More Plates More Dates – Age, Family, Bio and Net Worth

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates is a Canadian fitness instructor and entrepreneur. He gained popularity through his brand, More Plates More Dates, which focuses on bodybuilding, dating, and lifestyle content. With over 1.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Derek has become a prominent figure in the fitness industry.

Born on January 1, 1993, Derek is currently 31 years old. He started his career in his early twenties and experienced remarkable success before the age of 30. Beyond his YouTube channel, Derek has ventured into business, creating his own line of supplements called Gorilla Mind in 2017. He also established Marek Health, a hormone replacement therapy clinic that provides services for various health concerns.

Despite his professional achievements, Derek keeps his personal life relatively private. He is currently in a serious relationship with his girlfriend, but specific details are not disclosed. However, it is known that his girlfriend is shorter in height compared to him.

With his diverse ventures and thriving YouTube channel, Derek MorePlatesMoreDates has accumulated a net worth estimated to be in the range of $5 to $10 million.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Derek MorePlatesMoreDates is a Canadian fitness instructor and entrepreneur.
  • He gained popularity through his YouTube channel, More Plates More Dates, which focuses on bodybuilding, dating, and lifestyle content.
  • At the age of 31, Derek has amassed over 1.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.
  • He has launched his own line of supplements, Gorilla Mind, and established Marek Health, a hormone replacement therapy clinic.
  • Derek keeps his personal life private and is currently in a serious relationship with his girlfriend.
  • His net worth is estimated to be in the range of $5 to $10 million.

Early Life and Education

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates, known for his expertise in fitness and lifestyle content, hails from Canada. Born under the Zodiac sign Capricorn, he possesses the determined and ambitious traits associated with this sign. In addition, Derek was born in the year of the Chinese Zodiac Rooster, which highlights his resourcefulness and attention to detail.

During his formative years, Derek pursued his education with a focus on business. He enrolled in college and diligently studied to earn a business degree. With a passion for numbers and a keen interest in financial management, Derek initially planned to pursue a career as an accountant upon graduation. However, he soon realized that his true calling lay in the world of fitness and self-improvement.

Career and Ventures

In 2016, Derek MorePlatesMoreDates started publishing self-improvement content on his blog. Sharing valuable insights and tips, Derek’s blog became a go-to resource for individuals seeking personal growth and development.

The following year, Derek expanded his influence by launching Gorilla Mind supplements. With a focus on optimizing physical and mental performance, these supplements quickly gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts.

Always driven to explore new opportunities, Derek ventured into the healthcare industry by opening Marek Health, a hormone replacement therapy clinic. Marek Health provides specialized services for various health concerns, helping individuals improve their overall well-being.

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates Gorilla Mind supplements

Through his career and ventures, Derek MorePlatesMoreDates has made a significant impact on the self-improvement and health sectors, empowering individuals to achieve their goals and live their best lives.

Personal Life

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates is currently in a serious relationship with his girlfriend. While details about his personal life and girlfriend are not fully disclosed, it is evident that he has transitioned from casual dating to a more committed relationship.

Having a girlfriend has brought a new dynamic to Derek’s life, adding depth and meaning to his personal experiences. Through his social media presence, fans catch glimpses of his relationship, observing the love and support they share.

Although not much is known about Derek’s girlfriend, her influence in his life is evident. She provides him with the emotional support and companionship that are essential in a thriving relationship. Their bond is built on trust, understanding, and shared values.

“Having a girlfriend has been a wonderful and fulfilling journey for me. It has given me a sense of stability and has enhanced my overall well-being. I am grateful to have found someone who truly understands and supports me.”

Having a committed partner like a girlfriend can greatly contribute to a person’s happiness and overall life satisfaction. Derek’s relationship exemplifies the importance of nurturing a meaningful connection with a significant other.

Benefits of a Committed Relationship

  • Emotional support
  • Shared experiences and memories
  • Increased sense of security and stability
  • Enhanced communication and intimacy
  • Building a foundation for a future together

While Derek’s public persona focuses primarily on fitness, lifestyle, and self-improvement, his relationship shows a different side of him — a side that values love, connection, and building a life with someone special.

Now that we’ve explored Derek’s personal life and his committed relationship, let’s delve further into his impressive net worth in the next section.

Net Worth

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates has established a significant net worth through his various ventures and income sources. With his primary career as a fitness instructor, supplemented by earnings from Gorilla Mind supplements and Marek Health, his net worth is estimated to be between $5 to $10 million.

As a well-known figure in the fitness and lifestyle industry, Derek has successfully monetized his expertise and built a solid financial foundation. Let’s take a closer look at his income sources and how they contribute to his impressive net worth.

Income Sources

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates generates his income from multiple sources, allowing him to accumulate wealth and expand his business ventures. Here are the main income sources that contribute to his net worth:

  1. Fitness Instruction: Derek’s primary source of income comes from his career as a fitness instructor. Through his brand, More Plates More Dates, he offers personalized training programs, coaching services, and educational content for fitness enthusiasts. His expertise and popularity in the bodybuilding community have attracted a loyal client base and lucrative opportunities.
  2. Gorilla Mind Supplements: In 2017, Derek launched Gorilla Mind, a line of nutritional supplements specifically designed to enhance cognitive performance, focus, and energy. The success of Gorilla Mind has further solidified Derek’s financial standing as he taps into the fitness and wellness market.
  3. Marek Health: As part of his entrepreneurial ventures, Derek opened Marek Health, a hormone replacement therapy clinic. The clinic offers professional medical services, including hormone optimization and anti-aging treatments. This business venture serves as an additional revenue stream for Derek, contributing to his overall net worth.

Through strategic branding, consistent content creation, and leveraging his expertise in the fitness industry, Derek MorePlatesMoreDates has built a considerable net worth. His diversified income sources ensure a stable financial position and provide opportunities for future growth and expansion.

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates Net Worth

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates’s Last Name

It is quite common to see Derek MorePlatesMoreDates being referred to as Derek Van MorePlatesMoreDates. However, it is important to note that “Van” is not his actual last name. It is simply a way of signifying that he is from More Plates More Dates.

This distinction is often misunderstood, but it is essential to clarify this misconception. Derek MorePlatesMoreDates’s last name is not Van. His full name is Derek MorePlatesMoreDates, and the “Van” part is not a part of his last name.

It is crucial to ensure accuracy when referring to individuals, as using incorrect information can lead to confusion. Derek MorePlatesMoreDates’s last name is MorePlatesMoreDates, without the inclusion of “Van.”


“Derek MorePlatesMoreDates’s last name is often misconstrued as Van, but that is not accurate. His last name is MorePlatesMoreDates.”

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates's Last Name

Understanding the correct last name is essential to accurately reference Derek MorePlatesMoreDates in any professional or personal context.

Age of Derek MorePlatesMoreDates

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates, the renowned fitness instructor and entrepreneur, is currently in his early thirties. He embarked on his successful career in his early twenties, achieving significant milestones before reaching the age of 30. As of now, Derek MorePlatesMoreDates is 31 years old and continues to inspire and educate his audience with his fitness expertise and lifestyle content.

Starting his journey at a young age showcases Derek’s drive and passion for his craft. His dedication and hard work throughout his twenties have propelled him to become a well-known figure in the fitness industry.

During this period, Derek MorePlatesMoreDates established the More Plates More Dates brand, which has gained a substantial following on his YouTube channel. Through his insightful videos and informative content, he has become a trusted source in the realm of bodybuilding, dating, and lifestyle.

Derek’s early twenties were a defining period for him, as he laid the foundation for the success he enjoys today. His commitment to self-improvement and his ability to connect with his audience have contributed to his rapid rise in popularity.

Now, in his early thirties, Derek MorePlatesMoreDates’s age reflects the wisdom and expertise he has gained over the years. He continues to share his knowledge and experiences, motivating and empowering others on their fitness journeys.

The journey of Derek MorePlatesMoreDates serves as an inspiration for aspiring fitness enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike, proving that age is not a barrier to success. By starting young and pursuing his passions relentlessly, Derek has created a path to achievement and established himself as a prominent figure in the fitness and lifestyle industry.

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates Age

AgeMajor Achievements
Early TwentiesStarted career and gained significant success
31 years oldContinues to inspire and educate through More Plates More Dates

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates’s Wife or Girlfriend

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates is currently in a serious relationship with his girlfriend, who may potentially become his future wife. While her identity is not revealed, it is mentioned that she is shorter in height compared to Derek.

Derek values his partner’s qualities beyond physical attributes, emphasizing the importance of a strong emotional connection and shared values in a serious relationship. Together, they navigate the intricacies of a committed partnership, supporting each other’s personal and professional growth.

“Love knows no bounds, and Derek MorePlatesMoreDates exemplifies that by valuing his partner beyond superficial characteristics. Height differences do not define the strength of a relationship, as compatibility, communication, and shared goals comprise the foundation of a lasting and fulfilling partnership.”

Despite maintaining a private life, Derek acknowledges their relationship as a significant aspect of his personal journey. While his fans eagerly anticipate further details regarding his future wife, Derek remains focused on nurturing their bond and building a future together.

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates and his girlfriend

Sheena Melwani – Biography and Achievements

Sheena Melwani is a renowned Canadian-American YouTuber, pianist, songwriter, social media influencer, and entrepreneur.

She has gained popularity through her captivating YouTube videos and lip-syncs on TikTok.

She has released several songs and has a significant following on her self-titled YouTube channel.

Sheena Melwani YouTube Channel

Sheena Melwani’s Achievements:

  1. Successful Canadian-American YouTuber
  2. Talented pianist and songwriter
  3. Social media influencer with a strong following
  4. Entrepreneur with a self-titled YouTube channel
  5. Released several popular songs
  6. Estimated net worth of $7.81 million

Sheena Melwani’s music videos and performances have garnered millions of views and have established her as a prominent figure in the online music community.

Her ability to connect with her audience through her musical talent and engaging personality has contributed to her success as both a YouTuber and social media influencer.

With her entrepreneurial spirit and creative endeavors, Sheena Melwani continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the world.

Sheena Melwani’s Background and Career

Sheena Melwani, a talented musician and social media influencer, hails from the vibrant city of Montreal, Canada. Coming from a family with a deep love for music, Sheena’s passion for performing was nurtured from an early age.

Sheena pursued her bachelor’s degree at the prestigious McGill University, where she further honed her musical skills and developed a strong foundation in her craft.

It was through her captivating cover song videos on YouTube that Sheena first gained recognition, captivating audiences with her soulful renditions and impressive vocal range. Her talent and unique style soon caught the attention of music enthusiasts across the globe.

In addition to her online presence, Sheena has showcased her musical prowess through live shows streamed on various social media platforms. Her enchanting performances have garnered a dedicated following and established her as a sought-after performer in the digital music industry.

Recognizing her incredible talent, Sheena Melwani has also been involved in several brand endorsements, partnering with renowned companies to showcase their products and services to her ever-growing audience.

To solidify her position in the music industry and explore more significant opportunities, Sheena signed a contract with the esteemed talent agency WME. This partnership serves as a testament to Sheena’s skill and potential, paving the way for exciting ventures and collaborations in her career.

Sheena Melwani

Notable Achievements

“Sheena Melwani’s powerful vocals and captivating performances have garnered her a devoted fan base, propelling her into the forefront of the digital music industry. With her expansive talent and relentless dedication, there is no doubt that Sheena will continue to make waves in the industry.”

– Music Critic

Sheena Melwani’s Career Highlights

Cover SongsYouTube cover song videos that have amassed millions of views and shares
Live showsEngaging and mesmerizing live performances that captivate audiences
Brand EndorsementsPartnerships with renowned brands, showcasing their products to a vast audience
WME ContractA collaboration with talent agency WME to expand career opportunities

Personal Life of Sheena Melwani

Sheena Melwani, the talented Canadian-American YouTuber, is known not only for her remarkable musical abilities but also for her fulfilling personal life. Sheena is happily married to Dinesh Melwani, an individual recognized as The Real Indian Dad in the social media landscape. Together, Sheena and Dinesh have built a beautiful family, blessed with two children. Although Sheena has chosen to keep their names private, she frequently includes them in her videos, showcasing the joy and love they bring to her life.

Despite her open and authentic approach with her audience, Sheena has chosen to maintain a level of privacy when it comes to her husband’s appearance. In her videos, his face is always concealed behind a playful emoji, allowing them to enjoy their personal lives away from the public eye.

Sheena Melwani with her family

Sheena’s commitment to both her career and her family is evident as she continues to share her musical talents and creative content with her dedicated fanbase. Her ability to balance her personal and professional life demonstrates her dedication and passion, making her an inspirational figure for aspiring musicians and content creators alike.

Sheena Melwani’s Net Worth and Fun Facts

Sheena Melwani, the talented musician, singer, and social media personality, boasts an impressive net worth of $7.81 million. Her illustrious career has allowed her to accumulate substantial earnings through various ventures.

Sheena’s success can be attributed to her captivating performances and engaging online presence. As a renowned musician, she has captivated audiences with her melodic tunes and enchanting lyrics. Sheena’s talent has garnered her numerous opportunities, including brand endorsements that have further contributed to her financial success.

Aside from her professional achievements, Sheena Melwani is known for her fun-loving personality and hobbies. She finds joy in playing and spending time with her beloved pet dog, who is undoubtedly a cherished member of her family. In her downtime, Sheena also enjoys immersing herself in music-related books and captivating fiction novels, expanding her horizons beyond her musical world.

Sheena Melwani’s net worth stands as a testament to her remarkable talent and hard work. With a captivating online presence, brand endorsements, and a true passion for her craft, Sheena continues to shape her successful career and bring joy to her growing fanbase.


How old is Derek MorePlatesMoreDates?

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates was born on January 1, 1993, making him 31 years old.

What is Derek MorePlatesMoreDates’ net worth?

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates’ net worth is estimated to be in the range of to million.

What is Derek MorePlatesMoreDates’ YouTube channel about?

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates’ YouTube channel focuses on bodybuilding, dating, and lifestyle content.

What are Derek MorePlatesMoreDates’ ventures?

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates has launched Gorilla Mind supplements in 2017 and a hormone replacement therapy clinic called Marek Health.

Is Derek MorePlatesMoreDates married?

Derek MorePlatesMoreDates’ relationship status is that he is currently in a serious relationship with his girlfriend.

What is Sheena Melwani’s net worth?

Sheena Melwani’s net worth is estimated to be .81 million.

Where is Sheena Melwani from?

Sheena Melwani is from Montreal, Canada.

What is Sheena Melwani’s educational background?

Sheena Melwani pursued her bachelor’s degree at McGill University.

Is Sheena Melwani married?

Yes, Sheena Melwani is married to Dinesh Melwani, also known as The Real Indian Dad.

How many children does Sheena Melwani have?

Sheena Melwani has two children, but their names have not been disclosed.

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