Zelie Timothy – Age, Family, Bio and Net Worth

Zelie Timothy, born on July 29, 1995, is a well-known Dominican model, Instagram personality, social media influencer, host, and businessperson from La Domenica, Hato Mayor. She gained popularity for her internet videos and daring photoshoots. Zelie models for reputable agencies and bikini companies. Her profile includes details about her age, family, early life, and background. She is of black ethnicity, a Christian, and has a significant online presence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Zelie Timothy is a popular Dominican model and social media influencer.
  • She gained fame through her daring photoshoots and internet videos.
  • Zelie has modeled for reputable agencies and bikini companies.
  • She is of black ethnicity, follows the Christian faith, and has a significant online presence.
  • Zelie’s age, family background, and early life contribute to her unique story.

Early Life and Family Background of Zelie Timothy

Zelie Timothy, a well-known Dominican model, influencer, and businessperson, was born on July 29, 1995, in the Dominican Republic. Although she spent part of her childhood in Jacksonville, Florida, her family later relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, where she grew up. While not much information is available about her parents, Zelie has mentioned that she has cousins and siblings, which indicates a close-knit family background. As a Latina of black ethnicity, she embraces her cultural heritage. Zelie follows the Christian faith and incorporates her beliefs into her personal and professional life.

zelie timothy bio age family

Unfortunately, further details regarding Zelie’s early education, upbringing, and specific family dynamics are not readily available. However, her successful career trajectory indicates a strong foundation and support system that has contributed to her growth and achievements.

Zelie Timothy’s Modeling and Social Media Career

Zelie Timothy has established herself as a successful model and influencer in the fields of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. With a significant online presence across various social media platforms, Zelie has captivated audiences with her impeccable style, makeup tutorials, and beauty tips.

One of her primary platforms is Instagram, where she has amassed a large following and gained recognition for her stunning photos and engaging content. Zelie utilizes her Instagram account to share her fashion choices, travel adventures, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life as a model and social media personality.

In addition to Instagram, Zelie Timothy maintains a YouTube channel where she uploads vlogs and videos showcasing her fashion hauls, makeup routines, and hairstyling techniques. Her engaging personality and expertise have garnered her a loyal YouTube following.

Zelie’s influence extends beyond social media, as she has collaborated with various brands as a brand ambassador. Notably, she has represented companies like Flat Tummy and apps like Boom Bod, promoting their products and endorsing their brand identity.

Furthermore, in 2020, Zelie took her entrepreneurial spirit to the next level by launching her own business called “The Lash Mansion.” Specializing in fake lashes, she offers a range of sizes and styles to cater to everyone’s desired look.

Through her modeling career, social media influence, and entrepreneurial ventures, Zelie Timothy continues to make a mark in the industry and inspire others with her passion and drive.

Zelie Timothy’s Personal Life and Relationships

Zelie Timothy gained attention after she started dating actor Tyrese Gibson in 2021. She has shared pictures and videos of them together on social media. Before her relationship with Tyrese, not much is known about her dating life. There are rumors that she is bisexual and has feelings for both men and women. Zelie keeps her personal life private and does not share many details about her relationships.

In the world of social media and celebrity relationships, Zelie Timothy’s dating life has piqued the curiosity of her fans and followers. In 2021, she caught the spotlight when news broke of her romantic involvement with actor Tyrese Gibson. Since then, Zelie has delighted her audience by sharing glimpses of their relationship on social media platforms. Whether it’s cute couple pictures or heartwarming videos, Zelie and Tyrese’s love is evident to all.

Prior to her relationship with Tyrese, Zelie Timothy maintained a level of privacy regarding her dating life. Details about her previous partners or experiences remain undisclosed, leaving fans speculating about her past connections. Adding to the intrigue, there have been rumors circulating about Zelie’s sexuality, suggesting that she is bisexual and attracted to both men and women. However, Zelie has not addressed these rumors or confirmed any specific preferences.

Despite being a public figure, Zelie Timothy values her privacy and prefers to keep her personal life out of the limelight. She chooses not to share extensive details about her relationships, creating an air of mystery around her romantic experiences. While this may leave fans curious, it also allows Zelie to focus on her career and maintain control over her personal boundaries.

zelie timothy personal life

“I believe that personal relationships should be kept private. By keeping my personal life away from the public eye, I can maintain a sense of authenticity and protect what matters most to me.” – Zelie Timothy

Zelie Timothy’s Net Worth

Zelie Timothy has accumulated a net worth of $3 million USD as of 2023. Her modeling career, social media presence, brand collaborations, and business ventures have contributed to her wealth. She is an entrepreneur and has multiple sources of income, including her YouTube channel and OnlyFans page. Her net worth is expected to grow further due to her popularity and success in the industry.

zelie timothy net worth

To put Zelie Timothy’s net worth into perspective, let’s take a closer look at how she has built her wealth:

  1. Modeling Career: Zelie Timothy has worked with reputable modeling agencies and bikini companies, earning significant income through modeling contracts, endorsements, and photo shoots.
  2. Social Media Presence: With a large following on Instagram and a growing presence on other platforms, Zelie has established herself as a social media influencer. She monetizes her online presence through brand partnerships, sponsored posts, and advertising.
  3. Brand Collaborations: Zelie Timothy has collaborated with various brands, serving as a brand ambassador for companies like Flat Tummy and apps like Boom Bod. These partnerships not only provide financial compensation but also contribute to her visibility and credibility within the industry.
  4. Business Ventures: In 2020, Zelie launched her own business called “The Lash Mansion.” While specific details about the current status of her business are not available, her entrepreneurial spirit and past success indicate a potential for additional income streams.

Zelie Timothy’s net worth is a testament to her hard work, determination, and ability to capitalize on her online presence. As she continues to grow her brand and expand her business ventures, her financial success is expected to flourish in the coming years.

Zelie Timothy’s Physical Attributes

When it comes to physical attributes, Zelie Timothy possesses a stunning appearance that captivates both fans and industry professionals alike. Standing at a height of approximately 5 feet 4 inches (1.60 meters), Zelie has a petite yet elegant stature that complements her overall charm. She maintains a healthy weight of around 56 kilograms (120 pounds), showcasing her dedication to fitness and well-being.

Not only does Zelie exude confidence and style, but she also boasts enviable body measurements. Her figure is defined by a bust size of 34 inches, a waist size of 26 inches, and a hip size of 34 inches. These proportions accentuate her feminine silhouette, adding to her allure as a model and influencer.

Zelie’s striking features extend beyond her physique. With her luscious black hair and captivating dark brown eyes, she effortlessly commands attention in every shot and appearance. Her natural beauty shines through, enhancing her role as a successful model and social media personality.

zelie timothy body measurements

As an influential figure in the industry, Zelie Timothy’s physical attributes contribute to her success and popularity among her audience. Her attractive appearance, combined with her vibrant personality, allows her to stand out in the competitive world of modeling and social media.

Zelie Timothy’s Nationality and Background

Zelie Timothy hails from the Dominican Republic and holds Dominican nationality. Born and raised in the vibrant Dominican culture, Zelie is deeply connected to her Latina heritage. She is proud of her background and embraces the diversity and multiculturalism that shape her identity.

After spending her early years in the Dominican Republic, Zelie later moved to the United States. She first resided in Jacksonville, Florida, before settling in Atlanta, Georgia. Her experiences in these different locations have influenced her worldview and added depth to her personal journey.

While Zelie has not revealed extensive details about her background, her story resonates with individuals from diverse backgrounds who aspire to make a mark in the modeling and social media industry. Zelie’s journey showcases the power of embracing one’s heritage and the impact it can have on shaping a successful career.

Zelie Timothy’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

Zelie Timothy is not just a successful model and influencer; she has also ventured into the world of business. In 2020, she launched her own company called “The Lash Mansion” specializing in the sale of various sizes and types of fake lashes. While the current status of the business is unknown, Zelie’s entrepreneurial drive and business acumen have been evident in her decision to pursue this new venture.

By diversifying her income streams, Zelie showcases her ambition and entrepreneurial spirit. From her modeling career to her social media influence, and now her own business, she continues to explore new opportunities to expand her brand and reach.

zelie timothy lash mansion

The Lash Mansion: Elevating Beauty

With the launch of “The Lash Mansion,” Zelie Timothy aims to provide high-quality and trendy fake lashes that enhance the natural beauty of individuals. Her expertise in the beauty industry and her eye for style have been instrumental in curating a collection of lashes that cater to diverse preferences and occasions. Whether it’s a subtle everyday look or a glamorous evening event, The Lash Mansion offers lashes for every need.

“At The Lash Mansion, we believe that beauty is not just about appearance but also about confidence and self-expression. Our goal is to empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty and elevate their look with our wide range of lash options.”

In addition to the lash collection, Zelie is committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring a seamless shopping experience for her customers. By prioritizing quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, she aims to position The Lash Mansion as a trusted brand within the beauty industry.

Lash TypesDescriptions
Daily ChicIdeal for a natural and effortless everyday look.
Glamour QueenDesigned for special events or nights out, offering a dramatic and glamorous effect.
Wispy WhispersFeathery and lightweight lashes that create a soft and romantic look.
Daring DivaPerfect for those who love bold and voluminous lashes, commanding attention wherever they go.

Whether you’re a lash enthusiast or a makeup artist looking to add some flair to your clients’ looks, The Lash Mansion has something for everyone. Stay tuned for updates on the availability of these stunning lashes and experience the transformation they can bring to your beauty routine.

Zelie Timothy’s Online Presence and Social Impact

Zelie Timothy has made a significant impact in the digital realm, particularly through her vibrant online presence. With over 375,000 followers on Instagram as of April 2021, she has cultivated a thriving community of fans and admirers. Through her strategic use of social media platforms, Zelie connects with her audience, sharing intimate glimpses into her lifestyle while showcasing her versatile talents.

One of the key aspects of Zelie’s online presence is her ability to effectively promote brands. With her keen sense of style and a pulse on the latest fashion trends, she serves as an influential figure within the beauty and fashion industries. Zelie expertly integrates product placements and endorsements into her content, leveraging her platform to generate substantial brand awareness.

What sets Zelie Timothy apart is her status as a role model. She has become an inspiration for aspiring models and entrepreneurs alike. Through her journey to success, Zelie demonstrates the power of determination, hard work, and authenticity. By sharing her trials and triumphs, she not only uplifts and motivates her audience, but also imparts invaluable lessons on perseverance and self-belief.

In an industry driven by digital influence, Zelie Timothy stands as a shining example of the potential that exists within the realm of social media. Through her magnetic personality, unwavering dedication, and innovative content creation, she continues to make a lasting impact and cement her place as a true pioneer in the modeling and social media arena.


What is Zelie Timothy’s age?

Zelie Timothy was born on July 29, 1995.

Can you provide some information about Zelie Timothy’s family?

While little is known about her parents, Zelie Timothy grew up with cousins and siblings.

What is Zelie Timothy’s career and how did she gain popularity?

Zelie Timothy is a model, social media influencer, and businessperson. She gained popularity through her internet videos and daring photoshoots.

Does Zelie Timothy have a significant online presence?

Yes, Zelie Timothy has a large following on Instagram and maintains a YouTube channel where she shares fashion, makeup, and lifestyle videos.

Who has Zelie Timothy collaborated with in the past?

Zelie Timothy has collaborated with reputable brands such as Flat Tummy and apps like Boom Bod.

What is Zelie Timothy’s net worth?

As of 2023, Zelie Timothy’s net worth is million USD.

What are Zelie Timothy’s physical attributes?

Zelie Timothy stands at a height of approximately 5 feet 4 inches and weighs around 56 kilograms. She has black hair, dark brown eyes, and attractive physical features.

Where is Zelie Timothy from?

Zelie Timothy is from the Dominican Republic, specifically La Domenica, Hato Mayor. She later moved to the United States, residing in Jacksonville, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Has Zelie Timothy started any business ventures?

Yes, Zelie Timothy launched her own business called “The Lash Mansion,” where she sells false eyelashes.

How has Zelie Timothy impacted social media?

Zelie Timothy has a significant online presence and has become a role model for many aspiring models and entrepreneurs. Her success story serves as inspiration for those looking to establish a career in the modeling and social media industry.

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