Latisha Scott – Age, Family, Bio, and Net Worth

Latisha Scott is a prominent figure in the world of real estate and reality television. Known for her successful career and engaging personality, Scott has made a name for herself in multiple industries. In this article, we will delve into Latisha Scott’s biography, including her age, family life, and net worth. Let’s explore the fascinating journey of this accomplished entrepreneur.

latisha scott bio age family

Key Takeaways

  • Latisha Scott is a highly successful businesswoman and reality TV star.
  • She was born on October 1, 1981, and is currently 42 years old.
  • Scott is married to Marsau Scott, and they have three children together.
  • As the CEO of Infinity Properties, she has amassed a net worth of $8 million.
  • Scott’s philanthropic endeavors and active social media presence further contribute to her influence.

Early Life and Education

Not much is known about Latisha Scott’s upbringing, but her early life set the foundation for her success. She recognized the importance of education and pursued her academic goals with determination.

Latisha Scott attended Alabama A&M University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. This provided her with the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in the business world.

Determined to further her education, Scott went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Real Estate Development at Auburn University. This specialized degree equipped her with the expertise needed to excel in the real estate industry.

Scott’s educational background has played a significant role in her career as a real estate developer. Her academic accomplishments, combined with her natural talent and passion for the industry, have propelled her to great success.

“Education is the key to unlocking our full potential,” Scott once said. “I believe in continuously learning and growing, as it opens up doors of opportunity and expands our horizons.”

Scott’s dedication to her education is a testament to her drive and ambition, qualities that have undoubtedly contributed to her achievements in both her professional and personal life.

As a result of her strong educational foundation, Latisha Scott has been able to navigate the complexities of the real estate industry with confidence and expertise.

Bachelor of Science in Business AdministrationAlabama A&M University
Master’s degree in Real Estate DevelopmentAuburn University

Career and Success

After completing her education, Latisha Scott embarked on a successful career in the real estate industry. She utilized her business skills and knowledge to become the CEO of Infinity Properties, a prominent real estate company. Under her leadership, the company thrived and experienced exponential growth.

Latisha Scott’s career took an interesting turn when she ventured into the world of reality TV. She emerged as a star on the popular show “Love & Marriage: Huntsville,” captivating audiences with her authenticity and strong presence. Despite the demands of her career and the spotlight, Scott managed to maintain a healthy work-life balance, successfully navigating both her professional and personal life.

Latisha Scott’s career trajectory exemplifies her determination and drive for success. From her role as a CEO to her reality TV stardom, she has become an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to make their mark in their respective industries.

Through her career accomplishments, Latisha Scott has become a role model for ambitious individuals aiming to excel and achieve their goals. Her dedication, business acumen, and ability to overcome challenges have been crucial to her success.

Latisha Scott career

As Latisha Scott continues to make strides in her career, it is evident that her determination and tenacity have played an integral role in her path to success. Her journey serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and seizing opportunities that come your way.

Personal Life and Family

Latisha Scott is happily married to her husband, Marsau Scott, a successful businessman. They tied the knot in 2006 and have built a strong and enduring relationship ever since. Together, they form a power couple, combining their talents and aspirations to create an impressive presence both personally and professionally.

Their union has been blessed with three beautiful children: Marsau Jr., Maci, and Mila. As parents, Latisha and Marsau prioritize their children’s well-being and strive to create a loving and nurturing environment for them to thrive.

Latisha and Marsau’s dedication to their family extends beyond their role as parents. They have also collaborated on various ventures, demonstrating their shared ambition and passion. One notable endeavor is their joint involvement in a successful cigar lounge, highlighting their ability to work together harmoniously in business as well as in their personal lives.

Latisha Scott and her family

Scott Family Members

Latisha ScottWife and Mother
Marsau ScottHusband and Father
Marsau Jr.Son

Height and Zodiac Sign

Latisha Scott, known for her successful career in real estate and reality TV, stands at a height of 5’5″. This height contributes to her graceful and commanding presence, allowing her to leave a lasting impression wherever she goes.

As for her zodiac sign, Latisha Scott is a Libra. Libras are known for their diplomatic nature, charm, and ability to maintain harmony in their relationships. These characteristics likely play a role in Latisha’s ability to navigate both her personal and professional life with grace and poise.

Latisha Scott's Height and Zodiac Sign - 5'5" Libra

Latisha Scott’s height and zodiac sign are just a glimpse into her unique personality and presence. These qualities, along with her hard work and determination, have contributed to her success in various endeavors.

Reality TV Career

Latisha Scott rose to fame through her captivating presence on the hit reality TV show “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” This popular series follows the lives of three African American couples as they navigate the challenges of love, entrepreneurship, and community involvement in the vibrant city of Huntsville.

As one of the central figures on the show, Latisha, alongside her husband Marsau Scott, opens a window for viewers into their professional accomplishments, personal lives, and the dynamics of their relationship. “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” provides an intimate look into the lives of the couple as they strive to balance their thriving careers and the everyday responsibilities of raising a family.

“Love & Marriage: Huntsville has given us the platform to share our journey, inspire others, and showcase the realities of marriage, business, and community building. We’re grateful for the opportunity and the support from our fans.” – Latisha Scott

Latisha’s involvement in the show has allowed her to connect with a wide audience, gaining recognition for her ambition, determination, and the unique insights she brings as a successful businesswoman. Through her appearances on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville,” Latisha Scott has become a relatable and inspiring figure for viewers seeking guidance and inspiration in their own lives.

While juggling the demands of reality TV, Latisha Scott continues to actively participate in her real estate business and engage in philanthropic efforts. Her commitment to community service shines through both on and off the screen as she strives to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Latisha Scott reality TV

Philanthropy and Giving Back

Latisha Scott is dedicated to making a positive impact in the community through her philanthropic endeavors. She actively runs the Latisha Scott Foundation, which is committed to helping those less fortunate. With a strong belief in giving back to society, Scott has established a foundation that aims to address the pressing needs of individuals and communities in need.

Through the Latisha Scott Foundation, she provides support and resources to various causes, including education, healthcare, and poverty alleviation. Scott’s foundation collaborates with local organizations to implement programs and initiatives that uplift disadvantaged individuals and empower communities.

“I believe that it is our responsibility to use our resources and privileges to help those who are less fortunate. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to thrive, and my foundation strives to create a positive change in the lives of many.”

Scott’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond financial contributions. She actively participates in volunteer work and raises awareness for social issues. Scott’s dedication to giving back serves as an inspiration to others and showcases the importance of supporting those in need.

By leveraging her platform as a successful entrepreneur and reality TV star, Latisha Scott showcases the immense power of using one’s influence to make a meaningful difference in society. Through her philanthropy and commitment to giving back, she continues to create a lasting impact and inspire others to do the same.

Latisha Scott giving back

Notable Initiatives of the Latisha Scott Foundation

Educational ScholarshipsThe Latisha Scott Foundation awards scholarships to deserving students, providing financial assistance for college education.
Community Outreach ProgramsThe foundation organizes various community outreach programs to address the needs of underprivileged individuals and families.
Healthcare SupportThrough partnerships with healthcare organizations, the foundation offers medical resources and supports initiatives focused on improving access to healthcare for underserved communities.
Housing AssistanceThe Latisha Scott Foundation provides support for affordable housing initiatives, aiming to improve living conditions for those in need.
Empowerment WorkshopsThe foundation conducts empowerment workshops and mentorship programs to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge for personal and professional success.

Social Media Presence

In today’s digital age, having a strong social media presence is essential for individuals and businesses alike. Latisha Scott understands the power of social media and actively engages with her fans and followers on platforms like Instagram.

“Interacting with my amazing fans on Instagram is one of the highlights of my day. It allows me to connect directly with them and share more about my life and journey,”

Through her Instagram account, Latisha Scott provides regular updates, offering a glimpse into her personal and professional life. She shares behind-the-scenes moments, inspirational quotes, and details about her various projects and ventures.

With a sizeable following, Latisha Scott’s Instagram account serves as a platform for her to connect with a wider audience and build a community of supporters. It allows her fans to stay up-to-date with her latest endeavors and engage in meaningful conversations.

Whether she’s promoting her real estate business or showcasing her philanthropic efforts, Latisha Scott utilizes social media as a tool for transparency and connection.

Latisha Scott Instagram Highlights

  • Regular updates about her professional and personal life
  • Behind-the-scenes content from her reality TV show appearances
  • Interaction with fans through comments and direct messages
  • Inspirational quotes and messages of empowerment
  • Promotion of her various business ventures and philanthropic work

By leveraging her social media presence, Latisha Scott has cultivated a community of followers who are not only fans but also supporters of her endeavors. Through Instagram, she has built a platform that allows her to share her story, inspire others, and make a difference in the lives of her audience.

Latisha Scott Instagram

PlatformNumber of Followers

Net Worth

Latisha Scott, the successful CEO of Infinity Properties and reality TV star, has accumulated an impressive net worth of $8 million. Her financial success can be attributed to her thriving career in the real estate industry and her appearance on the popular show “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.”

As the CEO of Infinity Properties, Latisha Scott has demonstrated her business acumen and entrepreneurial skills, leading the company to new heights. Her expertise in real estate development has allowed her to make strategic investments and capitalize on lucrative opportunities, ultimately contributing to her impressive net worth.

In addition to her flourishing career, Latisha Scott’s involvement in reality TV has further enhanced her financial success. The exposure and popularity she gained through “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” has opened doors to endorsement deals, brand collaborations, and other lucrative ventures, significantly impacting her net worth.

Latisha Scott’s net worth stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication, hard work, and ability to navigate both the business and entertainment industries successfully. Through her determination and strategic decision-making, Scott has achieved financial prosperity while continuing to inspire others with her entrepreneurial journey.


What is Latisha Scott’s age?

Latisha Scott was born on October 1, 1981, making her 42 years old.

Can you tell me about Latisha Scott’s family?

Latisha Scott is married to Marsau Scott and they have three children together. Their names are Marsau Jr., Maci, and Mila.

What is Latisha Scott’s net worth?

Latisha Scott’s net worth is estimated to be million.

Can you provide some information about Latisha Scott’s early life and education?

Not much is known about Latisha Scott’s childhood. However, she attended Alabama A&M University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. She later pursued a Master’s degree in Real Estate Development at Auburn University.

What is Latisha Scott’s career and success?

Latisha Scott is the CEO of a real estate company called Infinity Properties. She has used her business skills to drive the growth of the company. Scott has also achieved success as a reality TV star, appearing on the show “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.”

Who is Latisha Scott married to and how many children do they have?

Latisha Scott is married to Marsau Scott, a businessman. They have been married since 2006 and have three children together: Marsau Jr., Maci, and Mila.

What is Latisha Scott’s height and zodiac sign?

Latisha Scott stands at a height of 5’5″ and her zodiac sign is Libra.

Can you provide some information about Latisha Scott’s reality TV career?

Latisha Scott gained popularity through her appearance on the reality TV show “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” The show follows three African American couples who come together to help the city of Huntsville. Scott and her husband Marsau are featured on the show, showcasing their professional and personal lives.

Has Latisha Scott been involved in any philanthropic endeavors?

Yes, Latisha Scott runs a foundation dedicated to helping the less fortunate. She believes in giving back to society and making a positive impact in the community.

Is Latisha Scott active on social media?

Yes, Latisha Scott is active on Instagram, where she interacts with her fans and shares updates about her life. She has a strong social media presence, which allows her to connect with a wider audience.

What is Latisha Scott’s net worth?

Latisha Scott’s net worth is estimated to be million. Her success in the real estate industry, combined with her appearance on reality TV, has contributed to her financial success.

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