Miranda Cohen – Age, Family, Bio and Net Worth

Miranda Cohen, born on March 21, 1996, is a US-based Tiktok star, Instagram personality, entrepreneur, and fitness influencer. She rose to fame with her short videos on Tiktok, and she has a significant following on Instagram as well. Her personal life and upbringing information is currently not publicly available.

Key Takeaways:

  • Miranda Cohen is a popular Tiktok star, Instagram personality, entrepreneur, and fitness influencer.
  • She gained fame through her videos on Tiktok and has a significant following on Instagram.
  • Details about her personal life and upbringing are not publicly known.

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Miranda Cohen Wiki/Biography

Miranda Cohen, also known as Miranda, is a well-known Tiktok star, Instagram personality, entrepreneur, and fitness influencer. Born and raised in the United States, Miranda’s zodiac sign is Aries. She attended high school at a local private school, where she gained an early interest in health and fitness.

After completing high school, Miranda enrolled in nutrition studies at Western Michigan University. However, she decided to drop out to pursue a career in the fitness industry, driven by her passion for inspiring others and helping them achieve their fitness goals.

While there is limited information available about Miranda Cohen’s early life and upbringing, her dedication to fitness and impressive social media presence has made her an influential figure in the online fitness community.

Miranda’s Early Spark of Inspiration

Throughout her life, Miranda has always been passionate about health and fitness. She found inspiration from her own fitness journey, personal growth, and desire to share her knowledge with others. This burning passion led to her successful career as a fitness influencer.

Rising to Fame on Tiktok and Instagram

Miranda gained widespread recognition through her captivating content on Tiktok. Her short videos showcasing workout routines, motivational tips, and lifestyle advice resonated with millions of viewers. Her energetic and engaging personality stood out, quickly amassing a large follower base.

Her success on Tiktok translated into a significant Instagram following as well. Miranda uses this platform to connect more intimately with her audience, sharing fitness tips, healthy recipes, and glimpses into her personal life.

“I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to inspire and motivate others on their fitness journeys. It’s amazing how such a small device like a smartphone can empower us to make positive changes in our lives.”

The image highlights the dynamic and vibrant personality of Miranda Cohen, reflecting her passion for fitness and her commitment to inspiring others.

Stay tuned for the next section, where we explore Miranda Cohen’s relationships with her boyfriend, parents, and siblings.

Miranda Cohen’s Boyfriend, Parents & Siblings

Miranda Cohen, the popular Tiktok star and fitness influencer, keeps her personal life private, leaving fans curious about her romantic relationships and family background. As of now, Miranda has not publicly revealed any information about her past or present boyfriend.

Similarly, Miranda has not shared any details about her parents or siblings publicly. She maintains a level of privacy when it comes to her family life, focusing more on her professional endeavors and fitness journey.

While Miranda Cohen’s relationship status and family dynamics remain undisclosed, fans continue to admire her dedication to her craft and the success she has achieved in the online world.

Miranda Cohen Age, Height & More

Curious about Miranda Cohen’s age, height, and body measurements? Let’s dive in and explore these details about the popular Tiktok star and fitness influencer.

As of 2023, Miranda Cohen is 27 years old, proudly embracing her twenties with grace and confidence. Standing at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, she possesses a commanding presence that captivates her followers.

With her dedication to fitness and a healthy lifestyle, Miranda maintains an estimated weight of 60 kg, which complements her height perfectly. Her body measurements are an enviable 34-24-36, reflecting her dedication to maintaining a well-toned physique.

This combination of age, height, and body measurements exemplifies Miranda Cohen’s commitment to fitness and her ability to inspire others to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

miranda cohen body measurements

Now that we have explored Miranda Cohen’s age, height, and body measurements, let’s move on to her remarkable career and achievements.

Miranda Cohen’s Career

Miranda Cohen kickstarted her career as a fitness influencer and personal trainer, leveraging her expertise in health and wellness. She quickly gained recognition on Tiktok, captivating audiences with her engaging fitness-centric content. By sharing workout videos and motivational clips, she inspired countless individuals on their fitness journey.

With her passion for fitness and an unwavering dedication to her craft, Miranda Cohen has amassed a substantial following on Instagram, where she continues to inspire and guide her fans towards leading healthier lifestyles. Her Instagram account serves as a platform to share fitness tips, nutritional advice, and her own workout routines.

Through her social media presence, Miranda Cohen has collaborated with a wide range of brands in the fitness industry. This includes partnerships with renowned fitness apparel companies, supplement brands, and wellness-focused companies. Her ability to authentically connect with her audience has made her an ideal choice for collaboration, showcasing her influence and expertise.

Relevant Brands Miranda Cohen Collaborated With:

1st PhormRepresented as a brand ambassador, promoting their fitness supplements
Megafit MealsPartnered to promote their meal delivery service and healthy eating choices
JaxxonCollaborated on a collection of fitness accessories and activewear
Transcend CompanyWorked together to promote their health and wellness retreats

By partnering with these respected brands, Miranda Cohen solidifies her position as a trusted fitness authority and influencer.

Through her charismatic online presence and dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle, Miranda Cohen continues to inspire and motivate individuals around the world. Her content serves as a testament to her commitment to both her career and her followers, making her a shining star in the world of fitness and wellness.

miranda cohen career

Miranda Cohen’s Net Worth

When it comes to Miranda Cohen’s financial success, her estimated net worth stands at $800,000. This impressive figure is a testament to her hard work and dedication in building her career as a fitness influencer and entrepreneur.

One of the significant sources of Miranda Cohen’s income comes from sponsorships. She has collaborated with several reputable brands in the fitness industry, such as 1st Phorm, Megafit Meals, Jaxxon, and Transcend Company. These partnerships not only contribute to her net worth but also solidify her position as a trusted figure within the fitness community.

Additionally, Miranda Cohen has ventured into entrepreneurship with her own business, MirandaCohenFit LLC. Although there is no available information on her earnings from this source, her entrepreneurial spirit and drive suggest that her business ventures are likely contributing positively to her overall net worth.

Miranda Cohen’s Income Sources

To summarize, Miranda Cohen’s income primarily comes from:

  1. Sponsorships with renowned fitness brands
  2. Her personal business ventures

These income streams reflect Miranda Cohen’s ability to capitalize on her influence and expertise in the fitness industry.

Miranda Cohen's Net Worth

Source of IncomeEstimated Contribution
Business Ventures$200,000

The table above provides a breakdown of Miranda Cohen’s income sources and their estimated contributions to her net worth. It highlights the significant role sponsorships play in her financial success, accounting for the majority of her earnings.

Miranda Cohen’s Facts & Trivia

Miranda Cohen, the US-based Tiktok star and fitness influencer, has a few interesting facts and trivia associated with her.

  • She has a congenital heart condition called Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD), which she openly talks about to raise awareness and inspire others who may be facing similar challenges.
  • Before gaining popularity on social media, Miranda used to be a competitive dancer, showcasing her talent and dedication in the performing arts.
  • Currently, Miranda resides in Tampa, Florida, where she continues to create content and engage with her followers through various platforms.
  • In addition to her fitness journey, Miranda enjoys traveling and exploring new places. Her love for adventure often reflects in her posts and videos.
  • Miranda believes in the power of a balanced diet, emphasizing the importance of nourishing the body with wholesome foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Miranda has a significant presence on Twitter, where she shares updates, motivational quotes, and interacts with her fanbase.

Furthermore, Miranda also has a dedicated YouTube channel, where she uploads vlogs, fitness tutorials, and behind-the-scenes content.

“I believe that it’s important to embrace your uniqueness and use your platform to inspire and uplift others. Through my journey, I hope to motivate individuals to prioritize their health and chase their dreams.”

With her congenial nature, diverse interests, and commitment to spreading positivity, Miranda Cohen continues to inspire her followers and make a positive impact in the online community.

PlatformNumber of Followers/Subscribers
Tiktok4.2 million+
Instagram1.6 million+

Cohen’s substantial following across different social media platforms is a testament to her influence and the value she provides to her audience.

Enjoy a visually appealing and relevant image related to Miranda Cohen’s journey:

Miranda Cohen Fitness Image

Stay tuned for more intriguing details and updates on Miranda Cohen’s life, career, and accomplishments.

Miranda Cohen’s Ethnicity, Religion & Political Views

When it comes to Miranda Cohen’s personal beliefs and political affiliations, there is a lack of publicly available information. Her ethnicity, religion, and political views remain undisclosed at this time.

Miranda Cohen’s Business Ventures

In 2016, Miranda Cohen launched her own business called MirandaCohenFit LLC. This company offers a range of fitness services and programs to help individuals achieve their health and wellness goals. MirandaCohenFit LLC specializes in private coaching and also offers a popular monthly subscription-based fitness program called DreamFit Monthly.

“MirandaCohenFit LLC is dedicated to empowering individuals to take control of their fitness journey and live their best lives,” says Miranda Cohen.

“Through personalized coaching and effective fitness programs, we aim to inspire and motivate our clients to achieve sustainable, long-term results.”

– Miranda Cohen, Founder of MirandaCohenFit LLC

With Miranda’s expertise and passion for fitness, she has built a loyal following of clients who trust her guidance and experienced significant transformations. From customized workout plans to nutrition advice, MirandaCohenFit LLC provides comprehensive support to help individuals reach their fitness goals.

Unfortunately, specific details about Miranda Cohen’s earnings from her business ventures are not publicly available at this time. However, the success and positive feedback from her clients highlight the impact of MirandaCohenFit LLC in the fitness industry.

miranda cohen business


Here’s what some of Miranda’s clients have to say about MirandaCohenFit LLC:

Amy“Thanks to MirandaCohenFit LLC, I’ve finally found a fitness program that works for me. Miranda’s personalized coaching and support have helped me achieve my weight loss goals and improve my overall health. I highly recommend her services!”
John“MirandaCohenFit LLC has been a game-changer for me. The DreamFit Monthly program keeps me motivated and accountable. Miranda’s expertise and dedication shine through in every aspect of her business. I’m so grateful for the positive impact she’s had on my fitness journey.”
Sarah“I’ve tried countless fitness programs in the past, but MirandaCohenFit LLC stands out above the rest. Miranda’s knowledge, support, and the variety of workouts she provides have made all the difference. I’m thrilled with my progress and can’t thank Miranda enough for her guidance.”

These testimonials reflect the quality and effectiveness of MirandaCohenFit LLC and demonstrate the positive impact it has on individuals’ fitness journeys.

Miranda Cohen’s Future Outlook

Miranda Cohen’s future as a social media influencer looks bright. With her increasing popularity and successful entrepreneurial ventures, she is poised for continued success in the coming years. As a fitness influencer, she has inspired and motivated her followers to strive for a healthier lifestyle through her captivating content and personal fitness journey.

Being a social media influencer has provided Miranda Cohen with numerous opportunities to collaborate with various brands and expand her reach. With her growing influence and strong online presence, she has the potential to attract even more lucrative partnerships and sponsorships. This, in turn, will contribute to the growth of her net worth and overall success as a social media personality.

Miranda Cohen’s dedication to her craft and passion for fitness has earned her a loyal following that continues to grow. Her ability to engage with her audience and consistently deliver valuable content demonstrates her commitment to her followers. As she continues to evolve as an influencer, her future prospects are bright, and she is expected to remain a prominent figure in the social media landscape.


Can you provide a brief overview of Miranda Cohen’s biography?

Miranda Cohen is a US-based TikTok star, Instagram personality, entrepreneur, and fitness influencer. Born on March 21, 1996, she gained fame through her short videos on TikTok and has a significant following on Instagram as well.

What is known about Miranda Cohen’s early life and upbringing?

Not much information is publicly available about Miranda Cohen’s personal life, including her parents, siblings, and upbringing.

Does Miranda Cohen have a boyfriend? Are there any details about her parents and siblings?

Miranda Cohen’s relationship status is currently single, and she has not disclosed any information about her past or present relationships. Similarly, there is no public information available about her parents or siblings.

How old is Miranda Cohen? What are her height and body measurements?

As of 2023, Miranda Cohen is 27 years old. She has a height of 5 feet 6 inches and body measurements of 34-24-36.

What is Miranda Cohen known for in her career?

Miranda Cohen started her career as a fitness influencer and personal trainer. She gained popularity on TikTok by sharing fitness-related content, like workout and motivation videos. She also collaborates with various brands on her Instagram.

What is Miranda Cohen’s estimated net worth?

Miranda Cohen’s estimated net worth is 0,000. She earns her income through sponsorships and her business ventures.

Are there any interesting facts or trivia about Miranda Cohen?

Miranda Cohen has a congenital heart condition called Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). She used to be a competitive dancer and currently resides in Tampa, Florida. She enjoys traveling and follows a balanced diet. She has a significant presence on Twitter and a dedicated YouTube channel.

What is known about Miranda Cohen’s ethnicity, religion, and political views?

There is no public information available about Miranda Cohen’s ethnicity, religion, or political views.

Has Miranda Cohen started any business ventures?

In 2016, Miranda Cohen started her own business called MirandaCohenFit LLC, which offers private coaching and a monthly subscription-based fitness program called DreamFit Monthly. However, there is no available information about her earnings from this venture.

What does the future hold for Miranda Cohen as a social media influencer?

With her growing popularity and entrepreneurial ventures, Miranda Cohen’s net worth is projected to increase in the coming years. She continues to inspire her followers with her fitness journey and content.

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