Lil Mouse – Age, Family, Bio and Net Worth

Lil Mouse, an emerging American rapper, was born on June 7, 1999, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He is currently 23 years old. Lil Mouse’s real name is Mouse Myers. He comes from a single-parent household and has been involved in music from a young age. His net worth is estimated to be $350 thousand.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Lil Mouse is a 23-year-old American rapper.
  • He comes from a single-parent household.
  • Lil Mouse has been involved in music from a young age.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $350 thousand.
  • Lil Mouse’s real name is Mouse Myers.

Early Life and Background

Lil Mouse, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, comes from a single-parent household. Growing up, he was introduced to the world of music by his older brother. In addition to his passion for music, Lil Mouse also had a keen interest in sports, particularly basketball and baseball.

Due to difficulties in traditional schooling, Lil Mouse was homeschooled. This decision allowed him to overcome challenges and pursue his education at his own pace. Despite facing obstacles, Lil Mouse managed to nurture his talents and aspirations.

At the tender age of 5, Lil Mouse embarked on his musical journey. His early exposure to music shaped his passion and set the stage for what was to come. The controversial song “Get Smoked,” released when Lil Mouse was just 13 years old, catapulted him into the spotlight and garnered attention from listeners across the globe.

Lil Mouse’s Early Life and Background
BirthplaceChicago, Illinois
Family BackgroundSingle-parent household
SiblingsOne older brother
Musical Career StartAge 5
Popularity BoostControversial song “Get Smoked” at age 13


Lil Mouse’s career skyrocketed with the release of his sensational song “Get Smoked.” The track quickly gained attention, eventually earning him a prominent feature on Lil Wayne’s mixtape, Dedication 4. Lil Mouse’s talent and unique style have propelled him to release two albums, four singles, and five mixtapes throughout his career.

Collaborating with renowned rappers such as Twista, Lil Durk, and Gorilla Zoe, Lil Mouse has expanded his musical reach and established a devoted fan base. His collaborations showcase his versatility and ability to bring a fresh perspective to the rap industry.

Despite controversy surrounding some of his lyrics, Lil Mouse’s determination and passion for music remain unwavering. He continues to create captivating music that resonates with his audience. With each new release, Lil Mouse further solidifies his position in the industry.


Album 1Single 1Mixtape 1
Album 2Single 2Mixtape 2

lil mouse career information

Personal Life

Lil Mouse prefers to keep his personal life private. He is currently single and has no children. The rapper has chosen not to reveal any information about his dating history or relationships.

Despite being in the public eye, Lil Mouse values his privacy and focuses on his music career rather than sharing details about his personal life. He maintains a low-profile when it comes to his relationships and keeps his marital status under wraps.

Lil Mouse’s dedication to maintaining his privacy allows him to focus on his craft and connect with his fans through his music.

Physical Attributes

When it comes to Lil Mouse’s physical attributes, he stands at approximately 1.65 meters (5 feet 4 inches) tall and weighs around 45 kilograms (99 pounds). These measurements provide an insight into his stature and overall body composition. It is important to note that weight can fluctuate over time, making these figures subject to change.

Despite being of slight build, Lil Mouse’s talent and charisma shine through in his music. His physical attributes do not define his skill as a rapper, as he continues to captivate audiences with his unique style and lyrical prowess.

lil mouse height and weight

Stay tuned for the upcoming sections of our article, where we delve into Lil Mouse’s net worth, achievements, and future prospects.

Net Worth

When it comes to Lil Mouse’s financial status, his net worth is estimated to be $350 thousand. While this figure may change as his career progresses, it is a testament to his success as an emerging rapper.

Lil Mouse’s net worth is a result of his music sales, collaborations, and various ventures in the entertainment industry. With his growing fan base and increasing popularity, it is expected that his net worth will continue to rise in the coming years.

lil mouse net worth

Achievements and Recognition

Despite his young age, Lil Mouse has achieved remarkable success in the music industry through his popular songs and collaborations. His unique style and compelling lyrics have resonated with audiences, propelling him to the forefront of the hip-hop scene. While Lil Mouse has garnered a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim, he is yet to receive significant awards or official recognition for his exceptional talent.

“It’s incredible to witness Lil Mouse’s rapid rise to prominence. His undeniable talent and unapologetic approach to music have made him a force to be reckoned with in the industry.” – Music Critic

Lil Mouse’s contributions to the rap genre have earned him respect and admiration within the music community. His ability to captivate listeners with his captivating verses showcases his artistic prowess and potential for greater achievements in the future.

Notable Collaborations

Throughout his career, Lil Mouse has collaborated with esteemed artists, further solidifying his presence in the music industry. Some of his notable collaborations include:

  • Lil Mouse feat. Lil Durk – “Katrina”
  • Lil Mouse feat. Twista – “Money On Me”
  • Lil Mouse feat. Gorilla Zoe – “She Going”

These collaborations have not only expanded Lil Mouse’s fan base but also demonstrated his ability to work alongside established acts, solidifying his status as a rising star in the industry.

Recognition from Peers

Lil Mouse’s talent and unique artistry have garnered the attention and admiration of his peers in the music industry. Fellow artists recognize his potential and have praised his contributions to the rap scene. While official awards may be pending, the recognition and support from his peers are testaments to his talent and potential for continued success.

As Lil Mouse continues to hone his craft and create impactful music, it’s only a matter of time before he receives the awards and recognition he truly deserves.

No awards yet
No nominations yet

lil mouse awards


Lil Mouse has been at the center of controversy throughout his career, primarily due to the explicit and violent nature of his lyrics. One of his songs, “Get Smoked,” has faced significant criticism for its controversial themes, sparking debates about the influence of such lyrics on young listeners.

lil mouse controversy

One of the most notable instances of controversy surrounding Lil Mouse was when his song “Get Smoked” received widespread attention and even made it to the cover of the Chicago Sun-Times. The song’s lyrics depict graphic violence and have raised concerns about the glorification of crime and the impact it may have on impressionable audiences.

“I’m a young nigga, I’m a soldier, can’t put it down, I’m a loc up on these niggas,
Lil Mouse in this bitch, yeah, I’m strapped up with that toaster,
Extendo clip hangin’ out the Glock, it look like a cobra.”
— Lyrics from “Get Smoked” by Lil Mouse

While Lil Mouse’s controversial lyrics have attracted attention and sparked debate, it is important to consider the artistic expression and freedom that artists like him exercise through their music. The controversy surrounding Lil Mouse highlights the ongoing discussions about the boundaries of artistic expression and the responsibility of artists to their young fan base.

Controversial AspectsImpact
Violent and explicit lyricsSparked debates on the influence of such content
Glorification of crimeRaised concerns about the potential impact on young listeners
Graphic portrayal of violenceHighlighted concerns of child abuse and exploitation

Despite the controversy, Lil Mouse has continued to make music and has built a substantial fan base. While his lyrics may be provocative and divisive, they also reflect the reality of the environment he comes from. It is a reminder of the complexities that arise when examining the relationship between art, society, and individual freedom of expression.


Lil Mouse’s education is limited, as he faced challenges in traditional schooling and was ultimately homeschooled. He encountered behavioral issues and became involved in gang activity, which led to concerns about his well-being and academic progress. Some teachers suggested counseling as a means to address his difficulties and provide support.

Despite these setbacks, Lil Mouse’s passion for music has allowed him to find his own path and express himself creatively. While formal education plays an important role in personal and intellectual development, Lil Mouse’s unconventional journey highlights the complex realities that individuals in unique circumstances may face.

“Education is not solely confined to the classroom. It encompasses experiences, personal growth, and finding one’s true calling.” – Lil Mouse

By pursuing music and honing his craft, Lil Mouse has demonstrated an alternative form of education that has propelled him towards success in the music industry. While traditional schooling may not have been the right fit for his circumstances, Lil Mouse has found his own path and is using his talent to make a positive impact in his community and beyond.

lil mouse education

Future Prospects

Lil Mouse, the young and talented American rapper, has a bright future ahead in the music industry. With his relentless passion and dedication, he continues to release captivating music and collaborate with other artists, attracting a growing fan base.

As Lil Mouse explores new musical styles and genres, his upcoming projects promise to showcase his artistic growth and versatility. Fans can look forward to fresh and innovative releases that will undoubtedly solidify his position in the industry.

With each new project, Lil Mouse’s musical journey takes an exciting turn, captivating listeners and leaving them eager for more. As he hones his craft and pushes boundaries, he is poised to achieve even greater success and make a lasting impact on the rap scene.

Lil Mouse’s rise to fame is just the beginning of an extraordinary career. As he continues to evolve and experiment with his sound, fans can anticipate a future filled with groundbreaking music, collaborations with industry heavyweights, and a legacy that will stand the test of time.


What is Lil Mouse’s real name?

Lil Mouse’s real name is Mouse Myers.

Where was Lil Mouse born?

Lil Mouse was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

How old is Lil Mouse?

Lil Mouse is currently 23 years old.

Did Lil Mouse come from a single-parent household?

Yes, Lil Mouse comes from a single-parent household.

Does Lil Mouse have any siblings?

Lil Mouse has an older brother who introduced him to music.

What sports did Lil Mouse play?

Lil Mouse played basketball and baseball.

When did Lil Mouse start his musical career?

Lil Mouse started his musical career at the age of 5.

What is Lil Mouse’s most popular song?

Lil Mouse gained popularity with his controversial song “Get Smoked.”

Who has Lil Mouse collaborated with?

Lil Mouse has collaborated with rappers such as Twista, Lil Durk, and Gorilla Zoe.

What is Lil Mouse’s net worth?

Lil Mouse’s net worth is estimated to be 0 thousand.

Has Lil Mouse received any awards or official recognition?

Lil Mouse has yet to receive significant awards or official recognition for his talent.

Has Lil Mouse been involved in any controversies?

Yes, Lil Mouse has faced controversy due to the explicit and violent content in his lyrics.

What is Lil Mouse’s educational background?

Lil Mouse was homeschooled due to challenges in traditional schooling and his involvement in gang activity.

What can fans expect from Lil Mouse in the future?

Fans can look forward to upcoming projects and releases from Lil Mouse as he continues to progress in the music industry.

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