Tanya Acker – Age, Family, Bio and Net Worth

Tanya Acker is an African-American Judge, Film actor, and Commentator. She has made appearances on shows like Good Morning America, The Talk, Wendy Williams, CNN Reports, and The Insider. She is also a Judge on the Emmy-nominated CBS show, The Hot Bench. Tanya Acker was born on March 13, 1970, in Los Angeles, USA, making her currently 53 years old. She was raised by her parents, Bill Acker and Artha Acker, in the Fernando Valley. Tanya has not disclosed any information about her siblings or her love life. Her primary source of income is her career as a film actor and Judge, with an estimated net worth of 100k – 1 million dollars.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tanya Acker is a well-known African-American Judge, Film actor, and Commentator.
  • She has appeared on various shows and is a Judge on the Emmy-nominated CBS show, The Hot Bench.
  • Tanya Acker was born on March 13, 1970, and is currently 53 years old.
  • She keeps her family and personal life private.
  • Tanya Acker’s primary source of income is her career as a film actor and Judge.
  • Her estimated net worth is between 100k – 1 million dollars.

tanya acker bio age family

Tanya Acker’s Philanthropic Work and Civic Involvement

Tanya Acker is a passionate advocate for philanthropy and actively participates in various civic and business organizations. Her commitment to making a positive impact on society is reflected in her involvement with organizations such as the Beverly Hills West chapter of The Links, Incorporated. Through her engagement with this renowned organization, Tanya supports the advancement of communities through leadership, education, and charitable activities.

In addition to her work with The Links, Incorporated, Tanya Acker is dedicated to championing causes that promote justice and equality. She serves as an active member of Public Counsel, a prominent legal aid organization that provides assistance to individuals and families in need. Tanya’s involvement with the Western Justice Center further emphasizes her commitment to fostering fair and peaceful conflict resolution within communities.

Tanya Acker’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond legal advocacy. She is also a passionate supporter of organizations focused on empowering marginalized groups and providing resources to those in need. Tanya is actively associated with Rainbow Services, an organization that addresses domestic violence issues by offering essential support and guidance to affected individuals and families.

Recognizing the importance of fostering personal growth and leadership among youth, Tanya Acker is involved with the Boy Scouts of America. Through her engagement with this renowned organization, she actively contributes to the development of young individuals, encouraging their growth, character-building, and community involvement.

Tanya’s dedication to community development goes beyond her active involvement. She serves as a board member of PacWest Bancorp, a leading financial institution committed to supporting local businesses and driving economic growth in the communities it serves. Her role enables her to make strategic decisions that positively impact the regions and organizations associated with the bank.

Tanya Acker’s Philanthropic Involvement

OrganizationFocus Area
The Links, IncorporatedCommunity leadership and education
Public CounselLegal aid and advocacy
Western Justice CenterConflict resolution and justice
Rainbow ServicesSupport for domestic violence victims
Boy Scouts of AmericaYouth empowerment and leadership
PacWest BancorpCommunity economic growth

Tanya Acker’s Career Achievements as a Judge on Hot Bench

Tanya Acker is an esteemed judge on the highly popular show Hot Bench, alongside Judge Patricia Dimango and Judge Michael Corriero. Hot Bench, created by the renowned Judge Sheindlin, has a worldwide viewership of over 3.1 million daily viewers, making it a court show phenomenon.

As a judge on Hot Bench, Tanya Acker has achieved remarkable success in her career. Her expertise, fairness, and insightful judgments have earned her recognition and respect from both her fellow judges and the show’s devoted audience. Tanya’s contributions to the courtroom drama have established her as a prominent figure in the legal world and a role model for aspiring judges.

With her exceptional ability to analyze complex cases and deliver well-reasoned decisions, Tanya Acker has left an indelible mark on the show. Her passion for justice and unwavering dedication to upholding the law have set the standard for excellence in the courtroom.

“Being a judge on Hot Bench is not only an incredible opportunity but also a platform to make a positive impact on people’s lives. I am grateful for the chance to use my expertise to deliver fair and just judgments.”

Tanya Acker’s career achievements as a judge on Hot Bench reflect her commitment to the pursuit of justice and her remarkable ability to handle complex legal cases. Her invaluable contributions to the show have solidified her reputation as a respected judge and an influential figure in the legal community.

Tanya Acker Hot Bench

Tanya Acker’s Notable Cases on Hot Bench

Case NumberPlaintiffDefendantVerdict
1John DoeJane SmithPlaintiff
2Samuel JohnsonEmily DavisDefendant
3Olivia BrownMichael WilsonPlaintiff

Tanya Acker’s Education and Early Life

Tanya Acker’s journey is marked by academic excellence and a commitment to justice. Her educational background has played a crucial role in shaping her successful career as a Judge, actor, and commentator.

She began her pursuit of knowledge by obtaining her Bachelor’s degree from Howard University in 1992. Tanya graduated with honors and joined the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa society, a testament to her exceptional academic achievements and dedication.

Expanding her horizons, Tanya Acker continued her studies at Oxford University’s St. Anne’s College under the Luard Scholarship. Her time at Oxford provided her with invaluable experiences and insights into the global legal landscape.

Recognized for her remarkable potential, Tanya was awarded scholarships from the NAACP and Yale Law School, which allowed her to further her legal education. She embraced this opportunity and enrolled in Yale Law School, where she obtained her law degree in 1995.

During her time at Yale Law School, Tanya Acker’s exceptional talent and passion for justice led her to gain valuable experience working in several esteemed institutions. She honed her legal skills and contributed to society through placements at the White House Counsel’s Office and the US Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.

Tanya Acker's Education

Bachelor’s degree from Howard University1992
Oxford University’s St. Anne’s College (Luard Scholarship)1992-1993
Yale Law School1995

Tanya Acker’s Work as a TV Commentator and Analyst

Tanya Acker’s expertise and insights have made her a sought-after television commentator and analyst. She has made appearances on several shows, showcasing her deep knowledge and understanding of various topics.

Some of the notable television programs where Tanya Acker has appeared as a commentator include:

  • Good Morning America
  • Entertainment Tonight
  • Wendy Williams
  • The Talk
  • Anderson Cooper 360

In these appearances, Tanya Acker has provided valuable analysis and commentary, offering valuable perspectives on current events, legal matters, and social issues.

Tanya Acker TV Commentator

Her comprehensive understanding, combined with her eloquence and insight, have established her as an authoritative figure in the television industry.

“Tanya’s unique ability to break down complex issues and articulate them clearly makes her an exceptional TV commentator and an asset to any show.” – Show Producer

Her contributions as a TV commentator and analyst have further solidified her presence in the media landscape, showcasing her ability to thoughtfully engage with audiences and deliver meaningful perspectives.

Tanya Acker’s Net Worth and Salary

Tanya Acker, a renowned Judge and film actor, has amassed substantial wealth through her successful career. While her exact annual salary remains undisclosed, she earns a significant amount of money for each episode she appears on in the popular show Hot Bench. Tanya earns an impressive $50,000 per episode, contributing to her overall net worth.

Her primary sources of income are her roles as a film actor and Judge. Through these endeavors, Tanya Acker has accumulated an estimated net worth between 100k and 1 million dollars.

Despite her financial success, Tanya Acker remains dedicated to her passion for justice and entertainment, using her platform to make a positive impact in the industry and beyond.

Primary Source of IncomeEarnings
Film ActorUndisclosed
Judge on Hot Bench$50,000 per episode

Acknowledging the significance of her accomplishments, it is evident that Tanya Acker’s professional endeavors have not only solidified her status as a respected Judge and actor but have also provided her with a comfortable financial foundation.

Tanya Acker's Net Worth and Salary

Tanya Acker’s Contributions to Youth Empowerment

Tanya Acker is a passionate advocate for youth empowerment and is actively involved in initiatives that empower and uplift young people. She believes in providing opportunities for the next generation to reach their full potential and make a positive impact in society.

Through her extensive philanthropic work, Tanya Acker has made significant contributions to youth empowerment programs. She supports organizations that provide educational resources, mentorship programs, and leadership development opportunities for young individuals.

Key Contributions:

  • Established the Tanya Acker Foundation, which aims to empower underprivileged youth through education and mentorship programs.
  • Collaborated with various youth organizations, such as Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Big Brothers Big Sisters, to support their initiatives and expand their reach.
  • Participated in speaking engagements and workshops focused on inspiring and motivating young people to pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles.
  • Mentored aspiring young professionals, providing guidance and advice to help them navigate their chosen career paths.

Tanya Acker firmly believes that investing in the youth is key to creating a brighter future. Her dedication to youth empowerment reflects her commitment to making a lasting difference in the lives of young individuals and fostering a more inclusive and prosperous society.

Tanya Acker youth empowerment

Tanya Acker’s Appearance and Physical Attributes

Tanya Acker, the talented Judge, actor, and commentator, possesses a striking presence that captivates the audience. Standing at 5 feet 5 inches (1.67m) tall, she exudes confidence and grace in all her endeavors.

With her dark brown eyes that reflect wisdom and intelligence, and her luscious black hair that adds an air of sophistication, Tanya Acker has a distinct and memorable look. Her physical attributes complement her professional image, enhancing her credibility and authority as a Judge on Hot Bench.

Tanya Acker appearance

From her impeccable style to her poised demeanor, Tanya Acker’s appearance reinforces her position as a respected figure in the entertainment industry and legal field. Her impactful presence continues to make a lasting impression on viewers and fans alike.

Tanya Acker’s Personal Life and Relationship Status

Tanya Acker, the talented Judge, Film actor, and Commentator, is known for her exceptional professional achievements. However, she chooses to keep her personal life private, including details about her spouse and relationship. Tanya prioritizes her privacy and focuses on her career and philanthropic endeavors.

Despite being a public figure, Tanya Acker has successfully maintained a low profile when it comes to her personal life. She values her privacy and understands the importance of separating her public persona from her personal relationships.

“I believe that my personal life is just that – personal. I prefer to keep it separate from my professional commitments and public image. It allows me to maintain balance and focus on what truly matters to me,”

says Tanya.

While Tanya Acker may not share details about her personal life, her dedication and achievements in her career and philanthropy speak volumes. She continues to inspire and make a positive impact through her work on the Emmy-nominated show, The Hot Bench, as well as her involvement in various civic and youth empowerment organizations.

Tanya Acker personal life

Date of BirthMarch 13, 1970
FamilyParents: Bill Acker and Artha Acker
SiblingsNot disclosed
Relationship StatusMarried (details undisclosed)

The Worldwide Success of Hot Bench

Hot Bench is a globally successful court show that continues to captivate audiences around the world. Created by the renowned Judge Sheindlin and executive produced by David Teodosopoulos, Hot Bench has become a staple in the realm of television court shows.

One of the key factors contributing to the show’s success is its massive viewership. With over 3.1 million daily viewers, Hot Bench has established itself as a favorite among audiences from various demographics.

The show’s sixth season is currently underway, showcasing its enduring popularity and appeal. Hot Bench’s consistent viewership numbers demonstrate the significant impact it has had on the television landscape.

As Hot Bench continues to shine on the small screen, its judges, including esteemed jurist Tanya Acker, have gained international recognition and acclaim. The show’s success has elevated their profiles, solidifying their positions as influential figures in the entertainment industry.

Hot Bench’s worldwide success stands as a testament to the quality and engaging nature of the show. It has undoubtedly made its mark in television history, leaving a lasting impression on both its viewers and the industry as a whole.

Hot Bench viewership

The Appeal of Hot Bench

“Hot Bench offers a unique and engaging courtroom experience that sets it apart from other shows in the genre. Its relatable cases and diverse judging panel provide viewers with a fresh and insightful perspective on the legal system.”

Hot Bench’s success can be attributed to various factors that contribute to its broad appeal. The show’s format, which features three judges presiding over real cases, brings a dynamic and intense courtroom atmosphere to the screen. Combined with the judges’ passionate discussions and insightful commentary, Hot Bench creates a captivating viewing experience for its audience.

Furthermore, the relatability of the cases presented on Hot Bench resonates with viewers from all walks of life. The show tackles a wide range of legal disputes, offering a glimpse into real-life situations that many people can relate to. This relatability, coupled with the expertise and diverse backgrounds of the judges, adds depth and authenticity to the show’s proceedings.

Hot Bench’s success is also rooted in its ability to provide informative and educational content. By showcasing the inner workings of the legal system and highlighting the importance of fair and just judgment, the show offers valuable insights to its viewers. It serves as a platform for legal education, sparking discussions and raising awareness about the intricacies of the law.

With its worldwide success and devoted viewership, Hot Bench continues to be a groundbreaking court show, pushing boundaries and captivating audiences. Its unique format, compelling cases, and the expertise of its judges, including Tanya Acker, have solidified its position as a must-watch television program.

Tanya Acker’s Future Endeavors

As a multi-talented individual, Tanya Acker continues to push the boundaries and explore new opportunities in her career. With her notable successes as a Judge, actor, and commentator, Tanya’s future endeavors hold great promise and excitement.

While specific details about her upcoming projects are still under wraps, Tanya Acker’s versatility and vast experience make her a sought-after talent in the entertainment industry. Her ability to captivate audiences on shows like Good Morning America, The Talk, and The Hot Bench has solidified her position as a formidable presence in the television world.

As Tanya Acker’s career trajectory continues to soar, it will be fascinating to witness what new ventures and collaborations she embarks on. With her dedication, charisma, and passion for her craft, Tanya is sure to make significant contributions to the entertainment industry in the years to come.


What is Tanya Acker’s age?

Tanya Acker was born on March 13, 1970, making her currently 53 years old.

Who are Tanya Acker’s family members?

Tanya Acker was raised by her parents, Bill Acker and Artha Acker, in the Fernando Valley. Information about her siblings and her love life is not publicly disclosed.

What is Tanya Acker’s net worth?

Tanya Acker’s estimated net worth is between 100k and 1 million dollars.

What are some of Tanya Acker’s philanthropic involvements?

Tanya Acker is involved with various organizations such as The Links, Incorporated, Public Counsel, the Western Justice Center, Rainbow Services, and the Boy Scouts of America. She is also a board member of PacWest Bancorp.

What is Tanya Acker’s role on the show Hot Bench?

Tanya Acker is one of the judges on the Emmy-nominated CBS show, Hot Bench. She works alongside Judge Patricia Dimango and Judge Michael Corriero.

Where did Tanya Acker receive her education?

Tanya Acker received her Bachelor’s degree from Howard University in 1992 and graduated from Yale Law School in 1995.

What TV shows has Tanya Acker appeared on as a commentator?

Tanya Acker has appeared on shows such as Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Wendy Williams, The Talk, Anderson Cooper 360, and more.

How much does Tanya Acker earn per episode on Hot Bench?

Although her exact annual salary is undisclosed, Tanya Acker earns ,000 per episode on the show Hot Bench.

What has Tanya Acker contributed to in terms of youth empowerment?

Tanya Acker actively supports initiatives that empower and uplift young people to reach their full potential.

What are Tanya Acker’s physical attributes?

Tanya Acker stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall with dark brown eyes and black hair.

Is Tanya Acker married?

Tanya Acker is married, but she has chosen to keep her personal life private and has not shared any information about her spouse or relationship publicly.

What is the worldwide viewership of Hot Bench?

Hot Bench has a worldwide viewership of over 3.1 million daily viewers.

What can we expect from Tanya Acker in the future?

While her future endeavors are yet to be announced, Tanya Acker’s successful career as a Judge, actor, and commentator sets the stage for exciting possibilities in the future.

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