Skyh Alvester Black – Age, Family, Bio, and Net Worth

Skyh Alvester Black is a well-known American actor and dancer who has captivated audiences with his talent and charm. Born on February 16, 1988, in Miami, Florida, Skyh has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry through his remarkable performances and magnetic presence. With his career gaining momentum, fans are eager to learn more about this rising star’s personal life, family, and accomplishments.

skyh alvester black bio age family

As a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, Skyh Alvester Black has experienced significant success in his career. From his roles in popular television shows to his impressive net worth, there is much to explore and admire about this talented artist.

Key Takeaways

  • Skyh Alvester Black is an American actor and dancer known for his roles in “All the Queen’s Men” and “Sistas.”
  • He was born on February 16, 1988, in Miami, Florida, and is currently 35 years old.
  • Skyh is engaged to his Sistas co-star, KJ Smith.
  • His net worth is estimated to be between $3 million and $4 million.
  • Stay tuned to discover more about Skyh Alvester Black’s early life, rise to fame, personal life, and upcoming projects.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Skyh Alvester Black, born and raised in Miami, Florida, discovered his passion for dance at a young age. His journey to pursue his dreams began with dance lessons at the prestigious School of American Ballet in New York and training at the esteemed American Ballet Theater. Skyh’s dedication and talent led him to work with the renowned Pacific Northwest Ballet and appear in music videos, showcasing his exceptional skills.

However, Skyh’s artistic pursuits didn’t stop there. Encouraged by his manager, he decided to explore acting by enrolling in drama classes. This decision opened up a world of possibilities and marked the beginning of his promising career in the entertainment industry.

Transitioning from dance to acting, Skyh Alvester Black’s commitment to his craft propelled him forward. His diverse background in the performing arts provided a solid foundation for his acting career, enabling him to bring authenticity and depth to his roles.

Rise to Fame

Skyh Alvester Black’s journey towards fame began when he secured prominent roles in the BET drama series “Sistas” and the BET+ drama series “All the Queen’s Men.” His exceptional performances in these shows have garnered critical acclaim and have resulted in a dedicated fan following. In particular, his portrayal of the character Jacobi in “Sistas” has resonated deeply with audiences. Skyh’s unwavering dedication and undeniable talent have propelled him to success in the entertainment industry.

skyh alvester black achievements

TV ShowsAchievements
“Sistas”Received rave reviews for his portrayal of Jacobi
“All the Queen’s Men”Highly praised for his compelling performance as Amp

Personal Life and Relationships

Skyh Alvester Black is engaged to his Sistas co-star, KJ Smith. The couple met on the set of the show and became engaged in December 2021. Skyh values his privacy and keeps details about his family life private.

In his personal life, Skyh enjoys spending quality time with his loved ones and cherishes the moments he shares with them. While he keeps his family life away from the public eye, it is evident that he has a strong support system in his loved ones.

Being engaged to a fellow actor, Skyh and KJ Smith bond over their shared passion for acting and understand the demands of the industry. Their relationship is built on mutual respect and admiration, and they continue to support each other’s career aspirations.

“Love is a beautiful and powerful force that brings two individuals together. It’s a journey of growth, understanding, and embracing each other’s flaws. I’m grateful to have found that connection with KJ, and I look forward to building a beautiful future together,” Skyh shared in a recent interview.

While Skyh remains focused on his career, his relationship with KJ Smith is an important aspect of his life. They navigate the challenges of their respective careers together, providing each other with love, support, and encouragement.

Behind the Scenes: Maintaining Privacy

As a public figure, Skyh understands the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between his personal and professional life. He believes in safeguarding his privacy to protect the relationships and connections that matter to him the most.

While fans are curious about his family background, Skyh chooses to keep those details private. He believes that his loved ones deserve the freedom to live their lives away from the scrutiny of the public eye.

By prioritizing his personal life and relationships, Skyh strives to create a sanctuary where he can recharge and find solace amidst the demands of his career. This approach enables him to maintain authenticity and focus on nurturing meaningful connections.

Skyh Alvester Black with his fiancée KJ Smith

Social Media Presence

Skyh Alvester Black knows the power of social media when it comes to connecting with fans and promoting his work. He actively maintains a presence on popular platforms like Instagram and Twitter, engaging with his audience and sharing updates on his career. With over 490,000 organic followers on Instagram alone, Skyh has built a significant following that eagerly follows his artistic journey.

On Instagram, Skyh shares behind-the-scenes photos, sneak peeks of his projects, and personal moments that give fans an insight into his life. He captivates his audience with captivating visuals and thoughtful captions. By utilizing Instagram’s features, such as Stories and IGTV, Skyh keeps his followers engaged and entertained.

In addition to Instagram, Skyh also utilizes Twitter to interact with his fans. He shares thoughts, appreciates fan support, and stays connected with the online community. Through social media, Skyh Alvester Black creates a direct line of communication between himself and his supporters, fostering a sense of closeness and gratitude.

PlatformNumber of Followers
TwitterComing Soon

With his active and engaging presence on social media, Skyh Alvester Black continues to expand his reach and solidify his connection to his growing fanbase. Through his posts and interactions, he showcases his talent, promotes his projects, and expresses his gratitude for the support he receives.

Acting Credits

Skyh Alvester Black’s career in the entertainment industry has been marked by a diverse range of acting credits. He has showcased his talent and versatility through various television shows and movies.

One of his notable roles is Jacobi in the popular BET series “Sistas.” Skyh’s portrayal of Jacobi has captivated audiences and contributed to the show’s success. His performance has garnered critical acclaim and solidified his position as a talented actor.

In addition to “Sistas,” Skyh Alvester Black has also impressed viewers with his portrayal of Amp in the BET+ drama series “All the Queen’s Men.” The complexity and depth he brings to his characters have resonated with audiences, further establishing him as an actor to watch.

Skyh has made guest appearances in shows like “Black Monday” and “Lace,” further expanding his repertoire and showcasing his range as an actor.

“Working on ‘Sistas’ and ‘All the Queen’s Men’ has been a wonderful experience. I’m grateful for the opportunities to bring these characters to life and collaborate with incredibly talented individuals in the industry.” – Skyh Alvester Black

In addition to his on-screen performances, Skyh Alvester Black has also ventured into production. He served as an executive producer for the movie “A Haitian Wedding,” further demonstrating his passion for storytelling and his commitment to exploring various aspects of the entertainment industry.

Through his diverse acting credits, Skyh Alvester Black has carved a path for himself in the industry and continues to impress with his talent and dedication.

skyh alvester black career

Movies and Television Shows

Movie/TV ShowRole
All the Queen’s MenAmp
Black MondayGuest Appearance
LaceGuest Appearance

Net Worth

Skyh Alvester Black’s net worth is estimated to be between $3 million and $4 million. He has amassed this wealth through his successful acting career, lucrative endorsement deals, and his strong presence on social media platforms. Skyh’s net worth is a testament to his talent and hard work in the entertainment industry.

Aside from his acting income, Skyh Alvester Black has also partnered with various brands for endorsements and sponsorships, further contributing to his financial success. His popularity on social media has attracted opportunities for brand collaborations and partnerships, increasing his overall net worth.

As an influential figure in the entertainment industry, Skyh’s net worth reflects his ability to secure significant roles and maintain a successful career trajectory. His talent, charisma, and dedication to his craft have played a crucial role in his financial achievements.

skyh alvester black net worth

Source of WealthEstimated Amount
Acting Career$2.5 million
Endorsements and Sponsorships$500,000
Social Media Presence$1 million
Total Net Worth$3 million – $4 million

Early Acting Career

Skyh Alvester Black’s journey in the acting industry began with minor roles, including a notable appearance in the 2011 film “Footloose.” Despite starting small, Skyh’s passion for performing and his remarkable talent in bringing characters to life quickly caught the attention of casting directors and industry professionals. Fuelled by his determination and dedication, he continued to pursue acting opportunities, honing his skills through auditions and acting classes.

As Skyh Alvester Black’s talent blossomed, so did the recognition he received within the industry. His exceptional ability to captivate audiences with his performances soon resulted in more significant roles and a steady progression in his career trajectory.

“Skyh’s commitment to his craft and his natural charisma on screen make him a truly exceptional actor. He has a rare ability to infuse depth and authenticity into his characters, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.”

– Industry professional

Over time, Skyh Alvester Black’s dedication and commitment to his craft led to exciting opportunities and collaborations with renowned directors, producers, and fellow actors. Through hard work and a genuine passion for his craft, he has paved his way in the industry, solidifying his status as a rising star.

Notable Acting Roles

YearMovie/TV ShowCharacter
2011“Footloose”Minor Role
2022-present“All the Queen’s Men”Amp

Skyh Alvester Black’s versatile talent has allowed him to portray a range of characters, leaving a lasting impression on both viewers and industry professionals. His notable roles include Jacobi in the hit drama series “Sistas” and Amp in the compelling BET+ drama series “All the Queen’s Men.”

Skyh Alvester Black early acting career

Through his early acting career, Skyh Alvester Black has proven his dedication, talent, and potential to become a key figure in the entertainment industry. With each new project, he continues to push boundaries, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating his next on-screen appearance.

Future Projects

Skyh Alvester Black, with his talent and dedication, has a promising future in the entertainment industry. He has recently been announced as the star and executive producer of the upcoming film “A Haitian Wedding.” This new project is highly anticipated and is expected to showcase Black’s acting skills in a whole new light.

As an accomplished actor and dancer, Black’s versatile abilities make him a sought-after talent in the industry. With each project, he continues to prove his range and captivate audiences with his performances. Fans eagerly await the release of “A Haitian Wedding” and the opportunity to see Black shine on the big screen once again.

Influences and Inspirations

Skyh Alvester Black, a talented American actor and dancer, draws inspiration from notable artists and industry figures who have influenced his career and artistic choices.

Dance Icons:

  • Michael Jackson: As one of the most influential performers in music history, Michael Jackson’s groundbreaking dance moves and musicality have had a profound impact on Skyh. His mesmerizing performances inspired Skyh to push boundaries and explore creative expressions through dance.
  • Misty Copeland: Misty Copeland, the first African-American prima ballerina at the American Ballet Theatre, serves as a source of inspiration for Skyh. Her remarkable achievements and dedication to breaking barriers in the ballet world have motivated Skyh to pursue excellence and defy conventions.

Notable Directors and Actors:

  • Debbie Allen: Skyh admires the work of director and choreographer Debbie Allen. Her innovation and contributions to dance and theater have influenced his artistic vision and commitment to delivering captivating performances.
  • Denzel Washington: Denzel Washington’s mastery of the craft and ability to portray complex characters have left a lasting impression on Skyh. Washington’s commitment to storytelling and his versatility as an actor inspire Skyh to continuously challenge himself and explore diverse roles.

Through these influential figures, Skyh Alvester Black has found inspiration to create authentic and impactful performances, leaving a mark on the entertainment industry.

skyh alvester black influences

Mental Health and Advocacy

Skyh Alvester Black is a strong advocate for mental health, self-love, and self-care. He believes in the importance of maintaining mental well-being and is vocal about his experiences and struggles.

Skyh understands the pressures of the entertainment industry and how it can impact mental health. To prioritize his own mental well-being, he practices self-care techniques such as limiting social media scrolling and taking time for himself.

Through his advocacy work, Skyh encourages others to prioritize their mental health as well. He emphasizes the importance of self-care practices, seeking professional help when needed, and promoting a positive mindset. Skyh’s openness about his own journey inspires and supports others in their own mental health journeys.

Awareness and support for mental health is a cause close to Skyh’s heart, and he continues to use his platform to spread awareness and advocate for positive change.


How old is Skyh Alvester Black?

Skyh Alvester Black was born on February 16, 1988, making him currently 35 years old.

What is Skyh Alvester Black’s net worth?

Skyh Alvester Black’s net worth is estimated to be between million and million.

What are Skyh Alvester Black’s notable acting roles?

Skyh Alvester Black is known for his roles as Jacobi in “Sistas” and Amp in “All the Queen’s Men.”

Who is Skyh Alvester Black engaged to?

Skyh Alvester Black is engaged to his Sistas co-star, KJ Smith.

What is Skyh Alvester Black’s social media presence like?

Skyh Alvester Black is active on Instagram and Twitter, where he has a significant following.

How did Skyh Alvester Black start his acting career?

Skyh Alvester Black began his acting career with minor roles and gained experience through auditions and acting classes.

What are Skyh Alvester Black’s future projects?

Skyh Alvester Black is set to star in and executive produce the film “A Haitian Wedding.”

Who are Skyh Alvester Black’s influences and inspirations?

Skyh Alvester Black is inspired by artists like Michael Jackson and Misty Copeland, as well as directors like Debbie Allen and actors like Denzel Washington.

What does Skyh Alvester Black advocate for?

Skyh Alvester Black is a strong advocate for mental health, self-love, and self-care.

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