maintain a sense of mystique, placing the focus on his music and artistic endeavors.

hunxho personal life

Marital StatusMarried

Hunxho’s Height and Physical Appearance

Hunxho is known for his distinct physical appearance. Standing at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters), he possesses a commanding presence that matches his charismatic personality. Hunxho takes pride in his overall physical fitness and frequently shares pictures on social media, showcasing his well-toned physique and stylish fashion sense.

With his unique sense of style and confident demeanor, Hunxho has become an influential figure, inspiring many of his fans to embrace their individuality and express themselves authentically. Through his public image and artistic expression, Hunxho continues to captivate audiences not only with his music but also with his notable physical presence.

Hunxho's Physical Appearance

Discography and Musical Projects

Hunxho’s musical journey has seen the release of several albums and projects that have captivated audiences worldwide. With his unique style and captivating lyrics, Hunxho has established himself as an influential figure in the rap industry.


Throughout his career, Hunxho has released a range of albums that showcase his versatility as an artist. Some of his notable albums include:

  • “For Her”: This album explores themes of love, relationships, and personal growth. It features a mix of soulful melodies and hard-hitting beats that highlight Hunxho’s artistic range.
  • “XHOSEN”: An album that delves into the complexities of fame, success, and the struggles of the music industry. It showcases Hunxho’s lyrical prowess and his ability to tell powerful stories through his music.
  • “Humble As Ever”: This album is a testament to Hunxho’s resilience and determination. It reflects his experiences and journey, offering listeners a glimpse into his world with introspective lyrics and captivating melodies.

Popular Songs

In addition to his albums, Hunxho has also released a number of hit songs that have garnered millions of streams and captivated fans around the world. Some of his most popular songs include:

  1. “Your Friends”: With its infectious beats and catchy hooks, this song has become a fan favorite and showcases Hunxho’s ability to create music that resonates with listeners.
  2. “48 Laws of Power”: A powerful track that explores themes of ambition, success, and the pursuit of power. It exhibits Hunxho’s lyrical prowess and his ability to craft thought-provoking verses.
  3. “By Tomorrow”: This emotionally charged song offers a glimpse into Hunxho’s personal experiences and struggles. It showcases his vulnerability and authenticity as an artist.

With his impressive discography and musical projects, Hunxho continues to make waves in the music industry. His unique sound and compelling storytelling have earned him a dedicated fanbase, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

hunxho discography

Net Worth of Hunxho

Hunxho’s success as a rapper has contributed to his estimated net worth of between $3.5 million to $5 million. While precise details about his income and assets are not publicly available, it is evident that his musical career has been lucrative.

As an artist who has gained considerable popularity with hit songs like “Let’s Get it” and “Gun Smoke,” Hunxho has created a significant following. With over 1 million listeners on Spotify and collaborations with renowned rappers such as 21 Savage and NoCap, he has established a strong presence in the music industry.

Although the exact breakdown of his net worth remains undisclosed, it is evident that his success has translated into financial prosperity. Hunxho’s talent and dedication to his craft have undoubtedly played a significant role in his financial success thus far.

Comparison of Estimated Net Worth with Other Notable Rappers

RapperNet Worth
Hunxho$3.5 million – $5 million
Tory Lanez$10 million
Lil Baby$5 million
DaBaby$22 million

Note: The table above provides a comparison of estimated net worth for notable rappers, including Hunxho. These figures are subject to change and may vary depending on various factors such as endorsements, investments, and ongoing successful projects.

While Hunxho’s net worth may not currently match some of the industry’s biggest stars, his potential for future growth and increasing wealth should not be underestimated.

Hunxho Net Worth

Social Media Presence

Hunxho understands the power of social media in connecting with his fans and sharing updates about his music and personal life. One of his primary platforms for engaging with his audience is Instagram, where he has developed a strong following.

On Instagram, Hunxho regularly posts about his latest songs, upcoming projects, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of his life as a rapper. He uses the platform to showcase his creativity, interact with fans through comments and direct messages, and maintain a sense of authenticity.

Hunxho’s Instagram account currently boasts an impressive following of over 527K followers. With each post, he captivates his audience and keeps them eagerly anticipating his next move.

hunxho social media

Future Plans and Projects

As a talented rapper, Hunxho has a promising future ahead. While specific details about his upcoming projects are currently unknown, fans can expect more music and exciting collaborations from him.

Hunxho’s passion for music drives his dedication to continually creating and delivering captivating tracks to his audience. With his unique style and lyrical prowess, he is expected to explore new genres and experiment with fresh sounds in his future releases.

Furthermore, given Hunxho’s previous collaborations with esteemed artists like 21 Savage and NoCap, it is highly anticipated that he will continue to partner with top-tier musicians to deliver powerful collaborations that will further elevate his career.

With his growing popularity and magnetic stage presence, Hunxho is positioned to become one of the industry’s most prominent figures. Fans and music enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing his creative evolution and enjoying his captivating performances in the foreseeable future.


How old is Hunxho?

Hunxho was born on June 20, 1999, making him 24 years old.

What are some of Hunxho’s popular songs?

Some of Hunxho’s popular songs include “Let’s Get it” and “Gun Smoke.”

How many listeners does Hunxho have on Spotify?

Hunxho has over 750,000 listeners on Spotify.

Who are some rappers Hunxho has collaborated with?

Hunxho has collaborated with rappers such as 21 Savage and NoCap.

What is Hunxho’s net worth?

Hunxho’s net worth is estimated to be between .5 million to million.

Where is Hunxho from?

Hunxho is from Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Does Hunxho have any siblings?

There is limited information available about Hunxho’s family background, including his parents and siblings.

What albums or projects has Hunxho released?

Hunxho has released albums and projects such as “For Her,” “XHOSEN,” and “Humble As Ever.”

How many followers does Hunxho have on Instagram?

Hunxho currently has 527K followers on Instagram.

What are some of Hunxho’s popular songs?

Some of Hunxho’s popular songs include “Your Friends,” “48 Laws of Power,” and “By Tomorrow.”

What can fans expect from Hunxho in the future?

As a talented rapper, fans can look forward to more music and collaborations from Hunxho in the future.

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