Monyetta Shaw – Age, Family, Bio, and Net Worth

Monyetta Shaw is a popular celebrity, entrepreneur, businesswoman, author, and actress. She is the CEO of The Evan Grace Group and has supported various foundations and organizations, including The League of Women Voters, The Beyond the Game Foundation, and The Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Born on May 31, 1980, in Shreveport, LA, Monyetta Shaw is currently 40 years old. She has made a name for herself with her entrepreneurial endeavors and successful acting career. Her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Key Takeaways:

  • Monyetta Shaw is a renowned celebrity, entrepreneur, and author.
  • She is the CEO of The Evan Grace Group.
  • Shaw actively supports organizations like The League of Women Voters and The Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
  • She was born on May 31, 1980, in Shreveport, LA.
  • At 40 years old, Monyetta Shaw has achieved significant success in both her personal and professional life.

Early Life and Education

Monyetta Shaw, born on May 31, 1980, in Shreveport, Louisiana, had a modest upbringing with her two older brothers. Although information about her parents is not available, Shaw’s journey towards success started in her hometown.

She attended a local school in Shreveport, where she developed a passion for learning. After completing her high school education, Shaw pursued higher studies at Louisiana Tech University. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a field that intrigued her since her early years.

During her time at Louisiana Tech University, Shaw became a valued member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, where she actively participated in community service activities and fostered lifelong bonds.

monyetta shaw bio age family

Career and Achievements

Monyetta Shaw’s career has been marked by diverse achievements and notable successes. She initially made a name for herself as a radio host on 99.7 KMJJFM, captivating audiences with her engaging personality and informative discussions. However, her talents didn’t stop there.

She quickly transitioned into the world of acting, where she showcased her versatility and talent on the big screen. Monyetta Shaw appeared in several films, including “Soul Man,” “Welcome Home,” “Private Valentine: Blonde and Dangerous,” and “Video Girl.” Her performances were well-received, solidifying her position as a rising talent in the industry.

In 2014, Monyetta Shaw expanded her reach even further when she starred in the VH1 reality show “Atlanta Exes,” which follows the lives of women who were previously in high-profile relationships with famous men. Her presence on the show added to her growing popularity and allowed fans to see another side of her life.

Alongside her acting career, Monyetta Shaw has also established herself as an accomplished author. She has written two books, “Bigger Than Me” and “Keep It Classy.” Her books offer insightful perspectives on personal growth, relationships, and navigating the complexities of life. With her writing, Monyetta Shaw has demonstrated her ability to connect with readers and inspire them to strive for greatness.

“Success is not about achieving recognition but rather making a positive impact. Through my career and personal projects, I aim to inspire others to chase their dreams and lead fulfilling lives.” – Monyetta Shaw

Monyetta Shaw’s multi-faceted career and notable achievements are a testament to her determination, talent, and unwavering commitment to excellence. She continues to explore new opportunities, push boundaries, and make a lasting impact in both the entertainment industry and the personal development space.

2009Soul ManTracy
2010Welcome HomeAgent Gonzalez
2011Private Valentine: Blonde and DangerousMonique
2011Video GirlHot Girl #1

Personal Life and Relationships

Monyetta Shaw’s personal life has been a subject of interest among her fans and followers. She was previously engaged to the musician Ne-Yo, and the couple shares two children together. After being together for four years, they called off their engagement.

Currently, Monyetta Shaw is in a relationship with Health Carter. As a dedicated mother, she believes in creating a harmonious and loving blended family for her children.

A Family United

Creating a sense of unity and love within a family is important to Monyetta Shaw. She embraces the challenges of co-parenting and works towards fostering a healthy and supportive environment for her children. Understanding the importance of strong family bonds, Monyetta Shaw is committed to providing her children with a stable and nurturing upbringing.

“I believe in the power of family and the love that binds us together. It takes effort and understanding to create a blended family, but it’s worth it to see the happiness and well-being of my children.” – Monyetta Shaw

Monyetta Shaw’s commitment to family and relationships extends beyond her personal life. She strives to inspire others to prioritize love, communication, and unity within their own families.

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Building Lasting Relationships

Monyetta Shaw understands the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships. She believes that open communication, trust, and support are the foundations of any successful relationship. Her experiences have taught her valuable lessons, and she is passionate about sharing her insights to help others navigate the complexities of love and partnerships.

Through her own journey, Monyetta Shaw encourages individuals to prioritize emotional well-being, self-growth, and healthy communication in their relationships. Her story serves as a source of inspiration for those seeking to create lasting bonds with their loved ones.


Monyetta Shaw is a dedicated advocate for philanthropy and has been actively involved in supporting various foundations and organizations. Through her philanthropic efforts, she strives to make a positive impact and help those in need.

She has worked closely with The Beyond the Game Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering young athletes through education, mentorship, and community outreach. Monyetta Shaw strongly believes in the power of sports to inspire and transform lives, and she is committed to supporting the foundation’s initiatives.

Monyetta Shaw is also a passionate advocate for women’s rights and empowerment. She has been a long-time supporter of The League of Women Voters, an organization that works towards fostering civic engagement and ensuring that women have a voice in the political process.

In addition to her involvement with these foundations, Monyetta Shaw has taken the initiative to raise donations for the Evan Grace Angel House Orphanage in South Africa and Swaziland. Through her fundraising efforts, she aims to provide support and resources to orphaned children, giving them a chance for a better future.

“I believe that we all have a responsibility to give back and make a difference in the lives of others. Through my philanthropic work, I hope to inspire others to join me in creating positive change and uplifting communities.”

Philanthropic Work by Monyetta Shaw

The Beyond the Game FoundationEmpowering young athletes through education, mentorship, and community outreach
The League of Women VotersPromoting civic engagement and advocating for women’s rights and participation in the political process
Evan Grace Angel House OrphanageProviding support and resources to orphaned children in South Africa and Swaziland

Monyetta Shaw Philanthropy

**Note:** The table above provides an overview of some of the organizations and foundations that Monyetta Shaw has been involved with in her philanthropic endeavors. For a comprehensive understanding of her charitable work, it is essential to research and explore further resources.

Net Worth and Social Media Presence

Monyetta Shaw has an estimated net worth of $2 million. She leads a luxurious lifestyle as seen on her social media platforms.

With a verified Instagram account boasting 555k followers, Monyetta Shaw keeps her audience engaged with captivating posts that provide a glimpse into her glamorous world.

Her Twitter account, with 19.2k followers, allows her to connect with her fans and share updates about her life and career.

Additionally, Monyetta Shaw maintains an active presence on Facebook, where she has amassed over 12.9k followers. Through her Facebook page, she interacts with her audience and shares insights into her personal and professional endeavors.

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Through her social media platforms, Monyetta Shaw showcases her success, luxurious lifestyle, and dedication to her craft.

Physical Appearance

Monyetta Shaw, at the age of 40, possesses a striking physical appearance. Standing at a height of 1.67 meters, she carries herself with grace and elegance. Her curvaceous body, with measurements of 35-28-35 inches, exudes confidence and beauty. Monyetta Shaw’s black hair and black eyes add to her allure and captivate those around her.

monyetta shaw physical appearance

Current Projects

Monyetta Shaw is actively engaged in various projects as she continues to expand her career and make a significant impact in the entertainment industry. She diligently pursues acting opportunities and is committed to delivering outstanding performances that captivate audiences.

An exciting project that Monyetta Shaw is heavily involved in is her company, The Evan Grace Group. As the CEO, she brings her expertise and vision to the company, overseeing its operations and guiding its success. The Evan Grace Group focuses on providing entertainment and development services, offering a platform for emerging talent to showcase their skills.

Staying true to her creative spirit, Monyetta Shaw is also working on new books that are sure to inspire and motivate readers. Her commitment to personal growth and empowerment shines through in her writing, making her books a valuable resource for those seeking guidance and inspiration.

Throughout her career, Monyetta Shaw has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to making a positive impact in the world. She understands the power of storytelling and continuously seeks opportunities to use her platform for social good. Through her projects, she aims to inspire, uplift, and empower others to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams.

Summary of Monyetta Shaw’s Current Projects:

The Evan Grace GroupMonyetta Shaw’s company, focused on providing entertainment and development services.
New BooksWriting inspiring and empowering books to motivate readers.
Social Impact ProjectsUsing her platform to inspire, uplift, and empower others for positive change.

Monyetta Shaw’s dedication and passion for her current projects highlight her commitment to personal and professional growth. As she continues to take on new challenges and make a difference, her career trajectory promises to be filled with success and fulfillment.

monyetta shaw career

Media Appearances

Monyetta Shaw’s career has led her to make numerous appearances on popular TV shows, showcasing her talent and charisma. She has been a guest on notable programs such as “The Real Daytime” and “Dish Nation,” where she captivated audiences with her engaging presence and authentic storytelling. Through her media appearances, Monyetta Shaw has become a recognizable and influential figure in the entertainment industry.

Known for her honesty and transparency, Monyetta Shaw has used these platforms to share her life experiences, providing inspiration and relatability to her audience. Her openness has not only garnered attention but has also contributed to her growing fan base and influence in the media.

“Being able to connect with people through the media has been an incredible opportunity for me. I believe in the power of sharing our stories and the impact it can have on others. My goal is to inspire and empower individuals to overcome challenges and live their best lives.” – Monyetta Shaw

Monyetta Shaw’s media appearances have not only showcased her career achievements but have also allowed her to express her perspectives on various topics. With each interview or TV appearance, she leaves a lasting impression, captivating viewers with her charisma and genuine personality.

Monyetta Shaw Media Appearances

Upcoming Media Projects

Monyetta Shaw is currently working on additional media projects that will further expand her presence in the industry. With her talent and dedication, she is expected to continue making waves in the media and captivating audiences with her magnetic on-screen presence.

Future Endeavors

Monyetta Shaw’s career is poised for a promising future as she continues to make significant strides in the entertainment industry. With her passion for acting, writing, and entrepreneurship, Shaw is determined to leave a lasting impact and achieve even greater success in the years to come.

Shaw’s versatile talents and dedication to her craft make her an exciting figure to watch. Whether she graces the screen with her charismatic presence, pours her heart into captivating books, or leads her company, The Evan Grace Group, Shaw consistently demonstrates her unwavering commitment to excellence.

As Shaw embarks on her future endeavors, she is expected to seize new opportunities, further honing her skills, and making a mark in the industry. With her natural talent, unyielding drive, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, there is no doubt that Shaw’s career will continue to evolve, earning her a well-deserved place among the entertainment industry’s elite.


How old is Monyetta Shaw?

Monyetta Shaw was born on May 31, 1980, making her currently 40 years old.

What is Monyetta Shaw’s net worth?

Monyetta Shaw has an estimated net worth of million.

What is Monyetta Shaw’s educational background?

Monyetta Shaw graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

What are Monyetta Shaw’s career achievements?

Monyetta Shaw has achieved success as an actress, author, entrepreneur, and businesswoman.

Who are Monyetta Shaw’s family members?

Monyetta Shaw has two older brothers, but her parents’ information is not available.

What philanthropic work is Monyetta Shaw involved in?

Monyetta Shaw has supported various foundations and organizations, including The League of Women Voters, The Beyond the Game Foundation, and The Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Who are Monyetta Shaw’s past and present relationships?

Monyetta Shaw was previously engaged to Ne-Yo and is currently in a relationship with Health Carter.

What is Monyetta Shaw’s physical appearance?

Monyetta Shaw is 40 years old, has a curvaceous body with measurements of 35-28-35 inches, black hair, and black eyes.

What are Monyetta Shaw’s current projects?

Monyetta Shaw is currently focused on her career and various projects, including acting opportunities and working on new books.

What TV shows has Monyetta Shaw appeared on?

Monyetta Shaw has made appearances on popular TV shows such as “The Real Daytime” and “Dish Nation.”

What can we expect from Monyetta Shaw in the future?

With her passion for acting, writing, and entrepreneurship, Monyetta Shaw is expected to continue making strides in her career and achieve even greater success in the coming years.

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