The Female fan base has been increasing at a very high rate in the recent past. This has been facilitated by reduction of the gap between the earnings between men and women. It is estimated that the difference as reduced by more than twenty percent since 1971. It as been facilitated by the increase in the number of women who are well educated. The gap is expected to reduce by a bigger margin soon. 

Globally women spend more than 20 trillion every single year. It is projected that women expenditure will increase by more than 20% in a span of 5 years thus making their spending be 25 trillion annually. These figures show why all companies have been fighting to have a piece of women’s market segment.

Many companies are now advertising their products using different channels such as SEO and social media to reach more female potential clients located in different parts of the globe.

Arrogant pretty woman in pink eyewear shows muscle on her hand feels proud to be strong and have strength says: I am hero. Successful female model raises hand with joy shows her great power

The primary objective of any marketer is to propel the sales being done by his entity. There are many reasons why a marketer should consider the new market base currently being created by the increased number of ladies watching different types of games. There has been 25% increase in the number of women watching Sunday night football compared to 10% increase of men.

When a marketer is looking for the best channel to use when promoting his firm’s products, there are a number if things he considers. Fast of all the target market. Target market tends to vary from one company to another depending on the goods being produced. By knowing your potential clients, you will be able to advertise your products to the right people. This is very crucial since it determines the channel that will be used. For many years, women have been seen inferior. Over the years, things have changed for the better. 

With the increase of awareness among many ladies, they have been able to take part in different crucial matters thus earning their respect. Because of this, it has led to increasing in the number of women athletes doing very well in many games. This has provided a new market for many companies since the female fan base as grown by double digits. 

Many marketers at the moment are trying to exploit this new and mega market. The projections of the market segment have made it more appealing to many firms mainly in the clothing sector. It is projected that the female fan base will grow continuously for a good number of years to come. To a marketer, this means more sales thus more revenue to his company. This has made a good number of companies to diversifying to women ware.

The female base has also been created by the presence of women athletes who have made a fortune by taking part in certain games. Maria Sharapova is one of the best paid female player currently in the market. And a lot of this exposure and earnings are big components of their blogs. Such iconic people have been used to advertise some brands. Corporations’ mainly producing game wares. This includes shoes and clothing.

The women love for shoes has made them the highest purchasers of the commodity. They purchase more than 60% percent of all foot wares being outsourced by different producers at the moment. Big brands in the market are now gearing their energy and resources towards satisfying this growing market. There are many companies manufacturing women’s foot wares than men’s. 

By the fact that most of the women athletes are mentors to many ladies all over the globe, they have influenced a big portion of our population. With the number of female being more than fifty percent of the total population, well-recognized women athletes can create a good platform for advertising many products.

This explains why many women engaging in different games get more attention from media than never before. Compared to men taking part in different games women tend to get more airplay. One of the reason is that the men market segment has reached saturation point thus there is less investment being done to it. A good portion of women athletes are getting more sponsors than never before.

Most female athletes doing well in certain games have sponsors who are willing to cater for all their expenditure for the rest of their career. Despite other challenges affiliated to race, the female athletes have improved. Research shows that women of color tend to get less pay compared to white men. White girls are making relatively the same amount compared to white men.