Kreatures of Habit: Tech and Building Healthy Habits

kreatures of habit

Kreatures of Habit is a lifestyle and wellness brand that leverages technology to empower individuals in forming and sustaining healthy habits. Founded by Michael Chernow, known for his culinary ventures, this brand is on a mission to help people transform their lives through fitness and healthy habits.

Chernow’s personal journey serves as an inspiration for Kreatures of Habit. He has experienced firsthand the power of fitness and healthy habits in improving overall well-being. In order to support the launch of the brand, Chernow raised $2.2 million in funding, led by investor Gary Vaynerchuk.

The first product offered by Kreatures of Habit is The PrOATagonist, a plant-based and gluten-free instant oatmeal. This nutritious option provides individuals with a convenient and healthy meal choice. As the brand continues to grow, Chernow plans to expand the product line to offer even more options for individuals looking to incorporate healthy habits into their daily routine.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kreatures of Habit uses technology to help individuals build and maintain healthy habits.
  • Michael Chernow’s personal journey inspired the creation of the brand.
  • The brand’s first product is The PrOATagonist, a plant-based and gluten-free instant oatmeal.
  • Kreatures of Habit aims to expand its product offerings in the future.
  • The brand is committed to empowering individuals in their journey towards healthy habits.

The Journey of Kreatures of Habit

With his culinary ventures serving as a foundation, Michael Chernow embarked on a personal journey of fitness and healthy habits, leading to the inception of Kreatures of Habit. Inspired by his own transformation through fitness, Chernow envisioned a brand that would empower others to build and maintain healthy habits. This vision became a reality with the launch of Kreatures of Habit, a lifestyle and wellness brand focused on providing fitness, nutrition, and wellness resources.

Chernow’s passion for health and wellness led him to raise $2.2 million in funding, with investor Gary Vaynerchuk leading the way. This investment allowed Kreatures of Habit to bring its first product to market – The PrOATagonist. This plant-based, gluten-free instant oatmeal offers individuals a nutritious and convenient option to incorporate into their daily routines.

Looking ahead, Michael Chernow plans to expand the Kreatures of Habit brand, offering more products and resources to support individuals on their journey towards healthier habits. With his culinary expertise and commitment to wellness, Chernow aims to create a comprehensive platform that guides and inspires others to prioritize their well-being.

The PrOATagonist

“The PrOATagonist” is the flagship product of Kreatures of Habit, a plant-based, gluten-free instant oatmeal designed to make healthy eating easy and delicious. Made with carefully selected ingredients, this nutritious option provides individuals with a convenient and satisfying meal option.

With its emphasis on quality, taste, and health, The PrOATagonist offers a flavorful way to kickstart your day or enjoy a wholesome snack. Packed with essential nutrients, it provides a balanced and energizing start to your morning routine.

Product FeaturesProduct Benefits
Plant-based and gluten-freeAccommodates dietary restrictions and preferences
Instant preparationConvenient and time-saving
Delicious flavorsMakes healthy eating enjoyable
Nutrient-richProvides essential vitamins and minerals

With The PrOATagonist, Kreatures of Habit aims to make healthy eating more accessible and enjoyable, inspiring individuals to adopt and maintain healthy habits for long-term well-being.

Introducing The PrOATagonist

Kreatures of Habit’s debut product, The PrOATagonist, is an instant oatmeal that caters to health-conscious individuals by being both plant-based and gluten-free. With a commitment to providing nutritious options for a well-rounded lifestyle, Kreatures of Habit has crafted a delicious and convenient solution that aligns with the needs of those seeking wholesome choices. The PrOATagonist offers a flavorful and satisfying breakfast option that supports individuals in their journey towards healthier habits.

This plant-based instant oatmeal is carefully crafted with natural ingredients, ensuring that every spoonful is a nourishing experience. The PrOATagonist’s gluten-free recipe caters to those with dietary restrictions, allowing them to enjoy a tasty and satisfying meal without compromising their health goals. Whether you’re following a plant-based diet or simply looking for a wholesome breakfast option, The PrOATagonist offers a convenient and nutritious solution.

Designed to be quick and easy, The PrOATagonist can be prepared in just minutes. Its instant nature means that you can enjoy a wholesome meal even on the busiest of mornings. With a perfect blend of flavors, textures, and natural ingredients, this plant-based, gluten-free instant oatmeal is a testament to Kreatures of Habit’s dedication to providing products that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Key Features of The PrOATagonist:
Instant preparation
Natural ingredients

Building Healthy Habits with Tech

Technology has become an integral tool in fostering healthy habits, offering individuals innovative ways to track progress, stay motivated, and connect with like-minded individuals. In today’s fast-paced world, where time is often a constraint, leveraging tech solutions can make a significant difference in establishing and maintaining healthy habits.

“Technology, when used wisely, can be a powerful ally in our journey towards better health,” says Michael Chernow, founder of Kreatures of Habit. Chernow, known for his culinary ventures, has recently launched a lifestyle and wellness brand that aims to empower individuals through fitness, nutrition, and wellness resources. With a personal journey of transforming his own life through healthy habits, Chernow understands the importance of incorporating technology to support habit change.

“By utilizing smart devices, habit tracking apps, and online communities, individuals can easily monitor their progress, gain insights, and stay motivated,” explains Chernow. “We believe that technology should be an enabler, helping people overcome challenges and build sustainable habits.”

From wearable devices that track physical activity and sleep patterns to mobile apps that offer guided meditation and nutrition tips, the options are vast. These tech tools provide real-time data and analytics, allowing users to monitor their performance, set achievable goals, and adapt their routines accordingly. Additionally, online communities and social platforms foster a sense of accountability, enabling individuals to connect with others on similar journeys and share their successes and challenges.

Table: Popular Tech Tools for Building Healthy Habits

Fitness TrackersStep counting, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking
Habit Tracking AppsGoal setting, habit streaks, reminders
Meditation AppsGuided sessions, relaxation techniques, mindfulness exercises
Nutrition AppsMeal planning, calorie tracking, recipe suggestions

With the right mix of technology and commitment, building and maintaining healthy habits becomes more manageable. The integration of tech solutions empowers individuals to take control of their well-being, providing them with the necessary tools and support to achieve their goals. As Michael Chernow’s Kreatures of Habit continues to expand its product offerings beyond The PrOATagonist, it remains committed to utilizing technology as a catalyst for habit change and overall wellness.

Understanding Habit Psychology

Humans are creatures of habit, inherently wired to form routines that impact our daily lives, making it crucial to delve into the psychology behind habit formation. The science of habit psychology reveals that habits are not random or arbitrary; they are deeply rooted in our neural pathways and can be shaped and changed through understanding the habit loop.

The habit loop consists of three key components: cues, routines, and rewards. Cues are triggers that prompt our brains to initiate a particular behavior. Routines are the actions or behaviors that we engage in response to the cues. Rewards are the positive feelings or outcomes we experience as a result of completing the routine.

By identifying and understanding these components, we can begin to unravel the complexities of our habits and make intentional changes. For example, if we want to develop a new, healthy habit, such as exercising regularly, we can start by identifying cues that remind us to exercise, establish a routine of physical activity, and create rewards that reinforce our efforts, such as feelings of accomplishment or improved physical fitness.

Delving into habit psychology allows us to gain insights into our behavior patterns and provides a foundation for effective habit change. By harnessing this knowledge, we can empower ourselves to break free from unhealthy habits and cultivate new, positive ones that contribute to our overall well-being.

Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking bad habits can be a challenging endeavor, but with the right strategies and mindset, individuals can overcome unhealthy patterns and pave the way for positive change. It requires self-awareness, commitment, and a willingness to embrace new behaviors that align with one’s desired lifestyle. Here are some effective strategies to help you on your journey of breaking bad habits:

  1. Identify triggers and replace the routine: Start by identifying the cues or triggers that lead to your bad habits. Whether it’s stress, boredom, or certain environments, recognizing these triggers can help you interrupt the habit loop. Instead of giving in to the old routine, replace it with a healthier alternative. For example, if you have a habit of snacking on unhealthy food when stressed, find other stress-relief activities like taking a walk or practicing deep breathing.
  2. Set realistic goals and track progress: Break down your habit-change journey into smaller, achievable goals. This not only makes the process more manageable but also allows you to track your progress and celebrate small victories along the way. Use a habit-tracking app or create a simple journal to monitor your daily efforts. Visualizing your progress can be motivating and reinforce positive behaviors.
  3. Find support and accountability: Surround yourself with a supportive network of friends, family, or even online communities who share similar goals. Sharing your challenges and progress with others can provide valuable insights, encouragement, and accountability. Consider joining a group or finding a mentor who can guide you through the habit-change process.
  4. Practice self-compassion: Breaking bad habits takes time and effort, and it’s important to be kind to yourself along the way. Acknowledge that setbacks may happen, but they don’t define your progress. Treat yourself with compassion and remember that each day is an opportunity to start anew. Positive reinforcement and self-care are essential elements of lasting habit change.

Quote from Michael Chernow:

“Breaking bad habits is not about erasing who you were, but rather creating who you want to be. It’s a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Embrace the process, learn from your mistakes, and celebrate the small wins. You have the power to rewrite your narrative and build a healthier, happier future.”

By implementing these strategies and maintaining a positive mindset, you can successfully break bad habits and make room for healthier, more fulfilling behaviors. Remember, change takes time, so be patient with yourself and stay committed to your goals. With each conscious decision and effort, you’re one step closer to a life of positive change and well-being.

Forming New Habits

Forming new habits requires a systematic approach that involves goal-setting, starting small, and establishing consistent routines to build and reinforce positive behaviors. By implementing these strategies, individuals can increase their chances of successfully incorporating healthy habits into their daily lives.

Setting Clear Goals

The first step in forming new habits is setting clear and specific goals. It’s important to define what you want to achieve and be realistic about your expectations. Whether it’s exercising more, eating healthier, or practicing mindfulness, having a clear goal in mind will provide direction and motivation.

Starting Small

Starting small is key to habit formation. Breaking down your goals into manageable tasks makes them less overwhelming and more achievable. For example, if your goal is to exercise regularly, start by committing to just 10 minutes of physical activity each day. As you become comfortable with this routine, gradually increase the duration or intensity of your workouts.

Establishing Consistent Routines

Consistency is the foundation of habit formation. By establishing consistent routines, you create a structured environment that supports your new habits. Whether it’s waking up at the same time each day, meal prepping on Sundays, or setting a specific time for daily meditation, having a routine helps cement the habit and make it a natural part of your daily life.

“The secret to forming new and lasting habits lies in the power of consistency and repetition.” – Michael Chernow, founder of Kreatures of Habit

As Michael Chernow, founder of Kreatures of Habit, says, “The secret to forming new and lasting habits lies in the power of consistency and repetition.” By following a systematic approach and staying committed to your goals, you can successfully develop new habits that support your overall well-being.

Steps for Forming New Habits
Set clear and specific goals
Start small by breaking down goals into manageable tasks
Establish consistent routines to reinforce positive behaviors

The Power of Habit Change

Habit change holds the potential to unlock significant improvements in overall well-being, positively impacting both physical health and mental wellness. By understanding the psychology behind habit formation and employing effective strategies, individuals can break free from unhealthy patterns and build new, positive habits that support their goals for a healthier lifestyle.

When it comes to habit change, consistency is key. Creating a routine and sticking to it helps reinforce new behaviors and make them feel more natural over time. Whether it’s incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine or adopting a healthier eating habit, committing to consistent actions lays the foundation for long-term success.

Strategies for successful habit change:

  • Start small: Focus on making gradual changes rather than overwhelming yourself with big goals. Starting with small, achievable steps allows you to build momentum and increases the likelihood of long-term habit formation.
  • Find support and accountability: Joining an online community or partnering up with a friend who shares your goals can provide valuable support and accountability. Sharing your progress, challenges, and successes with others can help keep you motivated and committed to your habit change journey.
  • Reward yourself: Incorporating positive reinforcement can enhance habit formation. Celebrate milestones, both big and small, and treat yourself to rewards that align with your goals. Whether it’s a relaxing spa day or buying a new fitness gadget, rewarding yourself can help reinforce your new habits.

Remember, habit change is a process that requires time, patience, and self-awareness. It’s normal to encounter setbacks along the way, but with determination and perseverance, you can overcome obstacles and continue progressing towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Benefits of Habit Change
Improved physical health
Increased energy levels
Reduced stress and anxiety
Better sleep quality
Enhanced mental clarity

Expanding Kreatures of Habit

With a strong foundation in place, Kreatures of Habit looks towards the future, with plans to expand its product line and offer further support and resources for individuals seeking to cultivate healthy habits. Michael Chernow, renowned for his culinary ventures, has launched this lifestyle and wellness brand with the aim of helping people establish and maintain healthy habits through fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being.

Kreatures of Habit has already gained significant attention, raising $2.2 million in funding led by investor Gary Vaynerchuk, which will enable the brand to continue its mission of empowering individuals to make positive changes in their lives. The brand’s first product, The PrOATagonist, a plant-based and gluten-free instant oatmeal, has received acclaim for its nutritious and convenient nature.

Looking forward, Chernow envisions Kreatures of Habit expanding its product line to include a wide range of innovative and health-conscious offerings. The brand seeks to provide individuals with the necessary tools, resources, and support to make lasting changes and develop healthy habits that promote physical and mental well-being.

Driven by a passion for transforming lives and backed by the success of their initial product, Kreatures of Habit is committed to helping individuals lead fulfilling and healthy lifestyles. Through its expansion, the brand aims to become a trusted source of inspiration and guidance in the journey toward cultivating positive habits and living a more vibrant life.


What is Kreatures of Habit?

Kreatures of Habit is a lifestyle and wellness brand launched by Michael Chernow. It focuses on helping people establish healthy habits through fitness, nutrition, and wellness resources.

What inspired the creation of Kreatures of Habit?

Michael Chernow’s personal journey of transforming his life through fitness and healthy habits inspired the creation of Kreatures of Habit.

How much funding did Kreatures of Habit raise?

Kreatures of Habit raised $2.2 million in funding, with investor Gary Vaynerchuk leading the investment.

What is the first product offered by Kreatures of Habit?

The first product offered by Kreatures of Habit is a plant-based, gluten-free instant oatmeal called The PrOATagonist.

Are there plans to expand the Kreatures of Habit brand?

Yes, Kreatures of Habit plans to expand its product offerings beyond The PrOATagonist and explore growth opportunities within the lifestyle and wellness space.

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