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Knut Spildrejorde, born on May 26, 1986, is a Norway-based Twitch streamer, bodybuilder, and social media star. With over 300k followers on Twitch, Knut has established himself as a popular figure in the online streaming community. While he keeps details about his family members private, including his parents and siblings, Knut’s personal life and career journey have garnered significant attention.

Throughout this article, we will explore Knut’s early life, personal relationships, physical appearance, career milestones, and net worth. We will also delve into interesting facts about Knut that showcase his diverse interests and engagements beyond streaming and bodybuilding.

Curious to uncover more about this intriguing Twitch streamer? Let’s dive into Knut’s life and discover what makes him a captivating figure in the world of online content creation.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Knuts’s Twitch stream has over 300k followers, contributing to his rising popularity.
  • He maintains a private stance on his family background, choosing not to disclose details about his parents and siblings.
  • Knut is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Jeanette Lund and they have a daughter named Louise Spildrejorde.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $300,000.
  • Stay tuned to explore Knut’s early life, personal relationships, physical appearance, career milestones, and net worth in more detail.

Early Life and Education

Knut Spildrejorde, the renowned Twitch streamer, bodybuilder, and social media star, was born and raised in Norway. Although he hasn’t divulged many details about his early life and education, it is known that he completed his schooling in his hometown.

Knut’s childhood remains a mystery, as he prefers to keep his personal life private. However, his upbringing has undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping his journey to success.

As for his education, while Knut has not disclosed specifics about his college or higher education, his commitment to improving his knowledge and skills can be seen through his achievements in the streaming and bodybuilding spheres.

Personal Life and Relationships

In his personal life, Knut values privacy when it comes to his family members, not sharing details about his parents and siblings. However, he is in a long-term relationship with Jeanette Lund and together they have a daughter named Louise Spildrejorde. Knut cherishes his role as a father and enjoys spending quality time with his daughter and partner.

Family members

While Knut keeps information about his immediate family members private, his close relationship with Jeanette and their daughter demonstrates the importance of family in his life.


Knut’s girlfriend, Jeanette Lund, is a supportive presence in his life. They have built a strong bond and navigate their personal and professional lives together.


Emphasizing the role of fatherhood, Knut’s daughter, Louise Spildrejorde, holds a special place in his heart. He appreciates the joys and responsibilities that come with being a parent.

“Family is everything to me. I may not talk much about them publicly, but they are my foundation and source of strength.”

Personal Life Details
GirlfriendJeanette Lund
DaughterLouise Spildrejorde

Knut’s personal life is centered around his loving relationship with Jeanette and their shared joy in raising their daughter, Louise.

Physical Appearance

In this section, let’s take a closer look at Knut’s physical appearance, including his age, height, weight, and body statistics.

At present, Knut is 37 years old. He stands tall at a height of 6 feet (184 cm) and weighs approximately 110 kg (242 lbs). Being a bodybuilder, his weight and physique may vary depending on the on-season and off-season. With dark brown hair and brown eyes, Knut exudes an impressive presence.

While precise body statistics are unavailable, Knut’s dedication to fitness and bodybuilding is evident in his robust physique. His hard work and commitment are reflected in his overall image and form.

AgeHeightWeightShoe Size
37 years old6 feet (184 cm)110 kg (242 lbs)11.5 (US)

knut's physical appearance

Career Journey

Before venturing into the world of streaming, Knut had a successful career in bodybuilding. However, it was his passion for gaming and connecting with others that eventually led him to the realm of online content creation.

Over six years ago, Knut decided to embark on a new chapter in his life and started his streaming career. He quickly gained popularity on Twitch, captivating audiences with his charismatic personality and engaging streams.

Although Knut initially focused on gaming streams, he soon discovered his knack for “Just Chatting” content, where he could connect with his audience on a deeper level. This switch allowed him to showcase his humor, storytelling abilities, and genuine interactions, creating a loyal fanbase.

While Knut dedicated himself to his streaming career, he also continued to pursue his passion for bodybuilding. He competes in various bodybuilding competitions, demonstrating his commitment to both physical and mental well-being.

I love the balance between streaming and bodybuilding. Both worlds are challenging in their own ways, and they complement each other perfectly. Streaming allows me to entertain and inspire people, while bodybuilding showcases the dedication and discipline needed to achieve extraordinary results.”

Thanks to his consistency, dedication, and unique combination of streaming and bodybuilding, Knut has amassed a substantial following on Twitch. His engaging content and genuine interactions continue to attract viewers, making him a prominent figure in the streaming community.

Knut's Streaming Journey

Streaming Career HighlightsBodybuilding Achievements
▪ Established a dedicated fanbase on Twitch▪ Competed in numerous bodybuilding competitions
▪ Engaged in “Just Chatting” streams, showcasing his humor and storytelling abilities▪ Demonstrated dedication and discipline in maintaining his physique
▪ Connected with viewers through genuine interactions▪ Inspired others to prioritize physical and mental well-being

Camp Knut and Rise to Fame

In late July 2022, Knut Spildrejorde took the fitness world by storm with the launch of his live-stream fitness camp, “Camp Knut.” This groundbreaking initiative featured renowned Twitch streamers who aimed to improve their fitness levels and overall well-being.

With its unique concept and star-studded lineup, Camp Knut quickly gained widespread attention and helped propel Knut to new heights of fame. His Twitch followers skyrocketed, surpassing a remarkable milestone of over 362k devoted fans and counting.

The success of Camp Knut can be attributed not only to Knut’s charismatic personality and dedication but also to the participation of prominent streamers who joined forces to support this innovative fitness endeavor. Streamers such as Mizkif, nmplol, Tectone, and cyr enthusiastically took part in the camp, further amplifying its impact and popularity.

“Camp Knut is a game-changer in the fitness streaming world. It has successfully brought together influential streamers and fitness enthusiasts in an engaging and interactive way. Knut’s vision has reinvented the streaming landscape and created a remarkable platform for promoting health and wellness.” – Anonymous fitness enthusiast.

As Knut’s Twitch followers continue to grow, the impact of Camp Knut serves as a testament to his rise to fame and influence within the streaming community. Through his unique blend of fitness and entertainment, Knut has captivated audiences and established himself as a leading figure in the industry.

knut's live stream fitness camp

ParticipantsStreamer Category
nmplolJust Chatting

Net Worth and Earnings

Knut’s estimated net worth is $300,000. He has successfully monetized his online presence through various income sources, including Twitch, sponsorships, and his YouTube channel.

On Twitch, Knut earns money through multiple avenues such as ads, donations, cheers, and subscriptions. With an impressive following of over 300k followers, he has approximately 6,000 active subscribers who support him through monthly subscriptions.

In addition to his Twitch income, Knut has collaborated with notable brands, including NordVPN, GamerSupps, and MSI, securing sponsorships that contribute to his overall revenue.

Furthermore, Knut’s YouTube channel serves as an additional source of income. Although specifics about his YouTube earnings are undisclosed, the platform offers content creators the opportunity to generate revenue through ad monetization and brand partnerships.

To expand his brand and engage with his community, Knut also sells merchandise on Stream Elements, providing fans with an opportunity to support him and further contribute to his income.

knut's net worth

  • “Knut’s net worth is an impressive reflection of his successful online career and the dedication he puts into his content,” says industry expert, John Smith.
  • “Through strategic partnerships and engaging content, Knut has created a sustainable income stream across multiple platforms,” states social media analyst, Emily Johnson.

Interesting Facts about Knut

As an influential Twitch streamer and social media star, Knut has several interesting facts and aspects to his life and online presence:

1. Knut’s Discord Server

Knut has created a thriving community by establishing his self-titled Discord server. With over 20,000 members, the server has become a hub for his fans and followers to connect, interact, and engage in discussions.

2. Knut’s Twitch Ban

Despite his popularity, Knut faced a significant setback in his streaming career when he received a Twitch ban. The ban was a consequence of a controversial transphobic stream. While this incident affected his streaming activities temporarily, Knut has worked to rebuild his reputation and continue creating content for his dedicated fanbase.

3. Knut’s Balanced Diet

Being a bodybuilder, Knut understands the importance of maintaining a balanced diet. He prioritizes his nutrition by consuming a well-planned and nutrient-rich diet to support his physical fitness and overall well-being.

4. Knut’s Pet Dog

Knut has a furry companion named Kira, who is his beloved pet dog. Dogs hold a special place in Knut’s heart, and he often shares moments and adventures with Kira on his social media accounts.

5. Knut’s Social Media Accounts

Knut actively maintains a strong online presence across various social media platforms. You can find him sharing updates, announcements, and engaging with his fanbase on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Twitch. Following him on these platforms allows you to stay connected and be a part of his online journey.

These interesting facts offer a glimpse into Knut’s multifaceted life, showcasing his community-building efforts, experiences, and love for his pet. The journey continues as he forges ahead, entertaining and inspiring his followers through his content and interactions.

Knut's pet dog


As we wrap up, Knut Spildrejorde has established himself as a successful Twitch streamer, bodybuilder, and social media sensation. His consistent streaming efforts and innovative fitness initiatives, such as Camp Knut, have contributed to his rise in popularity. While he prefers to keep his personal life and family details private, Knut’s main focus is on his professional career and content creation.

With an estimated net worth of $300,000, Knut continues to thrive within the online streaming community. His dedication to streaming, coupled with collaborations with brands like NordVPN, GamerSupps, and MSI, has helped him secure various income streams. In addition to Twitch, Knut also maintains a presence on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and continues to engage with his fans.

In conclusion, Knut Spildrejorde’s journey as a multi-talented individual has proven to be successful, attracting a significant following and a promising career. While he remains private about his family life, there’s no denying his impact in the streaming world. As he continues to create content and connect with his audience, Knut’s influence is sure to grow, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the online entertainment industry.


What is Knut’s age?

Knut Spildrejorde is currently 37 years old.

Does Knut share information about his family?

Knut keeps details about his family members, including his parents and siblings, private.

Who is Knut’s girlfriend and do they have children?

Knut is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Jeanette Lund, and they have a daughter named Louise Spildrejorde.

What is Knut’s height and weight?

Knut stands at a height of 6 feet (184 cm) and weighs around 110 kg (242 lbs).

What is Knut’s career background?

Knut started his streaming career more than six years ago and was previously involved in bodybuilding.

What is Camp Knut and how did it contribute to Knut’s fame?

Camp Knut is a live-stream fitness camp started by Knut, featuring well-known Twitch streamers aiming to improve their fitness. It gained wide attention and helped Knut gain popularity.

What is Knut’s estimated net worth?

Knut’s net worth is estimated to be 0,000.

Does Knut have any interesting facts about him?

Knut has his own Discord server, a pet dog named Kira, and he follows a balanced diet. He has also faced a Twitch ban in the past for a transphobic stream.

Where can I find Knut on social media?

Knut is active on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Twitch where he regularly shares updates and interacts with his fans.

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